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Ten years of .NET - Did Microsoft deliver?


Blew the Easy Bet

All Microsoft had to do to guarantee unqualified success of .NET was to insure that Classic VB code ran in the new environment. (If it produced identical results, unlike some of the very few portable snippets today, that would of course have been a bonus.) Instead, they cast off the largest developer community the world has ever known, because the C-freaks who produced it purportedly were unable to grok that Integers were 16-bit and Longs were 32-bit. True story, from the guy who patented iSnot.


Just Turn Off Bounds Checking

The 30th of February is either the 1st or 2nd of March for folks flexible enough to go with the flow. Just as the 0th of any month is the last of the month preceding. Sheesh...

Google lobs coder's Microsoft badge into rubbish bin


Something no one else has mentioned...

Microsoft doesn't allow their employees to be MVPs, either! Fwiw...