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Windows 10: One for the suits, right Microsoft? Or so one THOUGHT


This was a demo for CORPORATIONS

Lest you forget, this presentation is for the WORK computer where your employer doesn't want you spending too much time tinkering with your desktop and, stock tickers, fantasy sports leagues, and Facebook/LinkedIn, Pandora, XBox etc.

They want you able to quickly, safely and productively etc. So this arguing over "tiles" and "icons" etc is really a moot point.

The desktop needs to be manageable, reliable and functional.... That is why there should at least be a 'PRO" version and a "HOME" version especially if they want Business to replace their Billion plus desktops world wide with any new Windows product.

Apple's Cook: We have never allowed g-men access to Apple servers


Microsoft is actually considered under "Contempt of Court" for not releasing data in an Ireland data center to the US Government since they claim non of the data is from the US, and releasing the data is then a violation of European Union Laws....So they are standing up to the US Legal system in a different fashion that just claiming the servers blocking Government actions.


Glorious Leader

Who needs access to the servers when "they" can listen to the data streams to and from the servers to begin with?

Windows 7 settles as Windows XP use finally starts to slip … a bit



Most business systems can be purchased with Win 8.1 licenses but have Win7 installed as a "downgrade". Of course there is no Win 7 ID Number on the device so you have to have a Volume License Win 7 key if you have to reimage the system (WIN 8 Key is held on board).

There are still several industries (Health Care) that weren't/aren't even certified on Win 7 let alone Win 8 so hence the delay in shifts. Either waiting for the Win 8 Certification move or buying the Win8/Win7 Licensed products as needed in the mean time.

Hey FCC, Comcast-TWC merger is bad news for Netflix, says Netflix


Outside of large cities in the United States, the consumer doesn't have ANY choices when it comes to broadband providers anyway. You either have the Cable TV Provider (if one exists) OR (rarely is there an "and" to this option) the Telco both of which have "regulated utilities" designations which is little different than having a Monopoly to hire as a provider.

Oh sure, there is a "committee" of elected or appointed people to "regulate" the Utility but very seldom do they take the "customers" into consideration for rates and services thus bowing to the "needs" of the Utility first and foremost.

Windows 8 market share stalls, XP at record low


Re: Just built 2 PCs

The reason there are more tools on the "free" OS is because they haven't been run through the Anti Trust wringer by including all those tools "for free" in the Operating System.


1% of a Billion is still pretty big

While percent market shares may be dropping, there aren't too many companies that would be complaining about selling software to 1% of a 1 Billion systems market per month.

NASDAQ IT security spend: $1bn. Finding mystery malware on its servers: Priceless


Re: Business Opportunity?

The article did say the malware was much like that used for spying and stuff! Not all malware is about stealing electronic money, but finding out information, which at certain times is more powerful than money.

EFF sues NSA over snoops 'hoarding' zero-day security bugs


Re: Im all for bashing the NSA

Not any different the CDC cultivating, creating and keeping dangerous virus and bacterial cultures just in case we ever need to develop an antidote.

Microsoft's anti-malware crusade knackers '4 MILLION' No-IP users


Iraq Civil War--Using No-IP DDNS to spread malware

Just take a look at a story where the use of DDNS and No-IP is being used specifically for "bad" http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/07/01/iraq_civil_war_malware/


Your "Superhighway" is owned/operated by a Government so this analogy falls a little flat.

In the United States, this is a little bit like "Eminent Domain" where Commercial Interests can now "take" private property, with the Court's permission. Formally, only Governments could use Eminent Domain to take property for the public good (after proving that the low ball price they are offering is "market value" of course).

Did Google order staff to 'steal' web ad cash from publishers? THE TRUTH


Maybe this is Google's Snowden?

We didn't have "proof" of all the NSA spying and the content "they" found until Snowden started posting his data over time. Snowden strung it out over a very long time as well. Only time will tell if this is a scam, and localized individual action or a Corporate policy finally revealed.

Security guru: You can't blame EDWARD SNOWDEN for making US clouds LOOK leaky


Re: Well said that man.

Nokia is owned by Microsoft, so that doesn't help!

The story also mentioned how many of these "rivals" end up under one of the US Firms anyway.

Apple has THREE TIMES as much cash as US govt, TWICE the UK


What Cash?

Just bunches of 1's and 0's, no actual real paper, it can disappear just like your Bit Coin :)

AT&T and Netflix get into very public spat over net neutrality



I don't get it, Netflix pays for their advertised bandwidth and technology connections from their data centers (via Amazon et al) and consumers pay for their advertised bandwidth (to Comcast-Verizon-Time Warner et al) at the end of the pipe.

So if the ISP's don't have big enough pipes, doesn't that mean they have oversold their own capacity to both ends?

Protect data by deleting it: Ground Labs


How Secure is Ground Labs?

Who will be monitoring the Vendor to make sure "they" don't use their own product, or allow their product to be hacked and then become the Attack Vector for privacy data breaches?

