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Sex offender downloads child pr0n to get back into prison

Pityacker Geekette

Sick, lying shitbag

His justification makes no sense. If you're desperate to go back to jail then you download some KP and then hand yourself over to plod, you don't download the entire contents of 300 sites then wait for three years.

Second, nobody 'deserves' a council house. They're allocated on the basis of need, with children and the infirm placed in higher regard than single males capable of work. This is especially true if said single male is a sex offender. He was perfectly at liberty to get a private tenancy, council houses still require rent and rates, they're not free and the wait for one is long. How did he intend to pay rent on this magical council house? Applying for LHA would've enabled to him to rent any accommodation he could find vacant, so all this bullshit about viewing filth because he was too stupid or idle to realise that council housing is not free or infinite, is just an excuse for a pig caught in the act of wallowing in filth.

Ralph Lauren says sorry for incredible shrinking pelvis

Pityacker Geekette

Re: @ BlueGreen

I don't hate men. Like most lesbians, the only difference between me and straight women is that I fancy other women and just don't want to have sex with blokes. We're not a bloody hivemind, we just don't like the cock.

What I <i>do</i> hate is uppity queens who feel they can speak for an entire class of people. Ever thought that the common denominator in those "Lesbians who hate men" experiences of yours might be YOU?


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