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Citrix delivers Swiss Army Knife desktop virtualization


web apps....eh?

....people have been floating the idea that web apps will kill the adoption of Citrix technology (and MS terminal services) for years now. So, why is it that web apps have not taken off as some might predict?

I'm sure there are many reasons, but as I write I can think of two - cost and usability. First, coverting a desktop app to its web app equivalent can have a development cost higher then purchasing Citrix technology. I'm sure that Citrix know this, and so set their pricing accordingly. Second, desktop apps are often 'feature rich' when compared to their web app equivalent - as a simple example, would you prefer to use Outlook 2003/2007 or Outlook Web Access on a regular basis?

The fact remains that there are currently 100 million Citrix users worlwide and growing, so the adoption of web apps over citrix technology is well and truly not happening anytime soon.

Barclaycard drops offline


what a surprise....NOT!

...this is exactly what happens when your systems are run by the lowest bidder!! I'm sure some VP in head office has calculated that customers might moan, but heh, they'll stay put.....

....not me! I moved my busines elsewhere the last time this happened. Never looked back either!


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