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Android users: More of them than fanbois, but they don't use the web

Nick 22

Apps vs Browser?

I would suggest that a large amount of content consumption and shopping now happens via apps, rather than the native browser on either iOS or Android.

We may see more equality in data volume from apps across the two platforms.

Roundabouts and swings at Everything Everywhere

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"average revenue per user (ARPU) is up slightly, to £19.70 a month, but it's hard to see why"

The reason is the 100,000 net contract adds, compared to the 1m net prepayed lost. This means that higher-ARPU contract customers represent a larger proportion of the overall base, which is why overall ARPU has nudged higher.

Multi-network iPhone SIM rumours at Apple

Nick 22

It's don't think it's about bypassing the carriers

This is going to be a software configurable SIM, the provisioning of which would have to involve two parties – Apple and the carrier. There’s no way to provision a SIM onto a network without that service provider being involved in the transaction.

I see three advantages to Apple in this approach, none of which are to do with bypassing the carrier;

1) Supply chain/channel

A single skew can ship globally. At present Apple has to ship hardware with subsidy locks in place into each channel. This is hugely expensive, and challenging for the channel whenever Apple releases a new model. This could also enable Apple to retail subsidised phones and iPads through Apple Stores.

2) Hardware

A hardware SIM embedded on the motherboard will be cheaper to manufacture, and take up less space. It also removes one more aperture from the outside of the case, which is clearly in line with Apple’s design philosophy.

3) Removing a reason to Jailbreak

Apple gets ongoing revenue from carrier. Thats why the iPhone price plans are different to those offered for other devices.

The primary reason for jailbreaking is to take the hardware to another network. An embedded SIM stops this dead. More phones stay on the carrier and plan that Apple wants, and there’s very little reason for the average user to attempt to Jailbreak. In fact the only reason left now is to install apps that you can’t get through the iTunes app store. This will be marginal.

IMHO this does little to threaten the carrier beyond what Apple already achieves through ownership of the Application and content ecosystem.


Silicon Valley hypegasm for miracle shoebox powerplants

Nick 22

What about grid loss?

While I agree we shouldn't be pinning our hopes on more fossil fueled tech, surely one benefit of CHP and maybe this shoebox thingy is that generation happens at the point of consumption, so avoids some of the transmittion loss associated with moving electricity around the country?

My understanding was that the national electricity grid is less than 40% efficient.

Magic Mice cast energy-sapping spell

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Rechargeable batteries don't work

Neither my 2 AA Apple Keyboard, or my Apple Bluetooth mouse will come to life with rechargeable batteries, I guess they just don't like the 1.2v supplied.

It's good old fashioned, full fat, Duracells all the way to the landfill.

Good work Apple.

Amazon tosses gelded Kindle at UK readers

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Connectivity through global roaming?

Judging by this being a US distribution, my hunch is that wireless connectivity will be provided through global roaming, and not with a locally arranged contract with a UK operator. I'm sure the roaming data cost can be absorbed into the healthy margin on an eBook. This would explain why Blogs are not available.