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New Zealand cops cuff alleged jackasses who shared mosque murder video, messages online

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Arrested for sharing a video of **people being murdered**.

I'm cool with arresting sick fucks like that

New Zealand joins the Space Race

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Re: Splash down target - Canberra

> what would the Godzone reaction be to a "Ballistic Beehive Buster"?

Give us advance warning so we can be sure parliament is in session at the time

It gets worse: Microsoft’s Spectre-fixer wrecks some AMD PCs

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Just Spectre-acular

Maybe the spectre of testing caused them to have a meltdown

Ten... fantasy gadgets you wish you owned

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Paris Hilton


Admit it, *every* one of these techs will be used primarily for pron or at the very least some related form of sexual activity.

New top-secret stealth choppers used on bin Laden raid

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... and a bit less Gung ho

Remember, these are Americans you're talking about

Google Linux servers hit with $5m patent infringement verdict

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The Human Race is Doomed

That is all.


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Knots per hour

since a knot is one nautical mile per hour, then a knot per hour is: one nautical mile per hour per hour - which would be a measure of acceleration.

Quite sluggish really - kinda like me without coffee

Forget SETI, this is how you find aliens: Hefty prof speaks

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Paris Hilton

Intelligent life

I have yet to see any evidence of intelligence having arisen on Earth yet, let alone elsewhere

PHPers prefer Windows desktop to Linux

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Corporate IT Policy

A lot of people who would gladly use Linux at work aren't allowed to.

Hacker cuffed for Moscow big screen entertainment

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Paris Hilton

heart attack

I heard elsewhere that some guy watching it had a heart attack. Am I a bad person for finding that funny?

A couple of notes:

1. next time he should hold a online auction for the right to choose which action gets played.

2. what would it take to have this done all over Canberra?

MS update gives some XP boxes the Blue Screen

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*cough* Linux *cough*

that is all

Activists unleash Operation Titstorm on Aussie.gov

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@JassMan ...

your post is offensive to smart chimps!

Is it art or is it pr0n? Australia decides it's ALL filth

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Am I the only one ....

that read NSW as NSFW ?

Star Trek to boldly go (again)

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Ok, have the Shat then ...

but as Denny Crane, not Jim Kirk. Maybe he could turn the Borg's brains inside out with some legal crap.

Porn app targets your Android

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"We innovate. You Masturbate."

Truth in advertising!

// Flammable because, welllll .....

The best mad scientist memoir of the year

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Nuclear Lotto

I remember way back when I was a young man (the nineties) there was a fuss down here in little old NZ about a US missle test that could hit us. A comedy show called it Nuclear Lotto - the game where you wake up in the middle of the night and exclaim "what the f**k was that?!?"

DDoS attack rains down on Amazon cloud

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Big Brother

DDOS is nothing compared to official incompetence



in short: the FBI was investigating someone. Went to their (cloud) host and took the entire data centre down. Several other companies who just happened to be using the same host went out of business.

The moral: many baskets. Not just different data centres, use different companies (and have copies somewhere you can physically get to them). In fact if you can, host your systems on different planets.

Helpdesk Heroes or unappreciated geeks?

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'nuff said

grenade for the classic complaints department picture