Apple Safari, Mail and more hit by SSL spying bug on OS X, fix 'soon'


Turn of Events

What was funny to watch was the response by the Doctors and others with Apple tech (at my Hospital). You would have thought the world was going to end and that their toys were going to steal all their credit cards and online banking.

Hard to explain a "man in the middle" attack to people who felt they were "invulnerable" to anything like this.

Just try to show an Apple fanboi that there are updates like these nearly every month for something on iOS or OS-X (or at least for the applications running on top of those devices) and you would think the Doctor was trying to cause me a stroke with his mind.

Welcome to tech reality.

'No representation without taxation!' urges venerable tech VC



How about you can't become a citizen unless you have served the "Republic" in some fashion (Military, Medical Corps, Diplomatic Corps etc) and you can't get a license to have Children until AFTER your service is complete!

How many of you are old enough to "remember" who Authored this concept?

Of course you can still "live" if you have your own resources without Citizenship, you just don't get any say of Government's management.

Rotten to the core: Apple’s 10 greatest FAILS


Product Miss

They forgot that OS X Patch that physically broke Fire Wire drives, until a much later Firmware update for those same "broken" drives was made to prevent this failure...10.2.7..BTW the Firmware update didn't "revive" the broken drives, it only prevented existing drives not yet killed from failing.

El Reg BuzzFelch: 10 Electrical Connectors You CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT!



Mumbai looks like the server room I inherited!

Icahn slurps another $500m in Apple shares, demands buyback AGAIN


Financial Sense?

If they can borrow $50 Billion at 2%, while still earning 3% on their existing cash investments it still ends up increasing their value! Otherwise they will have to pay almost $30% (or higher) to bring the money back "on shore" to the United States. Can't blame Apple for not wanting to bring money back to the US only to have the NSA, I mean the Government pocket a good portion of the change!

Techies CAN sue Google, Apple, Intel et al accused of wage-strangling pact


Lawyer Money

At least Tech Lawyers will have some nicer paysday.

Dell staffers react to news of 1-in-3 axe dangling overhead



It doesn't help when I get a "new" Dell Sales Representative every month. When I do need to ask a question or speak to an Engineer for some recommendations, I have to wade through about 15 Different contacts to find the "current" guy because none of the "old" guys still are available to even redirect my call elsewhere.

So then I end up at a reseller like CDW (who only gives me a new guy every three months) to direct me to a Specialist (Microsoft, Virtualization, Storage, Networking, Desktop, Mobile etc etc etc) who doesn't do Dell.

If I can't spec it out at Dell online, I don't buy Dell.

What is thy bidding? Han Solo’s shooter goes under the hammer


Airport Security

Will TSA still confiscate this replica on my way home?

Windows 7 outstrips Windows 8.x with small November growth


Windows 7 Not by Choice

Microsoft may have a deadline to rid the world of Windows XP by April, but those of us in the US Medical Fields have some more stringent requirements to meet if we still want to get paid for the care we provide.

Affordable Care Act, Meaningful Use Stage 2, HIPPA Ombudsman Rules, ICD10 Deployments all have hard deadlines in 2014. All of which impacts the amount of money we are reimbursed by Medicare/Medicaid for our provided care (80% of our revenue stream).

There are still several Medical Software vendors that are still stuck on Internet Explorer 7/8, Java 1.6, Windows 2000 etc.

We're lucky we can even try Windows 7, let alone Windows 8.x.

Star Wars VII set for Xmas release. Ho, ho, ho... not THIS Christmas


Re: " ITS A TRAP !!!!!"

Could Admiral Ackbar die from Salmonella Poisoning?


Re: make it look more grainy and "real"

Wasn't that movie called "District 9" ?

Snowden: Hey fellow NSA worker, mind if I copy your PASSWORD?


What a maroon!

How many maroons does it take to run the NSA?

KRAKOOM! iPad Air explose in fireball, terrified fanbois flee Apple store


Acme Products?

Was the charger and battery made by ACME?

Air Bender---Check

Fire Bender--Check

Water Bender--?

Earth Bender--?

New iPad is on it's way to becoming an Avatar to save us from our evils!

Why Bletchley Park could never happen today


Re: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

But how many US Companies are actually outsourced laboratories based around the Globe? That means local employment and local "spies" available to plant all sorts or code or devices into these products FOR ALL to see and use.

WHY didn't Microsoft buy RIM? Us business blokes would have queued for THAT phone



Just remember, Microsoft would have ASSIMILATED RIM, not joined with or partnered with but ASSIMILATED! RIM didn't want Windows 8 (or any other later version), and Microsoft didn't want to try and "adapt" to RIM.

Sometime these comments about who should buy who, what team should have what coach etc is pure "craP", because the players have to be WILLING to work together, not everyone jumps for the fortune if they don't get to play the boss of their own destiny.

