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Ballmer begs partners to love Microsoft clouds


How Stupid Do They Think People Are?

Even people who know next to nothing about computers have friends and family who advise them on what is the best course of action.

This is not the 1990s anymore when most people just believe all of the talking points of whatever slippery salesmen like Steve Ballmer tell them.

I think that Microsoft really stepped in it this time, that's my prediction.

They expect people and businesses world wide to hand over all of their confidential data so that spy and government agencies can sift through everything they have.

Yeah, it's the law so they have to comply.

Of course if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about, right? That is what they tell you,isn't it?

In addition to that who is going to develop anything for the "Cloud" when people will probably have to purchase it from a Microsoft on line store.

How are they going to get paid? Is Microsoft going to do it?

Here is an idea, go to any on line game and write an app for it and see if you can get it installed and get someone to pay you for it.

That is what the "Cloud" is like.

So where is the incentive to develop anything?

Well some files are kept on the local machine right? But they have to pass scrutiny so that they are signed off on as "safe" or "trusted".

You will probably have to buy everything from a Microsoft on line store.

That applies to drivers for hardware too.

I am just waiting to see how many developers sign up for that.

Some will of course but I am betting that most won't.

That is the wall that Microsoft is up against now.

Developers are likely to just go and develop for something else.

Umbrella-wielding Steve Ballmer gets cloudy with Office 365

Big Brother

Poorly thought out I am afraid

Microsoft still thinks that people are as stupid and uninformed about computers as they were back in the 1980s.

They think that people haven't learned anything and that they can get away with putting out dubious information and everyone will just believe whatever they tell them.

Well it doesn't work like that anymore.

Remember, most of these Business Managers (spin doctors) are from Ivy League business schools like Harvard where they are taught old world business management (Robber Baron) techniques and also taught that people are stupid and uninformed and easily manipulated into believing anything they want to convince them of.

Well times have changed and it doesn't work like that anymore either.

Trust me, an informed public who challenges them with real information, real numbers, real technical questions and wants answers drives them crazy. They just don't know how to respond to the questions with more lies and make it believable.

I was watching a program on France 24 and a very knowledgeable contributor on there was talking about the so called "Cloud" which is nothing more than a bunch of private corporate servers and was saying that Cloud computing was just about the worst place to conduct any kind of business or do anything if you value any privacy at all.

He was telling about "master keys" which by law every spy agency has.

Yes the law in England and the law in the United States as well as every other paranoid Country mandates unrestricted access to all of your information in the "Cloud".

Neither Microsoft nor Google nor anyone else has any control over it or can grantee your information is secure because they have to comply with the law of whatever Country the servers are in or are networked to.

Well if the "good guys" have "Master Keys" then you can bet that the "bad guys" will have them too.

I would like to hear Steve Ballmer try to spin that.

I am sure people will figure it out eventually and when they do I don't think they are going to be very happy about it.

Linux and Open Office Anyone?


Microsoft's anti–Google Docs weapon locked and loaded


This Is An Instant Fail

Microsoft or the current management of Microsoft count on the old world idea of people having short memories.

I know that everyone seems excited about the "Cloud" now or at lease it is being promoted that way but I was watching France 24 the other day as I always do because it is my favorite News Channel.

And a IT contributor on there was talking about the so called "Cloud".

He was saying that as soon as businesses and Governments discover how inherently insecure Cloud computing is they will abandon it immediately.

He said that if you have anything that is secret or of any value the Cloud is not the place for it.

Yes, Google and Microsoft both have their hands in it and both companies Spy on users.

Everyone does too, they have to even if they don't want to because the law is written that way.

Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and every other Spy agency has access to it.

MI5, MI6, the Mossad and everyone else. it's the law. Everyone has to comply even if they don't want to. They have to comply or they would be banned by any paranoid country that feels it's necessary to have complete control over every aspect of everyone's life.

You can bet that if some have master keys to it which they do then it can and will be compromised by others as well.

