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Scepticism over cyber-jihad rumours

Sceptical Bastard

Rule 8

I'm all for attacking shite websites.

Oh, you said *shi-ite"!

Mine's that explosive vest next to the brown overcoat. Taxi!

Met Police guilty in de Menezes case

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Re: '1865'

Quote:"More anger...over this genuine fk-up than for the deliberate murder of 50-odd other innocents a fortnight earlier."

What a stupid and obnoxious, not to mention illogical, comment.

Firstly, the vast majority of British people were/are far more outraged and angered by the murderous actions of suicide bombers than by the killing of De Menezes. Secondly, outrage at the one doesn't somehow preclude anger at the other.

I despise and hate the insane islamist scumbags who blew themselves up on the tube. Like any right-thinking Briton, I want to see these filthy muslim murderers brought to justice. But that doesn't mean I also want the Met's heavily-armed adrenalin-fuelled killer squads gunning down innocents in crowded tube carriages. Nor does it mean I want Commissioner Blair to lie through his teeth about it.

Using lethal force to prevent mass murder isn't the issue. Despite certain media outlets attempts to generate it, there was very little genuine public outrage when SAS soldiers gunned down three murderous IRA cowards in Gibralter - careful planning and close surveillance had ascertained that the suspects were known Provos and had a car stuffed with explosives that they intended to detonate on the rock.

The De Menezes case was an entirely different kettle of fish. Flawed and wafer-thin intelligence, slapdash procedure, cock-ups and a poor command structure meant the Met shot an entirely innocent person.

When I use public transport, I don't want to be blown up by madmen. But I don't want to be shot dead by the police either.

Website battles to free Oz barmaid's jubs

Sceptical Bastard

Never mind the story...

Wadda we want? PICTURES! When do we want 'em? NOW!

Preferably 300ppi RGB JPEG at least 1024 x 768 showing the items in close-up

Oz Army eyes electric vibro vest to replace batteries

Sceptical Bastard

I'll save a fortune...

... if I wire up the wife's arse!

Does wobbliness + area = wattage? If so, I should be quids in.

Oh by the way, a tip of the hat for the quote from 'Upon Julia's Clothes' - El Reg erudition at its best.

Police aim to stamp out virtual child abuse

Sceptical Bastard

Virtual peadophilia - the FUD and the fury

The sort of pathetic specimens who are taken in by Sadville are already beyond the pale so the fact that some of them want to pretend to fuck children - or even pretend to be fucked children themselves - comes as no surprise, creepy and offensive though it is. If the frothing moralisers and censors are going into repression overdrive about Linden Labs dupes being reality-divorced weirdoes they might as well ban Second Life entirely.

The contention that enacting fantasies in computer games and virtual worlds inevitably spills out into actual activity, legal or otherwise, is palpable rubbish and unsupported by the majority of scientific studies. A few nutters will enact their fantasies: the rest of us never indulge them. For example, much as we may dream of doing so, we resist the urge to string up the bullying self-appointed moral arbiters who set themselves up as thought police.

On a related tack, CEOP must be a flawless evidence-based, independent and utterly impartial body because it was set up by the Home Office as an offshoot of the Serious Organised Crime Agency. Gives you confidence, that, eh?

OMG! I've just committed thought crime! I expect the police will trace my IP and be kicking my door down before nightfall.

I used to be intensely proud to be British. Now, thanks to Blair, Blunkett, Brown and their kind, I'm frightened by, and ashamed of, this police state - mass CCTV surveillance, ID card schemes, shoot-to-kill squads, rafts of repressive legislation, febrile government fear-mongering.

Every day I feel more like Winston Smith .

Likely Lib-Dem leader in 'no to ID card data' pledge

Sceptical Bastard


The government's proposed scheme for a compulsory national register of identity and compulsion to carry an ID card is iliberal, intrusive, expensive and will be ineffective in combatting terrorism or serious crime.

That being so, it behoves us all - whether we are "vile venal scum" (politicians) or just ordinary serfs - to resist by whatever means including demonstrations, direct action, civil disobedience and the ballot box.

"It is necessary only for the good man to do nothing for evil to triumph." Edmund Burke

Royal Navy presses IT Crowd for nuclear missile 'servers'

Sceptical Bastard

Ee by gum

What, no reset button? ;)

Macs seized by porn Trojan

Sceptical Bastard

Happy to oblige...

