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FBI's Tor pedo torpedoes torpedoed by United States judge



I'm only here to congratulate you on that exquisitely tortured title. That's a work of art.

GET PATCHED: Adobe plugs Hacking Team Flash holes and more


Let's start with The Register

On The Register homepage right now, there are two separate ads begging me to activate Flash. Nope. Not happening. Perhaps El Reg can notify its advertisers that Flash advertising won't work with its readership. Let's set the example.

Locked iPhones still got their ears on


It's not a bug, it's a feature...

It's clearly working as intended. What's the story here? If you don't want your passcode lock circumvented in this way, then turn off this feature - the option is RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU in the same configuration screen.

Gmail users howl in anguish at 'disappeared' accounts


Saving email for what purpose?

I'm amazed at the number of people who keep such huge volumes of email for such long periods of time. What exactly is in there? Photos? Critical business docs? Passwords? (I sure hope not...) Sure, I understand the wisdom of retaining business email for a period of time, but Gmail is hardly the tool I'd use for archiving data and information.

If I get an email that contains information I want to retain over 30 days, I usually keep it in a document outside of an email - some in databases, others in files. Both databases and files are backed up regularly. Email, on the other hand, is deleted as soon as it's no longer actionable. Business critical email gets backed up offline as well, but even that is subject to a retention policy. Anything else, in my opinion, is data hoarding for no really good reason.

China's doomed attempt to hold the world to ransom

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Bravo! Excellent article. Even some of the comments have merit.

US warships to get plane-snatching robot arms?


A mere pittance...

I agree with "The First Dave" at 15:16 - 1.4 million is mere pocket change. Why, I have that right here in my coat pocket...

iPhone worm hjacks ING customers


The Rick Adjective of the day

I just read these to see what creative adjective El Reg comes up with for Rick Astley.

Mine's the one with the non-jailbroken iPhone in the pocket.

Windows 7, Bing and mobile will determine Ballmer's future



"... right - so Halo, one of the most popular, genre-defining games of all time, (developed by MS's Bungie for the xbox) was a "cock-up"?! "

A minor point on Bungie - they were a game developer exclusive to the Mac platform, and Halo was to be a major game release for the Mac. It was even demonstrated by Steve Jobs in one of his keynotes. Microsoft didn't innovate here - they simply bought Bungie, lock, stock, and barrel, then released Halo exclusively for the XBox as their blockbuster introduction.

Give credit where credit is due. Microsoft hasn't released an innovative product on it's own in a decade.


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