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Gartner: Ultrabooks aren't tickling anyone's fancy


Jedidah: That's a load of bollocks :-)

Granted you get better specs in the heavier notebooks, but there's nothing "really crappy" or netbookish about an i7.

Updating to Windows Phone 7.5


Which is what, exactly? Surely not Android?

What is a passable smartphone anyway where I am the customer and not the product being sold to advertisers (so that's Google out) and that can be easily synced with a linux box?

Sony claims 'lightest notebook' crown


Ah. Netbook, not notebook.

Re: D@v3: It takes it "kind of" out of the netbook range the same way the pacific ocean is "kind of" damp. That's macbook pro money, and _that's_ already a bit steep for what it is.

But it looks good and it's a Sony, so it'll be perfect for some slick suit to flash around and he'll have plenty of time to shop for a new one before this one goes out of fashion.