Quote: "I'm also surprised that the *nix folks aren't in here poking fun at the other two sides just for the lack of something else better to do"

Sorry, must be slipping!

Windoze is a pile of virus-ridden shite for the moronic masses. Macs are over-priced and fit only for sad fanboy lusers who seek eye-candy and imagined cachet.

BSD/Linux is for real men with chiselled good looks and lots of real-life girlfriends. 'Nix is the flawless operating system Jesus or Alexander The Great or Winston Churchill would've chosen. The entire internet is run exclusively on Linux. Every single supercomputer and academic system runs Unix (... continue in similar vein ad infinitum)...

Reg lexicographical Shock Army liberates mobe

Sceptical Bastard

So funny I 'ad to smack the missus!

Showed the ar'ickle to my tart oo's an In-ger-lish gradjit and she goes "This Lest'uh, E's 'aving a fucking larf, inn'e?" and I'm like "Chill, yer dopey cow - it's fuckin' brill." and she's like "You fink so? You dunno the difference between a split infinitive and a glottel stop, you fuckwit saddo" so... well.. I just 'ad to bitchslap 'er so then, like, the filth are at the door but 'e sez "We don't do domestics" so now I'm dahn the pub instead of the nick. Result!

PS: A very funny piece, Lester. In particular I liked, "...denying the 'forces of darkness' the satisfaction of hanging them along with thousands of participles already left dangling by the uneducated masses..."

Keep up the solecisms, innapropriate adjectives and - above - occasional bad taste, El Reg!

Student taser victim spared electric chair

Sceptical Bastard

Every day I am grateful ...

... I don't have to visit, let alone live in, 'Murcca.

Land of the free? Yeah. Right.

Reaper aerial killbot harvests its first fleshies

Sceptical Bastard


Quote: "it probably runs windows"

Shit! I'd hoped we could keep Ballmer away from lethal weapons.

Now I *am* scared!

1and1's dedicated servers go titsup

Sceptical Bastard

Speak as you find

I administer several websites (for clients) hosted by 1&1 (Linux-hosted 'Business' packages for about a tenner a month).

Over the past three years, we've only been offline a couple of times due to server problems, each time for an hour or so. Storage and bandwidth are adequate for the price; so far we've suffered no security issues; the email gets through; CGI and Perl scripts have largely been OK. However, 1&1's add-ons and tools are pretty basic, the admin pages on 1&1's site are slow and clunky, and the webmail app is slow.

But given that 1&1 is a non-specialist, mid-market, mid-price mass-market service, we're reasonably satisfied.

Becks shows Scientology some rispek

Sceptical Bastard

David Beckham - theological philosopher

Leaving aside the fact that Scientology is a vicious bullying cult based on ludicrous fantasies dreamed up by a get-rich-quick egotistical charlatan, who the fuck would take seriously the 'opinion' of a semi-articulate moron like David Beckham?

But my real spleen is reserved for his repellent, avaricious, shrewish 'wife', a jumped-up guttersnipe with a face like an orange balloon stretched over a skull, a voice like a Mockney cheesegrater, and an IQ numerically equivalent to the temperature in Celcius on a chilly day. Next to her, even Paris Hilton looks cool and clever.

The Beckhams are rebarbitive greedy vain vulgarians. America is welcome to 'em.

Nurse! Where's my medication?

Battle of Britain pilots actually crap shots

Sceptical Bastard

It doesn't matter a toss because...

... we went on to defeat Nazism and demolish much of Germany. We WON!

The reason our beloved German co-Europeans don't like us harking on about WWII is that they LOST. They might also be trying to forget that their parents and grandparents stood by as their then-leaders cold-bloodedly murdered six million civilian men, women, children and infants.

British triumphalism? Too fucking right!

BMW gives away 5 Series and $850k

Sceptical Bastard

Yeah, but who'd actuall WANT a Beemer?

This scam is obviously aimed only at coke dealers, pimps and middle managers.

Dreaded Blue Screen of Death mars some Leopard installs

Sceptical Bastard

Be patient - and keep it clean

My initial reaction to the headline "Blue screen of death mars Leopard..." was, naturally, smugness. About time those condescending Mac fanboys got a taste of the BSOD.

In fact, the mad ranting of various fanboy factions is one of El Reg's most entertaining facets.

Actually, of course, there are some problems that apply equally to Linux, Mac and Windows.