Apple blings up new iMac with latest Intel chips, next-gen Wi-Fi


New Option

I just wish I could buy the OS and install it on the hardware selection I want instead of the "canned" hardware (as nice as it is). I prefer to do my cooking :)

Reports: NSA has compromised most internet encryption


Of course they would tell us they have us all "cracked", but they still can't find Waldo!

Paypal makes man 1000x as rich as the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE


Re: Are you telling me...

Apple Music (made famous by a little group named the Beatles) actually spawned in the UK well before Apple Computer. They even BEAT Stevie in court over the name and "settled" as long as Apple Computer never became a music company. Another reason why it took so long to get Beatles Music on iTunes!

Oh please, PLEASE bring back Xbox One's hated DRM - say Xbox loyalists


I will worry about this when X-Box One has a game I want to play in the first place! Right now, I don't need another $500 device plugged into my house!

Apple TV 'close' to deal with Time Warner - report


Microsoft and Apple TV?

Didn't X-Box One just sign up for all of Time Warner's stuff to stream as well?

Apple dodged all UK corporation tax in 2012


Government's Job

The Government wrote the laws and rules for these taxation regulations. Many of these International Corporations have the tax rules originally written in the various treaties between each of these Nations. So if the UK Government doesn't like the tax payments by International Corporations, they only need to change those laws themselves!

The media needs to stop making this look like a Corporate "DODGE JOB", and make it a Government FAILURE TO MANAGE job.

Apple said to dump Samsung as chip-baking partner – again


20% Price Increase?

Samsung had to raise the money to pay the $2 Billion court judgement against them somehow, why not from the Company that sued them to begin with?

Nuke plants to rely on PDP-11 code UNTIL 2050!


Safer Systems?

If only the old people know how to program in this system, then maybe these new script kiddies will never be able to crash such a system.

Stand aside, Wi-Fi - these boffins are doing 40Gbps over the air


Re: Where's the advantage over free space optics?

Don't forget the movement of the 500 foot tall building in a stiff wind.

Feds stamp on cash pipeline to Mt Gox, Bitcoin's Wall Street


Re: Betting against the MAN

Ever since Nixon took the US off the Gold Standard (followed or preceded by everyone else) our "money" is all fakery anyway. I could see the United States at some near future just declaring ALL DEBTS ARE erased.

Who is Samsung trying to kid? There will NEVER be a 5G network



Where is the next Bieber/Ozzy commercial?

Apple asked me for my BANK statements, says outraged reader


Re: Another info/access grab lurks in your Paypa account

Which Government would you like to step in? Their practices cover many International boundaries and jurisdictions.

'Hotmail, since you changed to Outlook, you've been a massive pr**k'


Rule of Thumb

First off, I have an "older" email address (user@netscape.net) that still works (even though I have to use AOL.COM to use the web version).

In the consumer or service industry a single individual will tell 11 random people about a bad experience, but will only tell 1-2 random people about a happy experience.

If Microsoft even had 1 % of their user base complaining, we should be seeing MILLIONS of posts all over the websphere (Facebook, Twitter, Newsgroups, Forums) with these complaints. That simply isn't what is happening.

Just because a vocal minority is raving about the collapse of society ( no more Hotmail accounts), doesn't make the new service/product a failure. It just means there is a raving minority with nothing else to do.

'You can keep it' - Brit's nicked laptop turns up on Iranians' sofa


Reasonable, Compassionate People

It looks more like a story of some reasonable and compassionate people on both sides of this story. Interesting to see the path of a stolen laptop, and also interesting that he may have made some personal relationships across International boarders! Maybe some more reasonable people like this and our "conflicts" could lighten up.

Lego space shuttle hits 114,000ft


Re: To bold Lego...

It wasn't until Patrick Stewart started the Next Generation with the same intro (in proper English), that I finally understood what "Bold Lego" actually meant!

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a massive package

Paris Hilton

Market Tank?

What happens to the value if the stock tanks in 5 years? Does he get to write all that off at a loss?

Paris loves a big package

Biden: The internet ain't broke, let's not fix it


More Laws?

We don't need ANY stinking new laws for or about the Internet!

Government(s) have never been able to make things easier and more open. Regardless of the name of the legislation.

Earth escapes obliteration by comet


Energy Transfer

Force doesn't equal the amount of energy to be dissapated by the comet striking the earth, so the equation of F=MA is irrelevant. The equation to use is E=MC (squared).

You have to calculate the total energy to be converted from on form to another (Kinetic energy of the comet to heat). Then if you spread that energy across many smaller pieces you now have a much larger surface area for friction to act on the bodies spread out over larger area of the planet, so then the "power density" or amount of energy per cubic meter is now decreased as well.

Meaning lesser impact over the wider area of the event.


Energy divided by cubic meter is Power Density

Energy is Mass times speed of light squared.

Break up the mass into a larger space (bits spread apart by the breakup) you then have a lower power density.

Yes the same amount of energy is converted (can't create or destroy energy but only convert it in form) but is spread out over larger area.