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Samsung Galaxy A52 5G: Sub-$600 midranger makes premium phones feel frivolous


Re: Who's dollars?

Cant be AUD

the lowest 5G version using my favourite search engine is around 640 AUD, and that is from Kogan(hawk spit)

The 4g version is sub 600 AUD

YouTube's recommendation engine is pretty naff, Mozilla study finds


Re: You don't say

Its even more bizarre than that. I spend about 2 minutes looking at a video tutorial made on the subcontinent & all of a sudden the algorithm thinks I am interested in Bollywood . Whatever music I DO listen to using Youtube is from the time of Henry IV through to Queen Victoria (90% is Tudor era) , so how they get Bollywood or a Vevo recommendation out of that I have no idea.

Updating in production, like a boss


he developers who just do not understand that SQL operations are set based and not procedural.

Was on a maintenance project back in the days when DB2 was new. I got a program that overran its allotted slot in the nightly job queue by 6 hours which meant the queue didn't finish until around 10am, instead of 5am, and was told to "make it go faster- you have a week".

Opened the code "Select everything from parent" for each row "select children" for each child "select grandchildren" for each row "if grandchild value = x then doY else if value = a then doB " where doB updated one column in grandchild, and doY updated another. When I stopped laughing, I rewrite this mess as two update queries which ran in 30 minutes, went to DBA & suggested an additional index, and it then ran in 5. It took longer to do the code review (how the original stinker ever passed is a mystery), and do the change control paperwork than it took to do the fix.

A hotline to His Billness? Or a guard having a bit of a giggle?


Outdated phone trees and coincidences

Back in the 90s I was working for a well-known Aussie company in System38/AS 400 circles.

We finished a big project on which I was the most senior developer (and DBA and Architect and Business Analyst & Dev Team Leader (20 staff). We did not get a support contract and I was moved on to other projects and left about a year later. Fiveish years later, I was working for another company, as a PM and the company I had worked for had been taken over by another and then another (coincidence 1 - that company was the one on whose account I was working) and one day I get a call on my mobile that goes something like this ...

Caller: "Thank heavens somebody finally picked up. My name is xxx and I am working on (name of old big project) and I have called every number on the escalation list, but those numbers are disconnected, yours is the 2nd last name on the support sheet, and the last is (insert name of former CEO) I have tried everybody else, anyway we are having trouble with the zzz subsystem, we don't understand why it is doing abc."

Me: "Er Iook mate, I don't know where you got that list from, but I haven't worked on that project for 5 years, and I now work for another company entirely"

Caller: "(expletive) sorry Mate, I'm from (lets call it Big Blue) and we have just taken over the support, and we were given this list as part of the handover"

Me : Oh look, I am on the (big company) account for (Big Blue) in Brisbane, I would love to help, but as I said I haven't worked that project for years probably a lot has changed, can you email me details and I see what I can remember, but no guarantees - gives email" (coincidence 2)

Caller ... "thanks mate "

An hour later the account manager (normally based in Melbourne, but visiting Brisbane), and State Manager are at my desk "Diogenes, how would you like 2 weeks in Sydney helping out the (big project team). It looks like your name is all over the documentation, and they really are stuck, is there anything urgent your team is work on?" , "Let me check with SWMBO."

Next morning I am in Sydney, at my desk from 5 years before (coincidence 3) , looking at my old (need I add never updated) documentation and comparing with code & db entries for zzz subsystem, and about an hour later I spot the problem, somebody had turned off referential integrity on some of the tables & put in a bad entry, and get them going. PM then asks, as he is paying me for the 2 weeks, if I could spend a week preparing a system induction, to be delivered in the 2nd week (ie the logical DB vs physical, the main flow of the subsystems , ie it is a periodic thing where things get done once a year and output data from one is the input to the next etc etc

BOFH: When the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East, only then will the UPS cease to supply uninterrupted voltage


Re: Reminds me...

the most dangerous thing in the world is a 2nd LT with a map and compass

The night I was commissioned a 2LT, when I got the traditional first salute from the RSM I got the advice that at that point I was qualified to lead 33 men to their deaths, and to listen to advice from my Sergeant.

It seems that removing part of brain occurred with removing the Sergeants stripes I had worn for 4 years and had been an OR (EM for the leftpondians) for 4 years before that.

Inventor of the graphite anode – key Li-ion battery tech – says he can now charge an electric car in 10 minutes


Re: There still remains......

but they could be subsidized by the utility.

