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Microsoft's Teams clocks 2.7 billion minutes of meetings in a single day as April starts to run out for Windows 10 2004


F'n change for the sake of it.

Microsoft is great at re-naming things within O365. Just like the change from the subscription from F1 to F3.

No I have no idea why either.

Microsoft sees sense, will give Office 365 admins veto rights on self-service Power tools


correct and MS has a habit of doing that in Office, turning a function back on you had switched off.

Infrastructure wonks: Tear up Britain's copper phone networks by 2025


The problem is that 7bn aid money is borrowed money.

It's no money laying around.

Black Monday: Office 365 down and out in Europe


Re: A message to all who thought Office 365 was a good idea

"Your local sys admin would have just as much down time running Exchange on prem as any cloud service"

Nope sorry not true. I had our on prem exchange running for the last 4 years (E2010 migration to E2013) since we split as a company and I had only one outage in that time.

And that was down to the data centre done looking at backups if they worked of not. I know keep an eye on it myself and kick them when it does not run.

Having said that I have probably Jinx it now :)

No £160m for you: BT to receive termination notice from Cornwall before Christmas



"In the meantime, BT Cornwall will continue to provide high quality services for the residents of Cornwall that are meeting all key performance targets and bringing operational savings."

well better late then never.

Windows tablet price war FINALLY has 'em prying open wallets


Re: Linx 10...

yep and add the case with keyboard on to it, and it happily replaces my laptop for travel to meetings.

Ok it's not powerful, but it does everything i need for a day job, for tech support and as I mainly do remote terminals these days it works great.

European Commission decides it won't have a science advisor after Greenpeace pressure


can we not have a commission then if enough parties don't agree with it?

BlackBerry chief vows: We'll focus on 'core devices' and on, er, not losing money


Re: What's the need they're trying to fill?

actually security is what BB does best. It's designed from the hardware up for that purpose, and so far the other players in the mobile market are trying to play catch up with what BB have been doing for years.

Plus the handset is only part of the picture. The other part was and still is the Blackberry Enterprise Server, that was in effect the Mobile Date Management system that was and is still far more ahead of it's time. This provided companies/ governments with a way of managing the devices with the ability to provide secure mobile access to data and applications on the enterprise to the phone.

products like AirWatch, Mobile-Iron, inTune are in effect trying to replicate that process and management on to non Blackberry devices with various degrees of success and failure.

Blackberry with the introduction of the BB10 device also virtually separated corporate data with personal data on the phone.

Something again that the other manufactures are trying to catch-up on (Samsung Knox?) .

So yes while not the 'consumer' leaders any more, they still have a part to play within the enterprise market, though because there not seen as being 'trendy' are really ignored at the loss of a already tried and tested system.

UK superfast broadband? Not in my backyard – MP


The problem with the number of 78% on 2 meg or higher is a 'average'.

with the level of speed being either completely useless at at less then 1meg to having super fast at over 100 Meg it's no wonder you come up with a average that is not really showing the real picture.

The problem is also 2meg is no were 'fast broadband' these days, and there is to much pressure on the 'download' speed, when with all these pushes to 'cloud' you now need a decant upload speed to.

BlackBerry opens devices to third-party management – including its new, sub-$200 Z3


For enterprise

The blackberry device is the best on the market, in terms of email, corporate access and security functions, and are light years ahead of the market.

The other MDM type solutions, (airwatch,intune,mobileiron) are in fact trying to place the same functions on to handset's that RIM did years ago.

Microsoft fattens Exchange Online mailboxes to 50GB


great..more crap

I been a mail admins for over 13 years, and you know what I have found over that time? Give a user a bigger mailbox and they just store tons of crap, never delete, never manage there mailboxes.

and the best part they go on holiday, come back and moan that they are missing emails between such and such a date because there mailbox was full.

more space just means they never manage the mailbox at all.

UK gov's smart meter dream unplugged: A 'colossal waste of cash'



"The system is designed to be secure end to end, with data encryption and no identification of customers in what is sent."

So how do they know if your using to much electricity to inform you, and how d they do a remote cut off then?

of course they have details of you..

So, who ought to be the next Doctor Who? It's up to YOU...


Re: So many choices

yea but that is only around 8 episodes.. and also made in Wales :)

Aruba battles BlackBerry to protect biz from staffers' nasty iPhone apps

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BOYD more like MDM

Trouble with all these comapanies jumping on the BOYD band wagon is that there not, there really only the Mobile Data Managment (MDM) and seem to be stuck in the view that BYOD is just a phone/mobile/tablet device. It's not it also covers laptops and own users PC/MAC. Non company owned equipment really..

not the same thing at all.

Greedy Sky admits: We crippled broadband with TOO MANY users


it really depends were you live...

when i moved house, i had to go with BT as there was not phone line. Bradband was quoted at 5 to 6mg in reality I was lucky to get 1.5 on a good day.Terrible service(regular drop offs), and high cost ( i moved from a virgin100mb location so more painful really). soon as contract expired figured if my broadband connection is going to eb crap why pay a lot for it, so switched sky. Never looked back. lower cost, reliable service, (no disconnects) and a line spped of average 3mb so it really courses for hourses.

