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Indian SMBs facing advanced attack threats


Title Fail.

Indian web censorship court date moved to May


Just cut off the services to India. Job done and no one goes to jail over some petty bullshit.

Dammit Ramnit! Worm slurps 45,000 Facebook passwords


Would be nice to find out how it passed 2 factor auth also.

Scottish news site admits coding mishap caused outage


William Wallace 4life.

Good P.R for a site looking to get a name for itself..

Also ITT: English Newfags

3 Words, North Sea Oil..

If we had went for independency a good few years ago, we would be alot richer than the rest of Great Britain,

but, wait what? theres nothing great about any of it.. especially the English el reg readers lol..

Royal Navy hacker claims to have broken into space agency site

Thumb Up

Wait, What?

This story was posted before it was leaked on FD.. el reg haxors in the house?


What is this?

Can anyone link me to this on fd? I cant see this post anywhere the only thing that was on FD over the weekend was the FPL incident?

Scareware sellers fool Google with file switch


@ kevin mcmurtie

how does it determine who the sys admins are?

most hosting companys that are plauged with malware allow it so dont see why they would go to this bother to setup a proxy on the off chance the admin use's the same box ip everytime??

how does it determine between sys admin and everyone else :S

Google flips default switch for always-on Gmail crypto



login on a pc and change the settings then login via mobile?

Texas cops cuff 176 at illegal cockfight


Wrong Feed :D

no not bird feed :P this story is appearing in my rss register security feed lads.

Ruggedised botnets pushing out even more spam

IT Angle

new techniques my arse..

botnets have moved to de-centralized cnc systems a long time ago, is there any need to be reporting on how much spam is actually sent out of these, all our junk mail filters are clearly showing the pain.

PGP disk encrypt approved by MoD for military use



so bitlocker has been broken wide open and its still in use for restricted level 3 docs....

....cant say im suprised to be honest..

Boffins fight pacemaker hacks with ultrasound security



LOL fuckin genious.

Botnet click fraud at record high


clickity click

"It's in everyone's best interest in the online community to find and stamp out click fraud,"

why dont these companys f*** off and stop giving people the oppertunity to pimp there adverts in the first place for cash, if they are going to try to plauge as many websites with as many ads as they possibly can they deserved to be the victims of click fraud

./me fires up cpaxtreme and makes a killing just to annoy the companies pimpin adverts.

Kanye West death prank used to sling scareware



Scareware is actually stuff that scares the user into splashing money actually..

like fake anti virus telling you that you have 489 infections and you need to buy there program,

why read el reg is you cant even understand some simple shit like what scareware is, thats the scary part!

Hopefully when we all switch out boxes on tommoro, you mr Robert Carnegie wont be here.

Bloggers howl after conference snoops on 'secure' network


Why do people...

think that they are secured just because they are using a networking with encryption?

All the encryption does here is keep you from getting onto the network in the first place, the way this article goes on its like these so called security experts think ahhh we are using a SECURED network so all our communications are secured. WTF?

All a hacker had to do was authenticate to the network, posion the ARP tables of whoever he pleases and become the router, job done.

Botnet caught red handed stealing from Google

Gates Horns

@ Mike007

No they are only controlled via that I.P all searches will still show from individual I.P address's that are already compromised by that bot.

To be honest this isnt anything new, search result hijacking is one of the newer methods of making money as the scareware industry starts losing a bit of steam.


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