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Microsoft dangles carrot at SMEs, eases Windows 8 Enterprise licensing


So the big selling point is that when joined to a corporate domain, it can "side load" Speak-n-Spell (Metro/Modern/TIKFAM) apps that are not being used in corporate environments... ??

This would at least somewhat make sense if it was talking about tablets unable to install normal Windows apps. The lack of an "Enterprise" option for Win8 RT nixes this possible explanation. That just leaves the idea that MS is trying to provide a way to load corporate apps that don't exist onto company computers that have not been purchased.


Re: Rearranging chairs

10% share after 18 months and marketshare that is growing slower than the product it was supposed to replace entirely.. I'm not seeing where that is a success.

Chromebook 11 CATCHES FIRE at last, FLIES off shelves


Just another power hungry HP

It's probably no different than my HP Touchpad (now running Android, thank you very much Cyanogenmod ! )

Unlike an iPad which will charge, if slowly, from just about any USB charger, the Touchpad is a hungry beast that requires a higher power charger. (I've seen it LOOSE power when plugged into a laptop port to charge)

If the HP Chromebook is anything like my Touchpad, it's probably designed to suck a large amounts of juice at a rapid pace. Something clone chargers are rarely good at handling.

Upgraded 3D printed rifle shoots 14 times before breaking


Re: inevitable

When you don't know a lot about something, you tend to focus on the most dramatic talking points that you've heard. When you are more familiar with the topic, you often find those talking points are statistical outliers and not common happenings.

In my experience, the only guns I have that (might) have been used to take human life are WWII surplus, yet several of mine have been regularly used in organized matches and informal competitions. Sporting uses like those never make splashy headlines, so despite being WAY more common, they are never packaged into juicy news clips.

Microsoft cuts Surface Pro price by $100


Re: offer says it expires on August 29th

I doubt the discount will be as steep, but if they get near the levels of the Great HP Touchpad FireSale, I would be interested in upgrading from my TP. Until then, I'll just keep poking around the newer Android upgrade for it.

Retailers report slow Windows 8 sales, low demand


Re: A single change...

I am specifically seeking out as gifts either Win7 laptops or Win8 laptops that are an exact copy of the older Win7 laptops and have proper Win7 driver support. This way I can get a final Win7 hardware refresh in place before I'm forced to put Win8 in front of any of my family members.

The really sad thing? If it wasn't for this, I would probably not even be looking at the newest $250 Samsung ChromeBook. Win 8 is so compelling that it has be considering a completely non-MS substitute for relatives that have light computing needs....

Microsoft plays ads-funded Office 2010 Starter gambit

Black Helicopters

Acclimation to the Blasted Ribbon?

Maybe I'm a touch cynical and curmudgeonly on the topic, but I think this is an effort to get people more comfortable (aka force-feed the unwashed masses) with the new Ribbon Bar interface.

Ok, ok... it will also allow them to ditch an old product and have a single codebase that covers from their bundle/nagware freebies to full price productivity offerings. Less overhead is just as good as more sales, right?

Personally, I'm still looking for the "revert to Classic Menus" button so I can spend more time doing and less time wondering why they rearranged my furniture and changed the location of my doors & walls.


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