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T-Mobile imposes swingeing cuts on fair use data limits

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If they invested in their infrastructure...

All the networks are guilty of not upgrading their infrastructure to cope with all the new connections being sold (be it phones or USB dongles). Now the infrastructure cannot cope and their only option is to limit the services their customers are paying a lot of money for.

Can you imagine energy companies doing the same? Actually, I had better not joke about that, in a few years time we won't have the means to produce all the electrical power we need. Dark times ahead, literally.

The year's best... laptops

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No mention of the Sony VAIO Z?

Quite surprised there's no mention of the refreshed VAIO Z. It's easily the best laptop released this year IMO. It includes everything most power users could possibly want, all in a tiny 1.5KG package...

O2 grovels for London network failure

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Here's a scenario I experience a few times a week.

I only go in to London to watch Arsenal. I used to get good 3G coverage, I was able to browse the web before the game, at half time & full time to check the scores - it was great.

In the past 6 months, it's clear the network infrastructure cannot cope with all the users wanting to use the network. The stadium has around 60,000 people inside so O2 clearly have done nothing to improve their network in the area.

If I want to make a call before or after the game, I can forget it. "Network busy."

If I want to use the web from 30 mins before kick off I can forget it. Trying to use the web or send a MMS just before the game, during the game and after the game is a waste of time because the message fails and pages will not load.

I have to be well out the area before I can actually start using my phone again. Absolutely pathetic.

Sony Vaio X

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I have one and I like it!

I needed something small and light. All I use my X series for is MS Office and the internet and it does exactly what I need it to do.

I didn't buy it expecting to run Half Life 2, nor did I expect it to be more powerful than my desktop or Vaio Z. But the X is so small I don't even notice I have it in my bag! That is the beauty of this machine. It's the ideal travel companion.

I went for the top of the range model (cost a whopping £1700). There's no other machine in the world that is as small and light as this. It's not worth £1700 (what laptop is?) but I am very happy with it.

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In response to James Katt

"You have to handle this computer with kid gloves."

No you don't. Granted, you can't mistreat it, just like you can't abuse any other laptop. But it's not made of glass!

2009's Top Mid-Range Compact Cameras

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The new Fujifilm FinePix F70EXR wipes the floor with all of them...

Hands on the Sony Vaio X

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Wanted this since I first saw it at the start of September!