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Holy sh*t! Amsterdam man in pop-up public toilet shock horror

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There are a bunch of these

In Central London too, if you hang around the Piccadilly/Covent Garden/Leicester Square area on the evenings over the weekend you'll see one of these

UK ICT classes killing kids' interest in tech

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I thought A level computing was actually pretty good

I did A level computing and got an A grade in 2005, I thought it was a really good course to be honest and gave me a good grounded bit of knowledge for university. The thing was our teacher was a PhD student who was doing a bit of A-level/Uni teaching on the side and I can categorically say he was the best teacher I've ever had.

The content of the course was pretty good too, programming, data structures, how computers work, assembly etc - it felt like the first year of university rather than anything silly.

I'm glad I did computing. A level ICT just looked like 'How to use MS Office' rather than the stuff we was doing

BCS Linux-baiting sparks flame war

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"looked too much like a stuffy club for academics"

Haha - you couldn't be further from the truth, the BCS is more like a stuffy club of business managers who happen to work in the IT industry.

I got a free membership as a student and the monthly magazine was so boring I actually cried a little

BCS rebels apologise ahead of crunch meeting

IT Angle

I was a member of the BCS once

Only because my University were offering free memberships to all final year students.

I can catagorically say the monthly magazine was the biggest pile of crap I've ever read, it had little to do with computer science or anything remotely techy. It just seemed like a magazine designed for business people by business people

Laid-off public sector techies better get flexible to survive

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cwjobs? Pah!

I reckon 95% of job advertisements on that site come from recruitment agencies, the rest from private employers.

Not worth bothering with IMO

Exam board deletes C and PHP from CompSci A-levels



I took Computing A-Level in 2003-2005 and found it quite beneficial to my understanding of computing and it was taught by a PHD student at the local university (I still consider him one of the best teachers I've ever had)

The syllabus was pretty good, you got to learn loads of cool low level stuff as well as the more waffly high level crap like Databases and so on.

I don't remember really being 'taught' a language as such, we used quite a few different environments as part of the course (ASM, Java, Haskell and......unfortunately.....VB6) but it shaped me well for university.

One of my fondest memories of Computing A-Level was when we did a practical on altering the values in memory during a game of Minesweeper so you could cheat a bit - useless in reality but it was a lot of fun at the time

Last.fm now offers Less.fm


I like Last.fm

Just the data collection and processing side of it, never really took much interest in the website itself.

I think they should team up with services like Spotify to integrate the platform into their software. Spotify is great for streaming music but utterly atrocious for recommending it. Last.fm has the best music recommendation engine I've ever seen and it would be excellent if they could integrate that data into Spotify so people could sample a wider range of music

Beeb iPlayer blocked by Xbox velvet rope


Support for the BBC

I fully support the BBC's position on this.

It would be wrong to allow Microsoft to profiteer off the back off the BBC.

The only argument I can think of in favour of Microsoft's case is that the 360 does not have an in built web browser. The iPlayer on the PS3 is just a link to the PS3 version of the iPlayer website, using the browser to render it.

I'd imagine the 360 would require a custom application that accesses all the relevant iPlayer APIs to return content and I'd imagine MS would want to foot the bill for this.

Hackers free Snow Leopard from Jobsian cage


It's a question of cost

People probably do use a so called "hackintosh" because they don't want to pay Apple an extortionate amount of money for a set of hardware that's worth a lot less than what Apple are charging for it

It's like designer clothing, you're paying for the name not the product.

Freeview HD - your questions answered

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The "HD Ready" thing is a bit of a silly idea really.

For those who are more technically proficient with their AV equipment, it's quite simple to understand that HD Ready just implies that it's able to display a picture in HD resolutions from an able source.

Unforunately this has got lost down the line in terms of explaining it to the mainstream as people associate things like Sky HD and Virgin Media HD with HD Ready televisions.

The name "Freeview HD" doesn't help this cause.

No Freeview HD kit in time for launch, warns telly exec


2011 is ages away

At least it gives us Nottingham folks the chance to wait for the new STBs to drop.

I was thinking about getting a PVR the other day, I might just wait a while now though

Apple breaks jailbreakers' hearts with iPhone 3GS patch


Jailbreaking is great

Jailbreaking allowed me to alter the theme on my phone to make it look better.

+ There are a few nice apps for the "unofficial" market - the most notable and probably most referenced is Cycorder, a video recording application for the 3G. While it only records at around 15fps it still produces usable, legible video - a feature that the 3G does not have in comparison to the newer 3GS model.

The "jailbreak" dev's will find another way, Apple are just playing a big game of Whack-A-Mole, the dev's will always find another hole to get through

MP urges Royal Mail rethink on postcode site takedown


Lawyer fees

I'd be interested to know how much money was spent pursuing this considering the huge job cuts and "efficiency" plans that RM management want to implement, which has been rejected by the workforce resulting in a national strike