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Quantum superclock will be accurate past end of life on Earth

Steve in Hungary

Chinese Proverb

Man who have wristwatch know what time is.

Man who have two wristwatches no feckin idea what time is.

Inside Microsoft's innovation crisis

Steve in Hungary
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Buy a Microsoft Product?

No you bloody don't - unless it's a mouse.

You pay for a license to use it!! Until just as long as they don't decide to pull the plug.

Italians threaten suit over Windows pre-install

Steve in Hungary

PC Use

Hmmm. Do you know, when I were a lad I had to take TWO driving tests. I had to take one before I were allowed on t' road on a motorbike without 'L' plates, and bugger me if I didn't have to go through the whole bloody stitherum again before they would let me do t' same in a car.

Now, considering as 'ow 99.9% of botnet computers are belongin to feckin clueless Micro$oft Windose users, dosna tha all reckon that it might be time for ALL PC users to pass some sort of test BEFORE they are allowed on the Internet??

Tha' knows!

Mine's the one wi t' pit pony tied to it, tha' knows

Steve in Hungary

Windose Install

"as the install of a Windows image on a bare PC takes only a few minutes."

Last time I did it, it took bloody hours, including having to go on the Internet (via another operating system) to find device drivers that bloody Windose couldn't find on a fresh install.

Steve in Hungary

M$ Pcs

Ha! You know you could always go to Austria (Graz is the place I know) and find PCs for sale with ONLY Linux Ubuntu offered. For a little more money you could have a dual boot Linux/Windose machine!

Steve in Hungary

OS Purchase?

Since when? You only license it! Especially with M$! Like most other software you never OWN it!

Microsoft to herd third parties with licensing patent

Steve in Hungary
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Would be nice

To see M$ take this one on, and then get taken to the cleaners by the writers of the stuff already mentioned.

Whatever happened to 'prior art'?

Giant megaships to suck 'stranded' Aussie gas fields

Steve in Hungary

Oil Shale?


They have been playing with it for 40 years, you know a bit like nuclear fusion. Not going to happen. Read up on EROEI.

Zero-day fixes star in biggest ever Patch Tuesday

Steve in Hungary

MS Orifice


"MS Office is sooo much easier to use."

Is it bollox! How many wasted hours have I spent trying to make the spawn of the devil MS Office - particularly MS Worm - behave.


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