Two very sensible suggestions (above) are worth repeating:

1) Wait! Any newly-released OS will have bugs that haven't been picked up in betas and release candidates. It is always better to wait til bugs have surfaced and been fixed (in Windows that usually means a longish wait til the first full Service Pack; in Mac and Linux, there's less of a delay as a rule.)

2) Go clean. Never try to "upgrade" an installed OS. Always go for a clean install: back up all your data to removable media, zap the disk, re-partition and/or reformat if necessary, install the new OS, re-install any required apps, then re-load your user data. (This is also, obviously, the most effective way to rid a machine of malware.)

Reg Standards Soviet defines temperature, force and weight

Sceptical Bastard

Sample GCE Paper

Q1) Express the volume of an Olympic swimming pool in Bulgarian airbags.

Q2) Express the surface area of the pool in microWales (show your working).

Q3) What is the ideal pool water temperature in Hn?

Boffins uncover ginger gene in neanderthal DNA

Sceptical Bastard

Don't take the piss out of gingers...

... because they are tiresomely hyper-sensitive about it (see above). I know from first-hand experience - my son is ginger and has spent the last twenty-five years whingeing about it. If he starts on at me, I just shrug and tell him some fucker has to get the bad luck in life.

"So that explains Chris Evans" Nah. Nothing explains such a sad apology for a sentient being (and he's a *real* minger as well as being a twat).

In answer to Morely, one can say "Wales"

Oz barmaid fined for crushing beer cans between jubs

Sceptical Bastard

She's big lass, she's a bonny lass


The bloody woman is cheating! She's got sheets of lead in her bra.

Prove it, tootsie - get 'em out for El Reg.

Sign up for our virtualization e-Symposium or we'll kill a puppy

Sceptical Bastard

Following the flock

I'm with my compadres above, Lester - the baby dog dies.


QinetiQ buys spooks' secure-messaging provider

Sceptical Bastard

Tanks and bullets...

... have enough kinetic energy to pulp the marketing/PR wanker who came up with the name 'QinetiQ'.

No, sod vehicles and guns: I'd happily kill the lexicographically challenged moron with my bare hands.

Swede with UK betting licence held in Amsterdam for 'breaking' ancient French law

Sceptical Bastard

Plus ca change...

... they've done it with agriculture since the Treaty of Rome in 1957 so it's no surprise to see them doing it with gambling.

A re-match of Crecy, Agincourt, or Waterloo anyone?

The EEC / EU was and is an instrument of protectionism to the French and a penance to the Germans (who, in the immortal words of Sir Humphrey Appleby signed the treaty "... to cleanse themselves of genocide and apply for readmission to the human race.")

To help you decide, Bob Jones, they've also been known to invade Poland and fill its northern forests with extermination camps.

Dead dog floors 68 Namibian villagers

Sceptical Bastard

@ Slappy


Great! I can't wait to use that line to upset and offend the neighbourhood's dog-owners.

Sceptical Bastard


A quiet day for news, Lester?

At least there's a tenuous Paris Hilton angle (as well as the fact the story is about a dog). It's here:


IT majors forge SAFECode alliance

Sceptical Bastard

Ben - a safe pair of hands?

Quote: "Ben Fathi, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Windows development ... (said)... there’s still a need to build greater trust into IT products"

Too fucking right - and he, of all people, should know.

As for SAFE (Software Assurance Forum for Excellence), they obviously thought of the acronym first then made a piss-poor job of backforming it.

New tune for Microsoft software design?

Sceptical Bastard

Sounds like sense....

Well, I never thought I'd tip my hat to anyone at Redmond but if Buxton is able to influence Microsoft dev along KISS lines, all power to him I say.

But with a malevolent boorish belligerent like Ballmer in charge, I'm not holding my breath.

That said, it's not Microsoft's researchers who dictate strategy, it's the marketing department. So, as pointed out above, the Vista debacle might just scare Ballmer into a re-think.

Hypersonic hydrogen airliner to bitchslap Concorde

Sceptical Bastard

Under Rule 8, I propose...


"CHUTNEY (Civil Hypersonic Useful Technology Not Employable Yet)"

If the prototype explodes in a Hindenberg-like fireball will it be a LAPTOP (Longterm Advanced Propulsion Technology for Obliterating Passengers)?

