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Blah blah Blaha: Slovak infosec firm ESET sues politico who called them 'outrageous fascists'

Ali on the Reg

Re: Slovakian politics

You say that but having watched Hostel and Hostel 2 I decided its best to steer clear

Google pholds! Just kidding. But Android Q Beta 2 drop supports those cool bendy mobes

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Re: Bendy phones

Phones that costs 2/3 more, are 1 3/4 as fat and have 1/2 the battery life, a crease down the screen and scratches easily (in the 'outie' form factor). I can't see them catching on but will watch with interest.

Ali on the Reg

Bendy phones

Not cool, stupid fad with obvious engineering problems that will become evident over the coming months

New Zealand cops cuff alleged jackasses who shared mosque murder video, messages online

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Arresting Muslims?

What about the many Muslims (I am Muslim) who shared the video? Are they going to get arrested too? (I neither shared nor viewed it and suggested to others that there was no merit in doing so except for ghoulish reasons)

xHamster reports spike in UK users getting their five-knuckle shuffle on before pr0n age checks

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Re: Incompetence expected

It is well known fact that most VPN providers are in fact operated by a collaborative effort between GCHQ, NSA and some other western intelligence agencies. That's why they are so cheap/free!

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Re: Sure learn a lot from El Register - stuff I didn't necessarily want to know.

You are laying on the innocence so thickly it is obvious you are a guilt-ridden regular customer.

So... where's the rest? Xiaomi walks away from IPO with less than hoped

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Western market meh

They do just fine in the east, enough to warrant a flutter.

Love mi Mi Max hardware but the OS skin tries too hard to be iOS (and fails). Wish they went pure Android.

Windows Defender will strap pushy scareware to its ass-kicker machine

Ali on the Reg

I often get a coercive message from Edge when I load up Chrome telling me how wonderful it is

Jaguar Land Rover ropes in Gorillaz to help it lure 5,000 'electronic wizards'

Ali on the Reg

My understanding is that Jags are a lot more reliable these days and that this has been the case for a number of years. The old joke used to be something like 'if you are going to buy a Jag then get two so you can continue to drive whilst the other is in the workshop'.

Land Rover on the other hand...


(The old joke there was/is "If you are going to drive into the desert take a Range Rover. If however you want to return take a Land Cruiser")

Ali on the Reg

Not quite 5000

BBC reports it as "The firm said it would hire 1,000 electronic and software engineers and 4,000 workers across other sectors, including manufacturing".

Anyhow, this is excellent news for the UK and in particular the Midlands. The snooty people who turn their nose up at the fact that the multinational firm that owns it is Indian should consider that Tata chose not to appoint tech workers in Bangalore.

CloudFlare probes mystery interception of site traffic across India

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Who typed this article?

Was it an 11 year old or was it a non-English speaking adult who then put it through Google translator?

Brit boffins get green light to edit human genome

Ali on the Reg

The future

Who is to say that God doesn't want us to do this?

I think we should aim to create super-intelligent GM humans, who will in turn advance science in the same way as say Albert Einstein or Dr Emmett Brown. Once we have the 2nd or 3rd generation of genetic super-beings they will of course turn on us inferior humans and wipe us out like the vermin that we are. Ungrateful swine.

Oracle kicks Amazon after Glacier download bill shock

Ali on the Reg

In fairness to Amazon it doesn't confine this just to the fine print - it is actually stated quite prominently. Plus anyone with a brain should look into why it [Glacier] is so cheap.

BBC News website takes New Year's Eve break

Ali on the Reg

World's most pointless cyber attack

Well done 'hackers', you managed to disrupt BBC. You've gained nothing politically or financially but at least it will make you feel big and clever so it wasn't completely a waste of effort. Also, any action that deprives viewers of the brain rot that is "Eastenders" can't be all that bad.

Samsung Gear VR is good. So good 2016 could be year virtual reality finally makes it

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Re: Moving on

Some context; Because I've been waiting for VR since the early 1990s and I want the best experience possible. I started saving 3 months ago.

Ali on the Reg

Moving on

I stopped reading at "Gear VR is quite likely to be the least capable of all of the forthcoming VR systems".

BlackBerry Priv: After two weeks on test, looks like this is a keeper

Ali on the Reg

What's so bad about Android?

There are quirks certainly but the versatility makes it worthwhile.

Doctor Who's The Zygon Invasion shape-shifts Clara and brings yet more hybrids

Ali on the Reg

Re: Clara as a baddie

Yes, although initially I thought she left that Asian boy to it because she didn't like Asians1 I'm not sure what's worse, Zygon Clara or Racist Clara?

Crash this beauty? James Bond's concept DB10 Aston debuts in Spectre

Ali on the Reg

Re: "re-enforced"?


Ali on the Reg


The Aston reminds me of a Ford Puma.

The Jag on the other hand - wow!

Is China dumping smartphones on world+dog?

Ali on the Reg

Remember Samsung in the 1980s/1990s?

My recollection is that they were the cheapo Korean alternative for people who couldn't afford Sony or even Sanyo TV sets. My guess is that they weren't making big bucks back then. Xiaomi's strategy seems sound and would seem to be holding true considering that they are the 3rd biggest smartphone company.