The American Government is incredibly paranoid and so is the British, China, Russia, Iran, Japan, North Korea, Cuba, Israel, just to name a few.

If you want any kind of privacy in your daily computing then stay away from the Cloud, That is what the IT expert on France 24 was talking about.

Personally I could care less about Google Docs or MS Exchange because I have no intention of using anything like that for my own personal use.

I will never buy into anything that involves the Cloud not because I am a bad person or anything like that, it's because I don't need it or want it.

Is Skype Microsoft's PowerPoint part deux?


Skype is all Linux based

I wonder why in the hell Microsoft would buy something like that.

in addition to being all Linux based Skype turns in huge losses every year.

When it comes to Microsoft and Steve Ballmer the term Linux and OpenSource is like a Cross and Holywater to a Vampire.

So expect that when they get finished remaking Skype it's not going to even resemble what it was before.

They will probably even re brand it to some terribly thought out thing like MS FlooberDoober so that it is sure to put people off.

Not only did they pay way too much for a name it is doomed to failure after they finish remaking it.

Not that Google or Apple would have done any better but it was a horrible investment all the way around.

They would have been a lot better just putting all of the money in a big pile and lighting it on fire.

How much R&D do you think they will sink into this venture before they totally ruin it?

From my perspective it looks like Microsoft bought Skype just to keep anyone else from getting it.

The next phase is to either start charging for it as a service or to lock it into Windows OS or XBoX somehow or both.

That will be the end of Skype.

Sarkozy: Microsoft represents all that is great about France



While I tend to like a lot of things about the French people, especially French girls who if you soak them in soapy water long enough often clean up very nicely, their government unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired.

This is just another example of that.

Big disgusting loud and obnoxious fat man who is disliked by just about everyone in the world other than the people he pays to like him is now synonymous with the country of France.

Yes, now when you think of Steve Ballmer and his buffoonery and his duplicitous and Machiavellian way of doing business you can associate that with the so called "Values of France".

What an embarrassment!

But we shouldn't blame the French people just because the politicians who run their government are a bunch of schmoozing boot licking fools.

Qt sees its future in Microkia


This keeps getting better and better!

Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop saying "I am not a shill" is very much like Richard Nixon saying "I am not a crook".

The evidence tends to blatantly contradict that.

Apparently the investors on both the Microsoft and the Nokia side are not very happy with that deal.

Since the deal was announced Microsoft stock has taken a sharp decrease and Nokia stock is headed straight for the loo.

Investors at Nokia are very unhappy, employees at Nokia are very unhappy and many are already handing in their resignations.

Yeah, I am in the US and I keep up with the news, that and I do have sources other than the internet.

If you do some research you will find that his guy Stephen Elop has quite a history and especially one with Microsoft.

It certainly gives the impression that he was positioned there as a shill to provide the proverbial foot in the door so that Ballmer could move in and literally take over, which he will.

Nokia will become exclusively a Microsoft Windows Mobile phone outlet.

The problem with that is, most people just don't like Steve Ballmer or Microsoft and it's not like their dirty and sneaky and often illegal way of doing business is a secret or anything.

Given a choice most people avoid getting involved with Microsoft or their products because of their hideous history.

Yeah, their desktop OS is still widely used but they don't produce anything else that you can't get someplace else better, cheaper and without the hassle that you have to put up with when you have to deal with Microsoft.

Ok, maybe Kinect for what that is worth.

Actually Microsoft didn't have anything to do with the development of Kinect, they bought and took over the company that originally developed it.

Typical Microsoft, look for Nokia and their phones and all of their clever work at development to go the same way.

Ballmer's Bing man to 'define' Microsoft's server future


Ballmer is the one who needs to be fired.

The firing of managers and especially long time management is one of those text book last ditch efforts used by just about every major corporation known to try to generate more interest in a company that is about to become completely irrelevant.

It's like posting a sign on the street saying "Under New Management".

Obviously Steve Ballmer knows that there is a major problem with the way the company does business, unfortunately he still doesn't realize that the problem with the company is him.

