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The unrealised potential of ERP and CRM



Keep It Simple is one of my golden rules... the 80-20 Rule is the other.... simple!

Google lobs coder's Microsoft badge into rubbish bin



This is what I call the MILK MONITOR SYNDROME... being able to identify it has stood me in good stead through the years....

In the mists of time when I was at school we were forced to drink milk every day... in the summer the milk was warm and sickly... but in the winter at least it was cold milk.... but I digress...

The milkman delivered the milk in crates to the school gate each morning but the teacher's did not want to carry the crates to the classrooms. So they invented the Milk Monitor. This was some poor dunce who would arrive at school half an hour before the other pupils so he had time to delivery the milk crates to each classroom... then later in the day he would collect the crates and stack them by the school gate for the milkman to collect the next morning...

Obviously, the lazy teachers were very happy that this stupid sap would do all their hard work for free... so the teachers gave the idiot scholar a badge to wear... a badge to wear with honour... the Milk Monitor badge... and the dumbass wore the badge with pride.

The Milk Monitor Syndrome has now reached new heights of stupidity in software development... people (mice) actually pay good money to keep on the upgrade treadmill (to nowhere) every year so they can get a badge to wear with pride... and some even go to even more extreme lengths to get a badge with gold lettering....

So I am always amazed when I see otherwise intelligent people wearing their Milk Monitor badges with pride because it just shows how gullible and stupid they really are.