Or (with a nod to its shape and energy) if it flies but makes huge losses (a la Concorde) it might be a DESKTOP (Dangerous but Environmentally Sound Kinetic Tube Operating Pointlessly)

PS *Stop* using 'bitchslap' all the time, vultures. Stop it. Now.

Jailed terror student 'hid' files in the wrong Windows folder

Sceptical Bastard

@ Ferry Boat

Quote: "Where would you put your Jihad stuff on a Linux box?"

Obvious - it goes in /bin/kill

OK, Rule 8

Paris Hilton heads for the cryogenic freezer

Sceptical Bastard

@ Mike Richards

Touchè, sir! I've obviously been misled.

That'll teach me to try and score cheap points. Mine's a Guinness - what're you having?

Sceptical Bastard

Time Machine (@ Mike Richards)

The 1960 version? That'd be as opposed to the 1890s version by HG Wells in which, coincidentally, the time traveller discovers a tribe of fair-skinned blonde vacuous people (called Eloi) do no work at all (that's the Paris angle, of course). Remarkably, there is a further coincidence: the blonde airheads are farmed for food by the cannibalistic Morlocks (no sniggering about 'eating Paris').

Do you think this novel and that film could be related? I think we should be told. ;)

Sorry, back to the El Reg story. Oxygen is scarce enough nowadays without moronic fuck-dollies like Paris Hilton wasting it. In centuries to come, both oxgen and lebensraum will probably be in even shorter supply. So is it really likely that our distant descendants are going to re-animate cryo-corpses who, once alive, can offer nothing to society except, perhaps, anal sex?

Mind you, if meat is in short supply, they might defrost her and ... we're back to 'eating Paris'.

UK gov advisor proposes 'licence to smoke'

Sceptical Bastard

A nutter spouts forth

You mean *THAT* Julian Le Grand, theTitmus professor of social politics at the LSE? The one with the fruitcake ideas on taxation and the health service? The one who is a frothing advocate of so-called "choice and competition" in our public services? That one?

The prof's loopy baccy licence wheeze is a non-starter as any fule kno. What's more, trying to rope in the medical profession will only make doctors hate the barmy boffin more than they already do.

You just know someone has to be a joke if Tony Blair thought the sun shone out of their arse - an endorsement almost guaranteed to wreck a reputation.

Missus Sceptical Bastard (not her real name) once went to a seminar of Le grand's at an NHS conference - she reckoned he was completely east ham*

As so often, I despair.

* East Ham = one stop short of Barking (if you are non-British, this reference may go over your head - sorry)

Real Media attacks real people via RealPlayer

Sceptical Bastard

Real shite and the Beeb

This news item comes as no surprise to me.

I have long avoided all Real Media software and - patched or unpatched - would never let Real Player near my machine, mainly because it is hopelessly buggy and inherently insecure (see El Reg passim) but also because it constantly tries to phone home and spy on me.

Worryingly, the BBC's 'Listen Again' feature still requires users to download RP. As a licence payer, I strongly object to the Beeb pimping a flawed and insecure proprietary programme. It's not as if they warned users of the potential risk or offered security advice.

Internet security is virtually a contradiction in terms nowadays, of course. But that still doesn't absolve public service providers from their responsibility to help safeguard users wherever possible. As far as I am concerned, advocating Real Media's products is an obvious dereliction of that duty of care.

Bad hair day for alternative browser users

Sceptical Bastard


Hmmm, I don't think Dan Goodin is spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt by running a story about security updates to two browsers.

The fact is that both Opera and Firefox browsers get vulns fixed much more quickly than does IE. When I launched Firefox this morning (to read El Reg) it prompted me to install - no fuss, job done.

This item appears on the same day as The Register's story ("IE + RealPlayer = Security hole") about yet another exploitable interaction between IE and other apps - and, once again, Active X is at the heart of it.

The story concludes: "Another option is to use Firefox as your primary browser, preferably along with the NoScript add-on." Sound advice, IMO.

I fully understand why the vast majority of non-tech home users browse with IE - it is the default browser when they buy a Windowes machine and no-one tells them there are better, safer alternatives. But I am astonished that genuinely tech-savvy users - as I presume most Register readers to be - champion IE over the alternatives.

BOFH: The bastard wants to know

Sceptical Bastard

Paperless? No problem

Quote: "We're a paperless office here ducks."

The Guttman algorythm is your friend. Or a degausser.

As a last resort, a 2am accident with peroxide/hydoxyl, five gallons of petrol, a 9V battery, and a cheap alarm clock takes care of inconvenient data - but remember to take your valuables out of the office the day before.

