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Amazon eyes wander as Royal Mail strike looms

Reg Wells

Not a Reduction in Amount of Mail

It is interesting if you actually look at how the figures for amount of mail delivered by RM is calculated you will find that the major reason for the alleged reduction is that the RM management changed how the figure was calculated.

It is calculated based on the average content of a standard box of letters which was calculated at over 200 items per box and this was then recalculated by the management to around 165 a box, while actual sampling of the box content puts the average at nearer 260.

Also if you think about, while email may have eaten into the personal letter writing numbers all the on-line activity has in fact lead to an increase in the number of items being sent through the post, not to mention all the catalogues for mail order and web based companies.

So the so called reduction in numbers of items being sent by mail is just another lie by a bunch of incompetents who ran out of fingers and toes when try to do the maths.

Google spins YouTube into future profit machine

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Guy was a D***

As the Russians were racing the US to the moon, regardless of anything they tried to claim later, if there had been any fakery they would have a had a field day exposing the Capitalist lies to the world and his dog. That to me is the biggest indicator that the moon landings were not faked.

On Microsoft's feeble Fortune-based nastygram to Red Hat

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Microsoft hMicrosoft have obviously realised that their proxy attack on Open Source via SCO is all but dead in the water and have taken the offensive themselves. If this is any example of what the ammunition they have then Bill Gates is firing blanks, and not for the first time.