And it's too late to change his image because everyone already knows that he is completely incompetent as a CEO.

That in conjunction with being loud and obnoxious, border line insane and not very attractive to look at just doesn't play well as an image especially with younger people who tend to be very judgmental.

Although Bill Gates won't let the other inverters fire Ballmer, He has cut his own interest in the company he co-founded by about 22% through more than a dozen separate transactions.

And he continues to do so.

One day he will divest enough that he will lose controlling interest and as soon as that day comes Ballmer will be out the door.

One can only hope.

MS Dynamics CRM Online trumps server release, says Ballmer


What have they been smoking?

Introductory discount price?

That means it's going to more than double when you go to renew it.

Even at $34 per month it's still too expensive and in addition to that it has the Microsoft name attached to it which doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

I wonder, has anyone there at Microsoft checked the economy lately?

Well I guess when you are a billionaire and someone comes to you and asks how much to charge for this service on an introductory discount price to get people hooked and dependent on it you just pull a figure out of the air and say "$34 a month, yeah, that sounds fair".

But knowing Microsoft like I do the renewal is more than likely going to be more like $80 - $100 per month and they will have some sneaky plan to keep you tied to it.

That's just the way they do things.

Try to trick you into it and make you dependent and paranoid with trumped up statistics instead of providing a better product or service.

It's their old world "Our customers are stupid uninformed idiots and will believe anything we tell them" policy that people like Mr. Ballmer are so fond of.

Good luck, because it's a lot harder to run those scams now than it was before.

Windows Phone 7 to get cut'n'paste shortly, says Ballmer


Ballmer has a delusional disorder

I think Ballmer really believes all of the lies that he says.

He believes that Microsoft is still number one and that people love both Microsoft and himself.

He thinks that people still take him seriously and that his lies are motivational and inspiring.

In my opinion they are pathetic and comical at best.

Just hand over your money and Microsoft will fix everything for you, at a later date of course, maybe when they get around to it, if it doesn't cost them too much.

They wouldn't just abandon something that their "valued customers" paid their hard earned money for, would they? (like they have done numerous times in the past).

If you buy into the delusional lies that constantly come out of Steve Ballmers mouth then you must have a lot more disposable income than I do and be willing to throw it away on grossly over priced rubbish.

Steve Ballmer proposed $15bn Facebook acquisition


Another Misguided Attempt To Buy Popularity

Another misguided attempt by Microsoft to become popular and mainstream.

I can just see it now, integrate it into XBOX live and make it so that you can only access it with a subscription to Microsoft for which you will be charged of course presumably to provide a better user experience and keep it secure.

Because if they don't make it subscription based the entire Microsoft hating world will descend upon it and there will be hacking and flames and cursing and trolling and lots of anti-Microsoft stuff going on.

After they get that under control then maybe they can integrate those ridiculous looking big headed Microsoft characters into it and make it Kinect ready.

Yes, Kinect, because they are heavily promoting that thing which is something else that Microsoft didn't create, they simply bought it.

I don't think people realize what that thing actually does but that is another subject for another time.

Do some research on it.

Of course then the current population of Facebook will simply have to move someplace else and it will wither and die.

That is pretty much what Microsoft does to everything they get involved in.

They think that they can just buy popularity instead of being innovative and creative and actually producing something that people want without it having to be tied to Microsoft or having a fee attached to it.

As long as the robber-barons Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer are there running the place it's going to continue to be like that.

Ballmer, Gates won't slice up Microsoft


Ok, This Is How I See It.

The shareholders are angry, very very angry because of the way that Microsoft is being run.

They would like to see change and maybe some dividends from their investment too but Bill Gates and his "good friend" Steve Ballmer won't let it happen.

(yeah, well you figure out what is going on there between Gates and Ballmer)

And all the while both Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer continue to divest in the company.

It kind of gives the impression that they are positioning themselves to make a run for cover if and when the reputation of Microsoft becomes completely unsalvageable.