The first rule of Reg Club is...

Sceptical Bastard

I'll only ask this once more...

... having never found a truly satisfactory answer, but WHO THE FUCK is Chuck Norris? And, more to the point, why is he so revered by El Reg readers?

As to the Reg Club Rules, I am bitterly disappointed that there's no "you HAVE to fight - and fight to the death" rule. I was so looking forward to kicking the shit out of some of the trolls. Now we can't even feed them!

PS: Coincidently, I watched Fight Club again last night (it was shown on Film 4, a television channel here in the UK) and was pleased to be reminded what a great film it is. I like movie violence, me.

Women's panties threaten Burmese Junta

Sceptical Bastard

Who are you calling...

... a "sad internet wanker", Laird Cummings?

Surely used female undies are the masturbatory aid of choice in all Help Desk, Tech Support and IT Procurement departments? Long before the advent of the web - probably before the internet itself - computer nerds have taken time out from the command line to have a deep sniff and a good wank. I know I have.

Sod bloody Burmese ambassadors. Send those ripe knickers to your friendly local SysAdmin. Or me.

Public tracks down Gordon Bennett

Sceptical Bastard

@ Stu Reeves

Quote: "... the Black Country,... many round there are to busy sleeping with their cousins..."

That's it, ah. Yo hit the nile on the 'ead (as we say in the west midlands).

A Black Country virgin is any under-age girl who can outrun her dad and her brothers. Her cousins have to wait til later...

Ex-Linspire chief defects to Ubuntu

Sceptical Bastard

And in other news...

Your plug for Ashlee's book asks "Want to know where Gordon Moore eats Chinese food, where Steve Jobs and Bono hang out ?"

Only to avoid inadvertantly running into the law-maker, the plutocrat meglomaniac and the gobby Irish wankstain - otherwise NO!

Now if Licklider were still alive....

Ubuntu goes 3-D

Sceptical Bastard

@ Jamie, Alan and 'Smell'

Quote: "I gave a presentation on Linux in the IT Academy that I study at, and not a single one of them knew what Linux was."

Are you *paying* to study there, Jamie? If so, I suggest you change your 'IT Academy'. Even the secretaries in our office have heard of Unix and Linux - they may not know much about them but they've heard of them.

As to Alan's comment: ""Personally, the longer uneducated people like you two stay away from alternative OS's, the better.....Don't expect people to rush to the aid of wilfully ignorant lusers." Gawd - with advocates like you, Linux doesn't need detractors. Small-minded, bigoted, condescending comments of that sort are as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

@ Smell My Finger. Nicely put, mate - as, indeed, are many of your other comments on El Reg. I'd happily enjoy a pint with you - whereas I'd piss in Alan's beer.

Sceptical Bastard

Pardon me for butting in...

I'm almost deterred from adding my sixpen'orth because this particular comments section seems to be a flamewar between people who know each other.

So I'll restrict myself to saying that of all the distros I've tried (half-a-dozen over about six years) I find Ubuntu by far the most convivial. For me at least, virtually everything *does* just work. Ubuntu is the best candidate to popularise Linux to the world at large IMO.

I don't much like Windows although I have to use either W2K SP4 or XP Pro SP2 most days (partly because neither PhotoShop nor InDesign are ported to 'nix; partly because my clients use MS Office apps and OO is *not* fully compatible yet).

My dislike is partly prejudice - I don't like Microsoft on principle. But it's also practical. Only a fool would claim Windows isn't beset by a lot of security issues and it isn't particularly stable. And, especially in the case of Vista, Windows is a bloated, sluggish resource hog.

But for 'nix fanboys to claim Windows 'doesn't work' is self-evident bollocks. It's also counter-productive - telling people your preference in software is wonderful but their choice reveals stupidity and ignorance doesn't win hearts and minds.

I'm looking forward to Gutless Gibbon (or whatever it's called) and I expect to see improvements and enhancements. That's more than I've ever said about a Windows release.

Revenue IT boss gets top job

Sceptical Bastard

Sounds like a BOFH plotline

Jeeze! Will Simon become The Boss and the PFY become Head of IT?

And whose side will *you* be on then?

Ofcom: no comeback for TV on analogue spectrum

Sceptical Bastard

@ Morely Dotes

For Morely and other non-UK readers, it is the British free digital television service which can be received through an existing 'analogue' TV aerial by a digital set or a cheap set top box.