EU asks why credit cards are so expensive


It’s much more fun than that. I had a company issued visa card for business expenses, and while you can quite happy use it to purchase ticket at Schiphol , try doing the same thing on a return journey. you can't as you find all the station outside of Amsterdam don't take visa, cash or their own pre-pay only. Crazy, why only allow it at one station?

Murdoch blames other NI execs for phone-hacking scandal


i am sure

I am sure he knows just as much of what people are doing in the company, as say a minster knows what every civil servant is doing there ministry….

Yea thought not….

BT hires another battalion of troops to speed fibre rollout


i won't hold my breath

after moving and paying BT an eye watering £46 a month for 18 months (I needed a new phone number only BT could provide it so had no choice) for a line and internet connection that kept dropping off, and lived up to at best 1.5mb on a good day, i moved to sky were i am only paying £13 a month, not expecting a any better connection but saving me money. But you know what, under sky I get now near 4mb (the speed BT said i could get with my distance) and the connection has never dropped even through the thunder storm.

just goes to prove its not always the old over ehad wiring that is the problem.. it's BT itself.

Gartner: Apple rivals can't touch iPad


it's not all about apps

I am sorry but it's not all about apps. I have a IPad, and I like to use it for browsing the web, and only have a few apps. And I can say that the web browsing on the IPad is painful at best, lousy formatting and frequent hits on not being able to view content because of no flash, etc. . I just want the it to work. (and don’t get me started on having to connect to ITunes before I can use it)

Now I got a shiny new EeePad, and compared to the IPad it's a joy to use. No plugging it in to something to get approval to start using it, nice easy interface, the apps are easy to get, and most all the web browsing is a joy. It just works, which is what I want

Rapture postponed as world inexplicably fails to end


it woudl have been funny..

If had 'popped' off at the appointed time, and his followers were left behind. :)

and how do you comfert the faithful followers you can't say

'Nevermind, it be allright, after all its not the end of the world you kno... oh'

Microsoft fails to turn punters on to WinPho 7



I actually like the win 7phone, I find it a lot easier to use then the android i had. And I can believe that 6.5, is still selling coming from a bussiness angel MS dropped the ball with the EAS client on the phone, were it does not implement all the features required for a lot of company users (encryption ). But then that's the same with apple, android etc to leaving win 6.5 stll required by business, or they have to use a blackberry .

Ofcom demands ISPs close 'upto' gap

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BT sure wont like this..

I used to be on Virgin Cable when I lived in Northampton and for 10 years, had a great service, and top speed. I have since moved to Spalding and had to go with BT, as they were the only ones that could provide me with a new number, so had to sign up to their broadband. The advertised speed, at time of signing to the “up to 20mb” service on their web site was between 5mb and 6mb. In reality it turned out to be around 512K, and only after I changed the master socket and put in an iplate am I able to get nearer to 2MB. No wonder BT are running scared off this proposal. The worst part it’s costing me as much for this service, as I was paying for 50MB on Virgin.

HTC 7 Trophy smartphone


not bad a phone

I had one of these for a while, and am impressed. I know as a rule you’re not supposed to like MS phones, and it had tough competition as I was trying it after using the HTC Desire. So what’s so good about it, the battery life is pretty good, the default interface is good. You can connect and pick up your mail easily, on multi accounts (even exchange). Market place is ok, with not as many apps as Apple, but to be honest 95% or greater on there you would probably never use or want. So what is there is ok. Good links if you use Xbox live.

Which then moves to the bad points, for a business tool it’s a backward step (I was reviewing it for work). The phone is aimed at the consumer market, but is also trying to appeal to the business market, with a strange mix of tools provided. It has office, has good links in to SharePoint 2010, which is what every business needs running MS platform. But then fail on the mails side, with the removal or no support for most of the Active Sync abilities that were available in 6.5, with exchange mobile polices. Or to put it another way if you enforce the ‘do no permit provisional devices’ on your policy (you may for example enforce device encryption) then the phone will not connect to exchange, because it cannot apply the policy, or most policy options.

With one move MS are moving to the consumer market, and cutting off their current market at the same time, strange.

Germany bans BlackBerrys and iPhones on snooping fears


Anonymous Coward so true


'you can't see what we are doing, but we are permitted to look at everything you do'

UK.gov pledges licence fee 'rethink' over heavy catch-up use


It's not Free...

We have already paid for it though the licence fee, what does it matter how its' watched.

Dell blames staff for malware infection


blames Humans?

Thank god for that, is it me only who would be worried if it was the robots who placed it there? :)

BT trumpets subsidies for village broadband


just because

your exchange has bene upgraded, it does not mean that you will get better speeds on your internet conenction to your house. That's my experence anyway, our was upgraded and i am still lucky to reach 2mb on a good day.

Europe clears Windows 7 for takeoff



will apple be publishing other browsers on there OS too? its only fair