They are probably taking that money and putting it into gold.

After all they wouldn't want to be tied to a fiat currency.

Personally I don't know all that much about the MS Kinect so I haven't been flowing the progress of it but it doesn't look like something I would want even if I had an Xbox.

Windows 7 Mobile is going to be a flop as it already is in the US because of the way it permanently formats and destroys memory cards for use in any other device to prevent people from exchanging information except through the Microsoft network, and most people don't want to be restricted like that.

Zune is a complete joke.

And what happened to the tablets that I was hearing so much bluster about?

They are having a really tough time selling the exorbitantly priced MS Office to businesses who can in most cases do just as well with OpenOffice.

Ballmer is talking about making Windows 8 into a strictly "cloud" based product and that is not setting very well with a lot of people because it would be a pay as you use it sort of thing.

So lately it is turning into one failure after another with Microsoft so I expect both Gates and Ballmer to bail out if the pressure on them becomes any greater and leave the remaining inverters twisting in the wind because they are not going to change their way of thinking or their way of doing business.

Don't be too surprised to someday soon hear the news that Steve Ballmer has decided to move to the south of France and become a philanthropist or some kind of rubbish like that.

Microsoft stock will crash and the remaining decision makers will probably decide to start suing everyone for everything in order to stay afloat.

But that's just my take on the situation.

Ballmer cuts stake in Microsoft with shares sale


He Knows Something Comming.

When a high ranking executive starts cashing out it's because he know something catastrophic is about to happen.

He has inside information, you can believe that.

I have no idea what his reasoning may be but you can bet it is something big.

Maybe he knows that Microsoft is doomed or maybe he knows that his time is up and is expecting the inverters to demand his resignation.

I don't know what it is but something is going to happen and probably real soon.

Ballmer, Bartz, Schmidt collide in London

Thumb Up

You can't handle the truth!

All good ideas but most people are all too distracted with rubbish like what William and Harry are doing or who Obama will invite to Thanks Giving dinner at the White House and other meaningless diversions like that to pay any attention to things that really need to be done.

You want to know the truth?

The real truth as uncomfortable as that may be?

Well as Colonel Jessep shouts at his accusers in the movie A Few Good Men, "You can't handle the truth!"

Is Steve Ballmer (finally) kicking ass at Microsoft?


I don't think Ray Ozzie is retiring on his own.

He is a brilliant man and he outshines Steve Ballmer by a wide margin.

Personally I think Ray Ozzie was asked to leave.

I think Steve Ballmer feels threatened by him because Ray Ozzie is both brilliant and charismatic.

I read talk of the proposal by some key inverters for him to replace Steve Ballmer as CEO and Ballmer just isn't going to stand for that to happen.

Something like that would make it appear that Steve Ballmer is a failure.

Well, he is a failure but he is not going to admit it.

OOo's put the willies up Microsoft


Open Office Works Just Fine.

I use OpenOffice and I have had no problem with it.

In fact it is in many ways better than MS Office and it's easier to use.

There are a lot of businesses though that are paranoid about using anything but Microsoft products but that appears to be changing due to cost concerns.

I watched the video and it's just more of the same FUD that Microsoft always uses to try to scare people.

What was it they said? "Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they went back to MS Word".

As if to suggest that the people who were forced to use OpenOffice against their will were so confused and mentally deficient that they messed up the whole system with it because they just couldn't adapt.

OpenOffice and MS Office do the same tasks and are not all that different.

And who ever relies on Microsoft for support anyway?

If you do call their support which I have done in the past you get some person usually in India who use a Talksoff program on their computer to try to hep you but knows nothing other than to read what is on the screen.

That is what they call "support".

Ballmer goes to LSE as internal doc calls for radical overhaul of MS


Bill Gates stated recently that "He Likes The Job That Steve Is Doing".

Bill Gates stated recently that "He Likes The Job That Steve Is Doing".

1. That statement proves that Bill Gates doesn't care what happens to the company anymore since he has already cashed out.