Or as Wikipedia puts it: "Freeview is a brand name, owned by DTV Services Ltd, used for the free digital terrestrial television (DTT) service in the United Kingdom."

Sceptical Bastard

@ Re: Oi!

Quote (by Chris)

"2 Chris'! This town aint big enough for 2 Chris's :p"

Maybe so - but which one are *you*?

Regarding the comment about 'analogue HD', a contradiction in terms surely?

I'm buggered if i'm going to buy a digital TV set, let alone an HD one, or wait for fibre or TV-over-IP. I'm perfectly happy using an elderly analogue set with a Freeview box and the same rooftop aerial that was here when I bought the house 20 years ago.

Besides, the 'benefit' of all those Freeview channels is lost on me - apart from BBC4 television and a couple of radio stations, I never stray far from the original four terrestial networks. The rest is such utter crap -I mean, have you ever *watched* those shopping channels?

Met's de Menezes photo 'manipulated', says prosecution

Sceptical Bastard

Illogical as well as mendacious

Quote (by Plod): ""There was no doubt in my mind that this man was a suicide bomber at this time and he was in possession of a suicide device that could present a serious danger to the public and to my men."

Hang on, hang on! Plod can't have his cake and eat it too. If indeed the surveillance target was MEANT to be Osman but the cops followed De Menezes instead, then by definition Osman was free to sneak away "...in possession of a suicide device that could present a serious danger.." and blow up the tube. Which he didn't. Which puts into question the Met's whole intelligence operation.

As to the photomanip, the Met lied through their teeth at the time and continued to lie during the succeeding days. So the fact that they fucked about with the images to justify their cock-up comes as no surprise.

As I've said before, I would accept shooting mass-murdering moslem madmen AS LONG AS we were sure we were targetting the right people. And, repeating myself again, I feel LESS, not more, secure knowing the tube is being patrolled by trigger-happy jumpy cops with flawed and slapdash intelligence backing.

Yahoo! accused! of! lying! to! Congress!

Sceptical Bastard


Guys, I love El Reg to bits but ffs stop doing that exclamation point thing in Every! Headline! About! Yahoo!

It aint big and it aint clever. It's just hackneyed and bloody irritating.

Met used 'dum-dum' ammo on de Menezes

Sceptical Bastard

@ John Waters

Quote: "I don't know what the average UK "guy on the street" thinks regarding this matter."

I think the consensus is we don't like guns and we don't want our police routinely armed.

Quote: "I know that if Jeremy Clarkeson is any indication of the british ..."

God forbid! Do you Americans *really* think that big-faced petrolhead controversialist arsehole REALLY represents the average Briton? I despair!

Quote: "... (the) opinion of the average american what I am saying here is probably not going to be of much value."

Not so. I appreciated your reasoned and informed comment. Most welcome.

Yes, of course firearms officers must be highly trained. In the de Menezes case, however, it was their supervisors and the intelligence-gatherers whose training seems to have been woefully inadequate.

I think their ultimate boss, Commissioner Blair, needs training in telling the truth. But lying seems to go with that surname.

Sceptical Bastard

At least we now know...

... that summary public execution is the sentence for the offence of Having A Swarthy Complexion In Times Of National Hysteria - an offence of which de Menezes was self-evidently guilty.

Despite becoming blase about mass murderers after two decades of regular IRA bombings, it's still a bit worrying to us regular tube travellers to have murderous mad moslems toting rucksacks of weedkiller on to underground trains. Quite unsettling, in fact. But I'm not sure I feel any more secure knowing that the Met has set loose a pack of heavily-armed mad dogs.

Don't get me wrong: the more jihadists we catch and convict, the better. Shooting the fuckers may even be necessary if we're sure they pose an immediate threat - but let's at least try a bit harder to get the right people.

MIT boffins plan for asteroidal doom

Sceptical Bastard

Wrong target

If it *did* hit France it would at least stop the sods shrugging condescendingly and blowing Galloise smoke into people's faces. But it won't - those perfidious bastards will collaborate with the bloody Krauts again and divert it to hit Coventry or Plymouth.

WTC collapse voted 'most memorable TV moment'

This post has been deleted by a moderator

Google's proposed global privacy standard slammed

Sceptical Bastard

Does not compute

'Google' plus 'privacy'? It doesn't add up.



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