... and where does the utility get the money to be able to subsidise these charges ???

'Welcome to Perth' mirth being milked for all it's worth


Re: Sydney thinks it is Oz

If you want smug and the 'whole country revolves around us', try the former world's 'most livable city' Melbourne (dethroned because of LockDans v1 through v4).

US nuclear weapon bunker security secrets spill from online flashcards since 2013


Re: “investigating the suitability of information shared via study flashcards"

why the frak did they not tell Google's robots to not index that."

Because they are 3rd party quiz generation sites. I use a few of them for the classes I teach

Streaming mad: EC charges Apple with abuse of dominance, distorting competition in Spotify case


Re: Not sure this is going to hold water....

But you cannot side load Spotify, or any other app, onto an iOS device, even if you can pay for it outside the store. If you could sideload it, then it costs Apple nothing and Apple is not justified in asking for any money.

Apple could offer a 'freemium' model itself. Choose to pay nothing upfront for a free listing, then you fork over n% of App revenue, or you can choose to pay for listing/hosting on a sliding scale per download.

Australia proposes teaching cyber-security to five-year-old kids


Nuke it from Orbit

The proposed draft for the Digital Technologies for years 7 & 8 (compulsory) seems determined to stifle any interest kids might have in choosing it as an elective in years 9 & 10. By the time year 10 rolls around, any love for computing in general, and coding, in particular, will have been beaten out of them. There is no senior Nat Curric for Technology, a draft of which has existed since 2017 according to an acquaintance who helped write it, but never released.

To have one floppy failure is unlucky. To have 20 implies evil magic or a very silly user


Re: The endless story

"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that."

Or as my wise old dad said... "remember OTHER people are stupid. When you do that, the world makes sense".

Microsoft's 0.5 release of Project Reunion dev kit has production support – just don't be touching UWP


Is everybody in Tech always SUPER EXCITED ?

I am seeing this a lot on official announcements from Microsoft, Google (Android Devs) and Apple.

Yes, there's nothing quite like braving the M4 into London on the eve of a bank holiday just to eject a non-bootable floppy


Reverse "Have you tried restarting your computer"

Had the same with my ISP, which will remain anonymous, except I was trying to tell them their webmail server had lost its connection to the database (I haven't programmed in PHP for a while, but I recognised the error). I went through their stupid script, and when, as I expected, that didn't fix the problem (duh!) suggested they contact their systems admins to try and restart THEIR computer, the phone monkey put me on hold for a moment, and said he had passed the message on, and they had restarted the server, could I please try again - and it worked.

Australian police suggests app to record consent to sexual activity


Re: Of course policeman is thinking how to solve the problem

Very big oversimplification....

She had travelled to NSW saw NSWPlod and was interviewed by detectives 4 times but declined to give a formal statement, so NSWPlod took it no further. She should be counted in South Australia's COVID death count as she committed suicide shortly after completing 2 weeks of mandatory quarantine after her fourth trip.

She was also very mentally ill, and was a fantasist. To paraphrase part of her letter - "We have an understanding that we are to be married, because when I was ironing his shirt he said I would make somebody a good wife"

US govt indicted me because I make privacy tools, says crypto-chat app CEO accused of helping drug smugglers


Re: So tomorrow Signal, Telegram?

The phone was sold or given to a drug dealer.

So the local Tescos should be shut down, and the CEO arrested for accepting the proceeds of crime because the drug dealer paid for his/her/they shopping with the proceeds of crime especially, as, gasp!, that 5 kg of flour he/she/they purchased was used to cut the drugs?

Don't be a fool, cover your tool: How IBM's mighty XT keyboard was felled by toxic atmosphere of the '80s


Re: Smoking

Try the standard model railway scales - HO 3.5mm/ft (1 :87.1) OO 4mm/ft(1:76) and UK O 7mm/ft - as oppossed to US o scale 1:48 or .25in/ft or European O 1:45

GPS jamming around Cyprus gives our air traffic controllers a headache, says Eurocontrol


Laser gyros can maintain very high accuracy - they got a little run around to Mars! (I think)

Meh, modern tech. I am in awe of ye olden days RN. Capt Arthur Phillip ended up exactly where he wanted to be (Botany Bay 1788) using nothing more than a clock and a sextant.

I haven't bought new pants for years, why do I have to keep buying new PCs?


Re: One thing people tend to forget about FOSS.

My copy of Wordperfect 5.2 still runs perfectly

Rookie's code couldn't have been so terrible that it made a supermarket spontaneously combust... right?