2. Steve Ballmer still has the Polaroids of the intimate encounters he must have had with Bill Gates when they were back in collage together.

I mean, how in the hell could any rationally minded person possibly approve of the direction Steve Ballmer has taken Microsoft?

Microsoft is nothing more than a laughingstock.

Something to ridicule and make fun of.

What's left of the formally mighty Micorsoft is a operating system that really isn't all that good compared to Mac OS or Linux Mint and a gaming console.

Does anyone with any common sense take anything that Microsoft promotes seriously anymore?

I fully expect them to start suing everyone for everything in the near future as an act of desperation to remain reliant but they will ultimately fail as all companies who use the Machiavellian principles as their business model eventually do.

Ballmer and Softies sacrifice sleep to catch iPad


Always Good For A Laugh

The only people who like and respect Steve Ballmer are the people that he pays like him and respect him.

Well there are always those who are envious of his money but as a likable and charismatic person he is not.

He is loud and obnoxious and does look like a Uncle Fester look alike.

He is full of nothing but bluster and asinine statements and opinions which he expresses without hesitation like the filter between his mouth and his brain is not functioning properly 95%of the time.

He jumps around and acts like a complete buffoon during his "motivational speeches" which are no longer allowed to be recorded or seen by the public because they are so outrageous and in such poor taste.

(I have known people who work at Microsoft)

Now this is not the kind of person who should be the public image for any company let alone a company like Microsoft.

I don't care how intelligent or crafty they think he is.

And this person (that nobody likes) is the image that everyone sees when they think of Microsoft now.

And yet they are perplexed as to why most people hate Microsoft?

Forget all of their numerous failures for the moment.

Forget the perception of abject greed and their Machiavellian business tactics for the moment.

Look at the person who is representing the company!

That is the image of Microsoft that people see and equate the company with.

Sorry but that is the truth.

The problem with Microsoft is Steve Ballmer and that is not going to change until he is no longer there because people have already formed their opinions.

Major Microsoft re-org to avert Windows' cloud cannibalization


Putting all of the chips on the table fo a single hand

It's risky business making deals with Microsoft because you never know when they will abandon an idea or a product and leave the manufacturer and or the buyer twisting in the wind.

They have done this so many times before so what confidence can anyone have in them?

What happens when they suddenly decide that Azure does not have the high profit margin that they expected?

Are you going to trust Microsoft to maintain it?

As for me, there is absolutely no way I would trust Microsoft with anything given their past track record.

I mean after all, it's Microsoft that we are talking about here.

Microsoft run by Steve Ballmer.

Steve ballmer should have been fired a long time ago considering his long history of failures.

But Ballmer will not be fired even though he certainly should be.

Bill Gates says that he "likes the job that Steve is doing".

So obviously Steve Ballmer has some kind of dirt on Bill Gates whatever it may be, maybe they were gay or something in college or Ballmer has compromising Polaroids of Bill Gates.

Whatever it is he has Bill Gates over a barrel so Ballmer is there to stay no matter how much he screws up and acts like a demented clown and runs the company into the ground.

Bill Gates will never let him be fired.

So consider this again, are you going to trust Microsoft and buy into Azure?

Windows 8 and life after KIN - Ballmer's hot summer


I wonder if he will,,,,,,,

I wonder if he will scream and yell and howl and run around on all fours and act like a crazed baboon the way he normally does.

I know he thinks that people really appreciate his special brand of enthusiasm and I am sure that it will really make a good impression when partners and inverters are no doubt dubious and concerned about the direction and reputation of Microsoft at this particular time when it's credibility is going down the drain and the fact that they just informed everyone who did show faith in them and purchased a "Kin" that they are abandoned on a whim and out of luck.

Microsoft dubs Windows Phone 7 'ad serving machine'


Remember, The End User Has No Ownership Rights Over The OS

Remember, the end user has no ownership rights or privacy rights over the OS, only what Microsoft allow you to have.

Read the MS Eula.

The OS belongs to them exclusively.

