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Is computer vision the cure for school shootings? Likely not

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Re: Self defence.

Why not build Robocops? What could go wrong that doesn't already?

Hackers remotely start, unlock Honda Civics with $300 tech

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Re: Faraday pouch

Great idea. It will save the thieves having to place it into a container when they take it to the docks.

Miscreants started scanning for Exchange Hafnium vulns five minutes after Microsoft told world about zero-days

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Re: You get what you pay for

"We need real public education on practical infosec that equips folks to evaluate and select support services properly."

There will be a Gartner magic quadrant for that.

Candy Crush King stops trying to trademark CANDY in the US

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Re: What's in a name?

"Trademarks are specific to an industry. 'Windows' in the computing industry is a trademark of Microsoft, but that doesn't mean every glazier in the world is infringing on it, because they're in a different industry, so there's no danger of confusion."

Maybe but in the office you might like to refer to any inbuilt glazing as "Environment Awareness Panels" to avoid confusion with statements that include the word windows when dealing with IT issues.

And I guess the office is where MS are getting their inspiration for new products and names. Look left - Windows, look up Tiles, watch out for new likely new products called doors, walls, floors etc..

Forget tax bills, here's how Google is really taking us all for a ride

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Re: Fashionable to mention Google

Get as many countries to sign up and pay a global standard rate (say 15%) and those countries that dont sign up, you charge any company using these registered "offshore tax havens" 30% tax on regional sales.

El Reg drills into Office 365: Email migration

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Re: Surprising

If the company uses Domino applications then leaving the existing mail is a sensible option. Many Domino / Notes apps assume the use of a local mail box so you would have to modify all these to be truly free of a Notes mail. Another points here is that archive mail usage tends to drop off dramatically after 12 months so why waste the time, cost and effort to convert especially if you have Notes apps? These days a lot of companies have a separate mail compliance system anyway from which any mail can be retrieved not just the bits that each user saved.

Coke? Windows 8 is Microsoft's 'Vista moment'. Again

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Re: Bob moment.

You forgot about Microsoft Songsmith didn't you?

Curiosity Mars rover flashes pics of GREY drilled powder sample

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Re: Am I the only person...

So what you saying is your boring me now?

Microsoft blasts PC makers: It's YOUR fault Windows 8 crash landed

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Re: IT's what happens when you don't listen to your customers

Nip down to your local Wm Morrisons - some of their own label branded product packaging (ceral bars / health biscuit snack bars etc) look like the Windows 8 interface.

Would you buy one if it were boxed like that?

Moot point I think.

Astroboffins to search for mega-massive alien power plants

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Re: intergalactic civilizations

ZPM's anyone?

New nuclear fuel source would power human race until 5000AD

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Re: The Usual Silliness

And so is stepping outside in the sunshine and that "nuclear industry" kills more people per annum.

RIM 'pondering sell-off of hardware biz' to focus on messaging

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Should be the other way round...

They ballsed the messaging up when they made BES work exclusively with MS SQL as a backend (why didn't they not offer an open source db alternative so each enterprise didnt need an expensive kludge for BB messaging sat on their network?).

On the other hand, a lot of (business) end users LIKE the BB keyboard instead of a finger smeared screen - the keyboard is much more accurate and quicker to type on.

Conclusive proof of human activity causing glacier to vanish

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Nicolaus Copernicus might have begged to differ.

Microsoft plans to open 75 retail stores in US

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Just imagine..

..live demos of songsmith

Microsoft poised to make biggest ever buy – Skype

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you could take a look at

linphone - http://www.linphone.org/

Farewell, Novell

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Does anyone remember...

pacwars? - A fantastic early network game that ran on Netware 386?

Pope says gravity proves technology can't supplant God

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@ ArmanX - Where would you place...

the e.coli observable evolution experiments for the last 23 years?


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That would be...

...a YES vote for AV then?

"Don't be a . Every fcuking person on the planet is an atheist. You are too.

It just happens that i/we are atheists about *your* god. You are an atheist of every *other* god from history."

UK is 15th best place in the world to do IT

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Surely it is hattrick.org?

Iran to attend Olympics, despite 'racist' logo

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Funnily enough...


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and ...

isn't this more to do with religious rather than political differences?

