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RIM's cartoon superheroes inspire caustic Tweet-storm


Excrable. The mind boggles at how shite like this ever gets released 'in to the wild'....reminds of an internal 'advertising' campaign run by C&W that 'aligned' certain business behaviours with some graphics artists brain fart of an 'alien' character that was supposed to 'inspire & energtise' the worker bees to 'change the culture'. It weathered a mercifully short period of derision before being humanely shot. Hopefully RIM will do the same...

Outside-the-box thinking literally can't be done inside a box, say profs


Just a question really..

"The psychologists also tested other "metaphors of creative thinking" found in everyday use"


Although I cant shift the unedifying thought that if they tested some of the metaphors used around here everyday some poor sap had a delightful time cleaning a fan...

Nude lady recreates Star Wars tauntaun scene in dead horse


@ Manu-T

....said a spokesman for 'Socialist Worker'.

Seriously though there are enough colomn inches and bandwidth dedicated elsewhere to the latest 'oh fuck' moment in the world economy that we dont need to concern ourselves over the odd frivilous -if utterly rank- headline grabbing some attention.

As to the article 'WTF...??' really does sum it up.

Zimbabwean claims prostitute turned into donkey


Eehore anyone?

Mines the one with with the Winnie the Ho in the pocket...

Wanted: 1 solution architect to fist bankers' asses


New world order?

I, for one, welcome our banker ass fisting overlords etc etc..

Or perhaps I should just reach for my coat.

Malawi poised to outlaw farting


Christ on a bike..

Effectively corking peoples arseparts? Have these rectards not witnessed the god awful mess a seagull makes after its been fed bicarbonate soda?

And for those readers of an RSPB persuation I should note that I havent either...

Man demands police protection from sex-mad missus


The sentence has been passed

You are condemned to Death by Snu Snu! Lucky bastard..

'Suck on this' because suggesting that would have doubtless cooled her ardor wouldn't it gents?

Middlesbrough cabbie relieves lad of iPhone


A fine example..

of a misguided yoof standing on his dick. Or a dubious fantasy to explain the loss of of his phone. I cant decide.

Only requires the revelation that is in fact a test mule for the Jesus phone 5.0 and subsequent appearance on gizmodo to make the tale complete..

Aussies demand Poms cough up first 'Australia' map

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Ta muchly El Reg..

..for linking to a decent resolution copy of the map. Now does anybody have a log in for an Aussie FleaBay account I could borrow for a while...?

Man killed by own cock


The scores on the doors..

Darwin 1 Tooled-up onanism 0

Carry on...

Japanese bloke gets arsey over artificial rectum



..for a new arsehole? That seems a little excessive in view of the fact there any number of a'holes in my immediate vicinty whom I would have happily donated for free.

Welsh yobs clobbered by cross-dressing cage fighters

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Warms the cockles of the heart..

There's nowt as rewarding as watching some 'pond scum' get the clattering it so richly deserves.

@ CArl 4: If you keep clenching it that tight your gonna get piles. You have been warned....