This allows Microsoft to do whatever they want when it comes to violating your privacy or even shutting down the OS remotely.

I am not saying that they would ever do something like that but they certainly can if the want to.

So that being said, of course they are going to spam the end user with paid for advertisements since they have the ability to do so.

I mean, is that really so much of a surprise considering it is coming from Microsoft?

Microsoft throws Office 2010 at shoppers


It's A New Version!

It amazes me that people frivolously hand over their money that they no doubt worked hard for to a company like Microsoft for a product that offers nothing that wasn't available in the previous version.

I mean how many different ways can you repackage what is essentially a word processor and a database application?

And I certainly wouldn't pay for their Outlook application especially when there are alternatives that are a lot better.

Personally I use Open Office and quite frankly I like it much better, even at work.

I actually get more control with the Open Office apps and I donate what I can afford to donate to them for their outstanding work.

Oh, I am sure that Microsoft has made some minor improvements to Office 2010 but it's basically the same thing as it was before warmed over and repackaged as a "new version" with some engineered obsolescence added in to prevent users of previous versions from opening documents made on this version so people are compelled to buy the new version.

I look at it this way, if someone sends me a document and I can't open it, I send it back and ask them to put it into a format that I can open.

I already get enough of that rubbish from Autodesk having to stay current with each new version.

The difference is, I need AutoCAD because nothing else will do but I don't need Microsoft.

Mr Ballmer goes to Washington for China pirate gripe


China is not going to enforce a capitalist law

Remember, China is a Communist country even if they give the appearance that they are not.

They don't care in the least about software patents and intellectual property rights even if they may pretend that they do.

The only thing that these companies who are complaining stand to gain is loss of market share when trying to push the Chinese around.

The Chinese don't regard the coping of software as being anything but a victimless crime at the most.

Here is a good example of just how much respect the Chinese have for intellectual property rights.


And guess what, they don't care what the capitalist west has to say about it.

As far as the Chinese and Linux is concerned, they are rapidly moving to Linux because they don't trust Microsoft, imagine that.

Microsoft pulls plug on search bribery machine


I tried Bing once

I tried Bing once when it first came out, before they fixed it so that it didn't always direct the user to Microsoft related garbage and I immediately went back to using the various search engines that I normally use.

When I tried Bing it was cluttered with all kinds of goofy and irreverent pictures and it just looked tawdry.

I have no idea what Bing is like now because I won't bother with it but it doesn't surprise me that they had to pay people to use it.

Reportedly Steve Ballmer walks around the office saying the word "Bing" and demanding that other employees say it with enthusiasm as well.

Again this doesn't surprise me because he known to be an extremely autocratic leader and the idiotic name "Bing" certainly sounds to me like something that he would come up with.

Ballmer, black turtlenecks, and Microsoft's next big idea


Ballmer in a turtleneck?

The idea of seeing big fat sweaty and foul smelling Steve Ballmer in a black turtleneck makes me want to barf.

With his head that looks like a bowling ball and his goofball clown antics.

Sorry to have to go ad hominem rather than to just criticize his failed old world style robber baron business tactics, but seriously.

Microsoft phones coming next week?


More acts of desperation

What a joke!

Steve Ballmer and he old world robber baron attitude and his buffoonish antics and absurdly idiotic statements has turned Microsoft into a complete laughingstock.

Microsoft has absolutely no credibility anymore.

Whenever they try to put forth a new product people just laugh and ridicule it and most of the time the mocking is well deserved.

In the very few cases where the mocking is unjustified they are going to be ridiculed anyway just because it is Microsoft with Steve Ballmer in charge.

People just don't need Microsoft products anymore, not the OS, not the office products, not any of their poor quality hardware or services, nothing!

A "pink" phone is not going to do anything to turn that around, sorry.

The Ballmer decade and what's next for Microsoft


Steve Ballmer Has Ruined Microsoft.

I really have no idea why many people believe that Steve Ballmer is so intelligent.