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Don't these guys read right to left, top to bottom in which case it says OZZI

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Maybe DC sees an opportunity for the GB Boys and Girls in the Weightlifting, Wrestling & Taekwondo medal stakes since those are the only sports the Iranians have won Olympic medals in?


Windows 7 customers hit by service pack 1 install 'fatal error' flaws

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i agree

the choices should not be sooner or later but later and much later with a maybe thrown in for good measure

Pitiless teen burglar murders three witnesses

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you have never visited...


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better still...

it will save the taxpayers dollars to keep and feed them.

John Barry dies at 77

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Have to mention #2

Back to Nature from the film Walkabout is one of my favorite tunes by the great man.

Gatwick Airport security swoops on 3-inch rifle

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Remember Bourne?

"That's worrying, because almost anything can be used as a weapon."

Bourne used a rolled up magazine in one movie to smack an opponent...

Planes could get very dull indeed without reading material been allowed on flights

Windows 7 Phone glitch spews phantom data

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Being a windows phone, it might be patching itself...

Ballmer says Windows on ARM isn't about ARM

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...they were refering to the environmetal awareness panels you can hurl yourself through when it all gets a bit too much?

Microsoft ends year with Patch Tuesday bang next week

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Does anyone know if...

...this batch addresses the alledged 2 unpublicised elevation of privileges as used by stuxnet?

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Not even when the kernel is updated if you use ksplice


Fear as motivator: why Intel acquired McAfee

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Think Virtual Machines

Think less time doing av scans on all those virual machines when then can use one underlying chip.

Life on Earth gets wiped out every 27 million years, say boffins

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more like...

27 days if it was windows and i think **most** people would notice that.

German bank robbers in Italian Job moment

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They are getting smarter...

At theast they retreated to the safety of their van before they blew it up which is more than can be said for these two http://darwinawards.com/darwin/darwin2009-09.html

HP unseats Big Blue as server king

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Spoken like a true Ex Notes R4 victi--er user

It's moved on since the late '90's - why don't you do the same?

British laggards told to embrace their digital futures

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RE: Bless the BCS

Reminds me of the illiteracy campaign once run in the States.

Posters were put up with the slogan - If you can't read this - We can help.

First ever supersonic stealth jumpjet starts hover tests at last

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@sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD - They are in the boneyard

Stick this in Google Earth 32° 9'4.92"N 110°50'11.27"W

F14's are in there too. Interestingly the AIM-54 missiles that the F14 carried were fire and forget, the onboard computer could track over 200 targets, work out which were the biggest threats and advise which to launch against. The missle did the rest being capable of out running anything in the sky in terms of speed (with the exception of the x-15), able to pull 9g in a turn and had the longest range of any missle in service. In contrast, the current F18's missle system requires that the plane keeps flying towards the incoming target to keep it 'illuminated'.

This appears to be a backward step but then again the US probably considers the F18 superior to anything it enemies can send up against it so why waste millions of dollars on missiles that can look after themselves. the end result is just the same.

Atheists smite online God poll

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the church needs to get microsoft on the case

.. and get some good old FUD going..

Academics gripe about Windows 7 promo collapse

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only $29.99 in the USA

Except in Nabraska?

Oracle and Sun fingered for Sidekick fiasco

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@Jeremy Chappell

Yup - Frontbridge springs to mind as a shiny example of this process.

DARPA, Microsoft, Lockheed team up to reinvent TCP/IP

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@Perhaps Microsoft is there for another reason...

Probably Marketing.

Or maybe MS have been invited along to see how project management should be be done and how products can be delivered within time scale without major issues?

Microsoft's Hotmail 'blacklists' NHS email - again

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@Cantankerous Old Buzzard

The spam filering is possibly:

FOSE - Forefront Online Security for Exchange, formally known as

MEHS - Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services, formally known as

Frontbridge - before MS bought the company.

Frontbridge used to be good but then went downhill fast - then the rebranding started...

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@Cantankerous Old Buzzard

The antispam system is likely to be

FOSE - Forefront Online Security for Exchance, formerly known as

MEHS - Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services, formerly know as

Frontbridge, before Microsoft bought it

It used to be good but then it went downhill fast - hence the rebrands.