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Oracle and IBM fight for the heavy workload


pureScale also on Linux

>> DB2 PureScale.. is available only on Power Systems at the moment – and only running AIX.

This is not correct. It is also available on Linux, but only officially supported with very specific hardware and software stacks.


The hardware in question is all currently IBM xSeries -

System x3650 M3

System x3690 X5

System x3850 X5

IBM BladeCenter HS22

The only Linux officially supported is SuSE Linux Enterprise Server.

I know of at least one company which will be running production pureScale on Linux before year end (if they are not already doing so).

Interestingly, DB2 Workgroup Server Edition licenses give you pureScale licenses included (for a modest number of CPUs : just enough to run a two node cluster), whereas it is an extra-cost option for Enterprise Server licenses. Obtaining some WSE licenses would be a very cost effective way to get your feet wet with what I expect will become an increasingly important technology.

IBM throws DB2 Power cluster at Ellison's Exadata


Not aimed at Exadata but at RAC !!!

Now that this is officially announced, you'll see that this has nothing to do with Exadata but at those who want to move from RAC to something more scaleable.

And I can assure you that this wasn't "cooked up in the last few weeks" since I was at a briefing on this in June during IOD Europe, and at that point they''d been working on this for a couple of years.

The obvious comparison is with DB2 for z/OS Data Sharing. The underlying architecture and even the terminology being used is the same, and no doubt there is a lot of common code too.

The big benefit of Data Sharing on System Z has always been the Coupling Facility which prevents having to broadcast changes to all the members all of the time. That's where the scaleability comes from. Getting this on AIX is awesome.