I personally haven't seen any evidence of it in his 10 years as CEO of Microsoft.

In fact Steve Ballmer has essentially ruined Microsoft through idiotic business decisions and scoffing at the competition.

The acting like a complete mad man and screaming and flailing his arms around and making absurd and asinine statements to the press part doesn't help either I am sure.

Take all the money away and he is just a low class, loud mouthed fat man who acts like he is insane.

So where is the evidence that he is so intelligent?

The Microsoft name and reputation doesn't instill much confidence in people or businesses.

Poorly made and unreliable hardware products, insecure and grossly overpriced software products and horribly unethical business practices taken straight from the philosophy of Niccolo Machiavelli's book "The Prince".

That is what Microsoft has come to mean to me and no doubt a lot of other people as well.

Bing dies (briefly) after Microsoft hits wrong button


Why should Bing be any different?

Everything else made by Microsoft is unreliable so why should Bing be any different?

Yes, it does happen to Google and everyone else but at least they will admit when they make a mistake.

Microsoft on the other hand either tries to cover it up or plays it off like it's no big deal.

Ok, well it may not be a big deal now but when they try to convince people and companies to trust them with handling their data an files then it becomes a big deal and for a company with a horrible reputation like Microsoft has, a company that can't seem to get anything right, I think it's going to be a tough sell.

It's just my opinion.

Ballmer waxes lyrical about Windows 7 double bubble sales


Steve Ballmer Waxes His Bikini Area

Steve Ballmer Waxes His Bikini Area

Now that in my opinion would be a much better title.


Crazy Steve Ballmer

What, no cavorting around around and screaming and flailing his arms and acting like a complete mad man?

Times must really be desperate there at Microsoft.

Or perhaps they wheeled him in restrained in a straight jacket and kept him tied up so he wouldn't hurt anyone when he has one of his frequent episodes.

Microsoft backs away from Murdoch love-in


And here I was hoping.

And here I was looking forward to the two of them shooting each other in the foot.

Personally I don't like News Corp anyway because of their politically motivated, bias slant on everything and I don't like Bing because it is Microsoft and Microsoft reminds me of Steve Ballmer who is nothing but a complete buffoon who uses antiquated Machiavellian principles to run a crooked business.

Yeah, I can be very shallow and opinionated like that at times.

I wouldn't mind if both of them fail miserably and go down in flames.

MS denies Win 7 backdoor rumours


They play people off as fools

Of course there is a back door there.

Ever hear of "Trusted Computing"?

Specifically TTP or "Trusted Third Party"?

Well if you haven't then do some research on it.

A set of back door keys can be issued to a trusted third party granting them entrance into any system.

Microsoft has been at this and working closely with American intelligence agencies on this since 2005 and even before.

And of course they will deny it because they don't want the general public knowing anything about it.

After all, it's no good if people aren't using it.

This is a link to some postings by Ellen Messmer of Network World, dating back to July 20, 1998 about the NSA involvement in software development.


And yet they claim that it's not true.

Like I have said before, all Microsoft does is lie about everything.

National Security Agency beefed Win 7 defenses


The Spooks are all over this one.

Lets go back to 1998 for just a moment.

This is a link to some postings by Ellen Messmer of Network World, dating back to July 20, 1998 about the NSA involvement in software development.


So you can see that they have been at this for quite a while now and yet they claim that it's not true.

Those so called back doors are in there, like it or not but as to whether it was put in there by Microsoft or the NSA remains a mystery.

Not really important as to who or how it just remains a fact that they are there.

"Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither."

~ Benjamin Franklin~

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe~

Ubuntu's Karmic Koala bares fangs at Windows 7


Stop with the stupid names already! "Karmic Koala" ?

Stop with the stupid names already! "Karmic Koala" ?

Ubuntu is too much of a pain for me to deal with anyway and Ubuntu is considered to be one of the easiest distros to work with but there is something better.

Linux Mint is by far the best Linux distro available.

Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu which is in turn based on Debian but Linux Mint is perfectly suited for the average home desktop.

