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TiVo hits pause button in Australia

Andrew 47

"Just a week after a much publicised kick off in NZ"?

Um, No.

Tivo launched well over a year ago, exclusively through Telecom NZ. It has been a miserable failure in the NZ market, overpriced at launch, crippled by our ludicrous broadband caps (although Tivo downloads are apparently unmetered on Telecom). The only publicity it has had recently has been the media pointing and laughing.

Mind you, a number of early Tivo adopters discovered that Telecom was not separately metering Tivo data for quite some time, were enjoying uncapped broadband for months while paying for 10 Gig plans.

Computer forensics tool for banks aims to trace Trojans

Andrew 47

linux moron

Right, so you expect them to bother to put in application logic to filter out the offer of the software for the miniscule percentage of linux users on the internet banking. You're taking the piss.

Now, if you were getting an "upgrade your browser" message because it didn't recognise the user agent, that would be a different story.

Twitter bans security maven for sharing naughty link

Andrew 47

crap filtering

Reminds me of experiences sending abuse reports to ISPs for phishing activity, which would then be blocked for "malware" because the email contained a phishing URL. Then you send them a munged link so the AV doesn't block it, and they respond that the URL didn't work. Bastards