Mercedes mulls driverless limo future

Ali on the Reg

Keeping up appearances

I think the ultra rich prefer the visible status symbol that is a chauffer

Lottery chief resigns as winning combo numbers appear on screen BEFORE being drawn

Ali on the Reg

No, 21 appeared on screen around 32 seconds before the ball was drawn. More likely is it was a co-incidence and mistake as 27 and 21 may have looked similar to the graphics.

Oculus Rift noggin-bucket ... heyyy, errr ... have we all got them on already?

Ali on the Reg

Too late?

The HTC/Steam and Sony devices looks like it will make it first to the market.

iPhone vs. Galaxy fight hospitalises two after beer bottle stabbing

Ali on the Reg

Re: article misses out the most important information...

The feeble iPhone user got a good ass wupping from the obviously superior Android user

Faux ‪pro-IS Facebook‬ shot down within hours of launch

Ali on the Reg

That photo is obviously a spoof

It's like the whole 'ban Peppa Pig' thing all over again

Would YOU touch-type on this chunk-tastic keyboard?

Ali on the Reg

Oh yes I can really see this catching on

Bad news: Robo-cars will make you work billions more hours. Good news: In 2040

Ali on the Reg

Re: Health and Safety

Motorsports would not be banned in the same way shooting and archery are regulated for sport

Ali on the Reg

Health and Safety

Based on current trends (and recent practice) the logical outcome is that in the future the government will outlaw you driving a car yourself as you will be an unacceptable risk to health and safety.

Jaguar F-Type: A beautiful British thoroughbred

Ali on the Reg

Would you care to name what you consider to be a wholly British car company?

Are virtualisation and the cloud SNUFFING OUT traditional backup software?

Ali on the Reg

I presume the cloud providers are using the traditional backup software?

Apple CEO: Fandroids are BINNING Android in favour of IPHONES

Ali on the Reg

It's true

I left Android to go to iOS, it didn't last long though. Whereas 4 or so years ago iOS was king and Android was a cheap and rough imitation - I found now that in most aspects that are relevant to me Android was more advanced and functional. Android has developed a lot in the last few years and innovated more than Apple. I'm back on Android now.

'Revenge porn' bully told not to post people's nude pics online. That's it. That's his punishment

Ali on the Reg

Re: I don't see what the problem is

There's no justice like mob justice

LEAKED: Samsung's iPhone 6 killer... the Samsung Galaxy S6

Ali on the Reg

Re: And the price will be?

It's not a phone though is it?

Brain-train kid game settles with FTC over 'unsupported' claims

Ali on the Reg

They should do the same over here for Omega 3 claims

Polish chap builds computer into a mouse

Ali on the Reg

Doesn't mention the size

Do you need two hands to operate the mouse?

Samsung's first Tizen smartphone is HERE ... by which we mean India

Ali on the Reg

If its anything like Touchwiz you can keep it

Elite: Dangerous 'billionaire' gamers are being 'antisocial', moan players

Ali on the Reg

Just like real life then?

In general you don't get to become rich by being nice, you have to be unscrupulous.

Once you are rich then the legal system works in your favour and those fines become laughable.

So, just like real life.

Suits vs ponytailed hipsters: What's next for enterprise IT

Ali on the Reg

Hipsters don't have ponytails

Kim Dotcom vows to KILL SKYPE with encrypted MegaChat

Ali on the Reg

I thought this guy went bust?

He seems to be cropping up in the press even more than usual.

Four tuner frenzy: The all-you-can-EEat TV Freeview PVR

Ali on the Reg

Excellent. Now I can record even more crap I will never get round to watching.

Bought an iPhone 6 Plus? Odds are you've binned the iPad

Ali on the Reg

What is it Steve Jobs had said?

So does the iPhone 6+ come with 'sandpaper to file down fingers'?

Be real, Apple: In-app goodie grab games AREN'T FREE – EU

Ali on the Reg

God-damn interfering EU! Oh no hang on a second, this is good.

Sailfish OS tablet is GO: Fans stuff cash into Jolla's cap in hand

Ali on the Reg

Hope its better than Symbian

£2k burning a hole in your pocket? Let this 'advanced' DRONE relieve you

Ali on the Reg

For that price I'd want an M61A1 fitted

Doctor Who trashing the TARDIS, Clara alone, useless UNIT – Death in Heaven

Ali on the Reg

Glad it isn't just me

Read Brid-Aine's review agree with it 100%. Doctor Who isn't a science fiction series anymore nd hasn't been for a while, it's a fantasy series that isn't particularly fantastic. Yet mysteriously most viewers seem to lap it up even though none of it makes sense in the slightest. I realised after The Dark Knight Rises and Skyfall did well that things no longer have to make sense to suceed, but what a mess.

Million Mask March: Anonymous' London Guy Fawkes protest a damp squib

Ali on the Reg

I would have added 'soap-dodging' somewhere in there

China is ALREADY spying on Apple iCloud users, claims watchdog

Ali on the Reg

America on the other hand would never spy on it's citizens in this manner

Ab phab: Apple is Britain's coolest brand YET AGAIN

Ali on the Reg

Re: Sophie Dahl and Jodie Kidd - models, Julien Macdonald - clothing designer

You are missing the point. Some cool people said it is cool and therefore by buying an Apple product I become cool as well. Research, technical merit, suitability and individual choice be damned. So if you want to join club cool just do what the celebrities tell you.

DARPA-backed jetpack prototype built to make soldiers run faster

Ali on the Reg

Reminds me of something

To infinity and beyond!



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