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US beak pecks at RIAA's 'making available' filesharing attack


Boo Hoo

How sad for the RIAA, being upset in their destruction of people's privacy. I wish these scrotes all the misery their coked-up lives CAN'T handle for ILLEGALLY ruining my computer and many others searching for downloads. It seems due process only counts if THEY do it to you.

Florida cops issue shock 'Butthash' warning


And Then There's The Obvious Joke;

"Hey, let's get shit-faced!"

No email privacy rights under Constitution, US gov claims


What Are "Rights?"

Pretty soon Americans won't have the right to inhale if it interferes with the Bush gang's ability to rape and plunder is hindered. Besides; why argue if it's in the Constitution? Bush has been wiping his backside with it since he stole office.

China hijacks Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! traffic?



Aw, did going into business with an oppressive regime leave you out and alone in the cold? I'm sure all those people these companies finked out to Chinese authorities feel for you.

Why oh why do rock stars die young?


"The Record Industry Needs To See This?"

HELLO! Who do you think BUYS the drugs for the rock stars? In one book on punk rock stars and their drug usage, a certain idol whose name rhymes with Grebby Farry complained to one of her friends to take something that record co. execs kept sending to her home to the extent she and her immediate circle of friends could not consume it by themselves--kilos of cocaine! Now you know why the artist gets so few royalty dollars.

I saw aliens at Roswell, claims dead PR man


The Funny Part Is The Government's "Cover-Up"

In a loose timeline, here's how the Roswell Incident went:

#1-The alien crash is witnessed by several people in the area who are not sure what it is.

#2- A farmer goes to examine the wreckage, claims of U.F.O. debris and bodies are made.

#3- The military collects the metal and supposed bodies, threatening witnesses as they go along.

#4- A news report from the local army base goes out confirming an alien crashed disc has been recovered.

#5- An error is reported as "it was not a U.F.O. as mistakenly reported. It was a weather balloon." Parts of a broken weather balloon are dragged out as "proof." Alternating and contesting views are ridiculed for decades.

#6- Over 30 years later, an updated version of the weather balloon is released; "We also used the weather balloon to test parachutes with human-looking dummies, hence the "alien bodies."

#7- An even better story surfaces claiming the weather balloon in question was a SUPER-weather balloon built to spy on the Russians (no more mention is made of bodies) and that's why all the secrecy was in place. No explanation as to how any weather balloon "rockets across the sky" leaving a miles-long trail of debris.

Bottom line; WHY do I believe that the Roswell Incident was real? Because the government came up with the WORST damn cover story(ies) for an event that became history BECAUSE of such a lousy trail of lies. Couldn't they have hired a writer to cook up something intelligent?

Google wants to really get to know you


Google Wants My Information?

Too bad I'm not giving it. They don't need to know my business, though I think I'll use theirs less. It's funny; in a show called 'Northern Exposure' a supposedly insane man tells the town patriarch that personal information is constantly being acquired by corporations and the government, and when the patriarch disagrees, the other man rattles off a string of supposedly private quirks to the great horror of the patriarch. Me? I make up information for everything, e-mail accounts, websites and so on. My family, personal life, tastes, etc. are no one's business. I encourage everyone to lie or simply ignore surveys, registrations and things of that nature.

Illinois baby issued with firearms permit


NRA Are All Gun Happy Idiots; Here's Your Proof

The NRA tries to dance out of this one by jumping into the "give them both barrels before they do any more damage" but wonderfully neglects to add that IF there were even vague attempts at real gun control, shooting jags would drop considerably. Then they cry about other weapons. HELLO: guns are used for killing only; baseball bats are used for sports, knives cooking. People who have wanted to use weapons have made them from bed struts, records, soda cans, etc. but there have never been mass beatings by gangs with pillowcases full of cans or 10,000 deaths a year from lemon zesters.

George Lucas bitch slaps Spider-Man 3


Um, George?

Having reworked the entire 30 year Star Wars history to create more sequels from sequels and creating Jar Jar Binks (or whatever), you lose the right to call ANYTHING silly. And that includes Barney The Movie.

US seeks to criminalize 'attempted' piracy


Can Corporate Interference In Daily Life Get Worse?

A teacher showing a cartoon DVD to her day care class worries she may be sued, someone recording a TV program to watch later may be arrested. Is any of this right? At what point can a law-abiding citizen record a piece of "intellectual property" without worrying that five different law agencies will be devastating their lives? Am I over-reacting? Consider this: at one point South Africa arrested people for WHISTLING music deemed unacceptable by the government. Also, HOW are they going to search for copyright protection? Gee, could they continue to violate American civil liberties for their coprorate masters? What--AGAIN?