Linux Mint 7 Gloria is the latest distro so look it up and try it.

It just works and it runs a lot faster and smoother than Ubuntu.

Don't believe it? Try it and see for yourself.


Also look up the youtube demos and reviews, there are a whole bunch.

Linux Mint beats Ubuntu in every way.

Microsoft ditches MSN Direct


Is this really a suprise?

This really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Microsoft does this kind of thing all of the time.

That's why I wouldn't put any faith in anything associated with Microsoft, not ever.

MSN is the longest that they have ever supported any product.

They just suddenly cut things off anytime they feel like it and leave the people who bought into it twisting in the wind.

They do it on a regular basis.

They could easily do the same thing to Xbox owners when they decide to market something new.

Just cut off the service and that would be the end of it pretty much.

I am not saying that they are going to do that but it could easily happen.

That is the biggest reason I won't buy into any of their stuff.

T-Mobile takes on patsy role in Microsoft Sidekick fallout


How could anyone trust Microsoft with anything?

If Microsoft did do this intentionally then they certainly didn't think it through very well because it has hurt peoples confidence in the company yet again.

It's hard to believe that their credibility could possibly get any worse than what it already is but it has.

Personally I don't know how anyone could have any confidence in anything that Microsoft does anymore.

Everything that Microsoft does fails since Steve Ballmer took over as CEO.

Personally I wouldn't buy anything from them or anything that has the name Microsoft on it because you have to know that sooner or later they are going to leave you twisting in the wind.

I still use XP but after that I think I will go to Linux or Mac.

Microsoft and Armani fashion a phone


What were they thinking?

I like Steampunk design but I just don't see this working.

I just don't associate Armani with Steampunk.

So, I am guessing that this is the thought process involved here, Apple charges $500 for their iPhone so we will make a deal with designer and pay him an obscene amount of money for his label and then we will charge $1000 dollars for our phone which won't be as good but no one will care because it has Armani's name on it.

Yeah, this sounds like more of Steve Ballmer's crazy deals.

Those insane deals he makes where he is trying to play catchup because he didn't anticipate the market and initially dismissed the idea as ludicrous.

This guy just can't adapt to modern culture under any condition.


What were they thinking?

I like Steampunk design but I just don't see this working.

I just don't associate Armani with Steampunk.

So, I am guessing that this is the thought process involved here, Apple charges $500 for their iPhone so we will make a deal with designer and pay him a an obscene amount of money for his label and then we will charge $1000 dollars for our phone which won't be as good but no one will care because it has Armani's name on it.

Yean, this sounds like more of Steve Ballmer's crazy deals.

Those insane deals he makes where he is trying to play catchup because he didn't anticipate the market and initially dismissed the idea as ludicrous.

This guy just can't adapt to modern culture under any condition.

Ballmer mixed on Windows 7's success


Please make this buffoon go away!

Every time I see this crazy guy in the news it makes me sick.

He is completely incompetent and likely insane as well.

He has all but completely ruined the reputation and credibility of a once great company with his idiotic statements, horrible business decisions and clowning around and acting like he has dementia.

Windows 7 may actually become somewhat successful but if it does it will be in spite of Steve Ballmer and not as a result of him.

I have never met or known of anyone who actually likes this guy or admires him or even thinks that he is a decent CEO.

I actually like the Windows OS but I despise Steve Ballmer so I am not going to run right out and buy it especially since XP does just fine for what I want it to do.

MS plasters Ballmer's signature on Windows 7 special edition


How Foolish

What a pathetic attention seeking buffoon Mr. Ballmer is, still trying to act like the pop culture icon that he never has been.

Bill Gates at least had some dry charisma but Steve Ballmer apparently still hasn't figured out that most people really just don't like him with all of his idiotic statements that he makes and his crazy antics and buffoonery .

He really should just cash out and take all of his money any just go away and fade into obscurity where we don't have to look at him or read about whatever daily craziness comes from his demented mind.