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2011's Best... E-book Readers


Yeah but....

Have you tested these through an airport x-ray scanner?

My mate is on his 3rd or 4th kindle after going through customs as the x-ray scanner fries the screens. I believe this is the new version too.

Just a warning for anyone who travels via air a lot.

Here lies /^v.+b$/i


No Tron hommage?

"End Of Line"

EA angers fans over Battlefield 3 pre-order exclusives


Sad state...

Ironic how Activision killed off their main PC user base with MW2 by taking out all the modding and making it an xbox version ported to PC with the connect to players (which doesn't work and must have pissed off a lot of server hosts). I remember them basically stealing a lot of MW2 ideas from community content which pissed a lot of people off too. I haven't touched the series since though I place my blame with the sales/management not the Devs so I can't say if they rectified it but it was a massive clanger that lost them me and a lot of friends. We went and bought BC2 instead.

I think EA have just done the same kind of clanger. Shame as BF2 was and still is a brilliant game and they eventually let you download all the extra add-ons for free anyway. I liked the fact the PC games weren't full of DLC rubbish and xbox squeaky kids all trying to use aim bots and wall hacks,

Bring back the days of MoH and Cod/UO. Graphics might not look much now, but the gameplay was brilliant.

A Rumba with a Roomba



Could give us basic pricing and sourcing details in all of that rambling Ms Stob!

How much did he set you back? Where abouts you got him from along with alternatives?

Would a £20 vacuum cleaner and 10 minutes of graft be just as good!? :o)

I admit some little robot would be quite nice to do my bidding but if he costs a small sum I'd rather use the vac and buy a PS3!

Reader Top 10s: an experiment in crowd pleasing



considering the similarities with the current UK voting at the moment....

"Let's call it Voting Live Beta: it's clumsy - and we haven't figured out a good way yet to show the results. But then crowd-pleasing is very new to us."

Happy Data Protection Day



I forgot to bring my Happy Data Protection Day card into work for my work chums....

UK gov cuts ribbon on public datasets site



I was trying to browse the site earlier to have a look at what kind of datasets they may have that could be useful for my work, as well as maybe myself, but the search and view all just seems to fall over on each page or return nothing even on their suggested searches!

Pathetic until they fix the website!

Home Office advises Police to break the law



Might as well just pull yer pants down and bend over; it's not like we really have a choice is it.

Modern Warfare 2 outsold Avatar, claims developer

Dead Vulture


What I'd love to know is that this big thing happened that turned 90% of PC gamers off IW and MW2 by removing dedi servers, no community tools etc and el Reg report nothing. Nothing about pre-order being cancelled and it costing them serious money but with zero response from IW or Rob Bowles. ANd we had nothing in El Reg about it? Strange for such an uproar in the tech community.

Star Trek to boldly go (again)


oh god....

Not another pile of steamy goo from hollywood... just leave my childhood memories in one piece rather than badly remaking these damn things and making me hate them now. It's not on!

Santa Fe man demands half a mill for being near iPhone


Anyone want to take a guess....

At what this guy may do for a living.

I would suggest a politician. Maybe a distant relative of Peter Mandelson?

Hackers break Amazon's Kindle DRM

Paris Hilton


Nice idea but Mandy will make DRM required on everything. I don't think the ageing spin doctor understands the basic concept of the internet with the policies he's coming out with what makes you think this would stop the draconian powers he's trying to get?

If he doesn't get the concept that the government controlling the internet at a whim without adequete checks and balances (such as having to go through a court of law or parliament for approval) then what the hell do you think DRM would do!?

Paris - As she'll be using SSL along with the rest of us soon....

O2 takes a Christmas break



You'd have thinked they'd have learned, but admittedly I wasn't an o2 Iphone fanboi in July so this is my first 'outage'.

Changing the APN to mobile.02.co.uk worked a treat though; got a connection almost instantly and before I even saw the El Reg article! Once finished I'll be safe and reset the network connections and ensure it returns it all to normal; may need to pop any wireless keys back in though but might be better in the long run.

'Steve Jobs' repeals AT&T iPhone prank


@AC 07:19

Yeah but if everything is blocked by the firewall who cares how fast you can download you smug sod! :o)



@ Mike

It says 'all readers of the register' so I presume they have to make it open to all registred users but some clarity would be nice.

I also notice they've never actually announces who wins these things either...

Apple breaks jailbreakers' hearts with iPhone 3GS patch



I may be a little out of the loop on this debate but why exactly is there any reason to buy an iPhone (any version incl the GS) if after I've put forward my hard earned cash to obtain the device am I not allowed to run any application I want on the device?

For all intent and purpose the device is mine, I own it. It's not rented or leased from Apple, I don't give it back after the contract with my mobile provider ends much like any other handset. Granted the OS is licenced (as is Windows Mobile in the same way or any other mobile OS for that matter) but then why should that limit me to what I can or can't do with the device as long as I don't touch the OS???

This brings ideas of anti-competition links to the EU case of Microsoft not giving users a choice of browser when installing Windows, surely this stinks of the same thing. Apple are preventing me from choosing what applications I can use and where I source them from.

Please inform me if I've got the complete wrong end of the numpty stick here (smacking it over my head to instill knowledge is optional!).

One cellphone for every ten lags in UK prisons

Big Brother


Why don't they put their own cell station in each prison and simply monitor all data going in or out?

Surely this would give them an idea of where the phones are, when they're being used and what information is being passed and to who. More valuable than just blocking them don't ya think?