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The Big Data revolution: Big Bang or loud noise?

Tony Lock

A link to the demographics of survey respondents can be found here:


Tony Lock, Freeform Dynamics

Dragonriders of Pern author Anne McCaffrey dies

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The Crystal Singer books along with the Ship Who Sang are great books. I shall have to go back and reread them. Again.

UK could have flooded world with iPods - Sir Humphrey

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Big Brother

Yes Minister Revisited

The Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister series covered the non-elected government quite accurately back in the eighties and nothing has changed since.

Desktop Management – Where are you now?

Tony Lock

Anarchy follows choice

There is no doubt that anarchy nearly always follows allowing users to purchase or acquire their own systems. There is almost no way to define selection criteria capable of stopping device escalation short of specifying a small number of precise machine models. If any generic criteria are published then users have the knack of managing to side step them. Remember the phrase, "Nothing is fool proof as fools are so ingeneous".