Re: The power of coincidence

Or owned by Graham Richardson (ex Aussie Govt Minister) and Rene Rivkin (spiv - grade 1) ?


Re: Not just me then.

I was abused by SWMBO as the house started swaying when I was jackhammering some rock near the foundations. It was actually the Newcastle (on Hunter) earthquake

Splunk junks 'hanging' processes, suggests you don't 'hit' a key: More peaceful words now preferred in docs


Dont use french derived words like beef as they can remind readers of the intergenerational trauma caused by Norman Invasion

Australia facepalms as Facebook blocks bookstores, sport, health services instead of just news


Re: I see two problems

The Age & SMH are not Murduch papsrs and they support the new law.


Re: Screaming from the over-entitled masses

Why the emphasis on Murdoch? Australia's "quality"(Age & SMH) press owned by Nine Media are bleeding even more and enthusiastically support the legislation.

Facebook bans sharing of news in Australia – starting now – rather than submit to pay-for-news-plan


What is the Fuss ?

Facepalm is NOT the internet.

All the warnings/sites that each-way Albo is screaming about can still be accessed - all you need to do is add the appropriate App to your phone (NSW has Fires near me) OR enter the name of the organisation into this new fangled thing called a search engine in a browser, and you will get even more information.

Machine-learning software scours database of already available drugs that could treat COVID-19 infections


Re: Bleach and sunlight....

Please post a link to a video where actually said that , not the wilful and dangerous misinterpretation that the media pedalled.

Linus Torvalds releases Linux 5.11, says it's so good your significant other wants you to test it on Valentine's Day


Re: What Valentine's Dinner?

My sympathies good Sir.

I am not sure if you would appreciate the following


We know it's hard to get your kicks at work – just do it away from a wall switch powering anything important


Re: Uses of Radar

The story I heard was that soldiers were accidentally being cooked when serving radars on Pacific Islands during that unpleasantness with Japan.



There is a 80's tale that IBM installed a System 34/36/38 (one of those) in an open room with lots of windows in a building near Mascot (Sydney Airport). It would start booting then within a few seconds crash, swapped out, the new machine crashed.

SE looks out the window notices the radar dish nearby & that the machine crashes as it rotates towards the computer room. He lines the window facing the dish with aluminium foil and all is now well. IIRC the permanent fix was to get a purpose-built windowless room built to house the machine.


Re: Why have the switch ?

At home, SWMBO & I turn all our devices off using the wall switch rather than using the button on the device (or using a remote to leave them on standby). I got sick of replacing expensive devices because the device switch failed and could not be repaired. I have only ever had fewer than a handful of switches fail in 60 years on this earth, and if it should fail I get can easily get a new one from Bunnings (our big box hardware store) for a few $$$s

Windows' cloudy future: That Chrome OS advantage is Google's to lose


Re: Chromebook's target market may be its downfall

you realize that *all* of the school activities are running in the browser

Really? Tell my Apps Development, Software Development & Design, & Multimedia classes that.

Yes if I reallly really wanted to, I sure I could find online equivalents for the industry-standard desktop software that I do use, but then I have pesky litlle privacy, cyber security and data protection policies* to worry about, ie I actually have to do a risk assessment for every site that requires registration that has not already been preapproved (eg Kahoot, Quizzlet) or does not use google or ms login.

*we run both Google & MS clouds, but, as we are large enough, they are local to our organisation and are somewhat "walled gardens" only tangentially connected to the full fat Google & MS clouds.

Takes from the taxpayer, gives to the old – by squishing a bug in Thatcherite benefits system


Queensland (Australia) Health Minister is Yvette D'ath pronounced De-arth , 3 guess what it should have been had it not received the Bucket (Bouquet) treatment


Re: 01/26/2004 would have been cleared

At least they are not looking for info on how to compare/convert dates and times



Re: Language!

PL One...

my first real, as in coded for production, language, before that RPGII & COBOL as training languages at the Business College I attended.

Nice compromise between COBOL & C, not too wordy or too terse

Europe considers making it law that your boss can’t bug you outside of office hours


My current and former Principals have as part of there email signature...

"I am sending this communication at a time that suits me. I understand that this may not be during standard working hours and do not expect that you answer until standard business hours." And they actually reply with a light slap on the wrist if you do respond out of hours

The boss was very apologetic when in the last week of the just concluded school holidays (NSW Australia) he sent out an all hands email with information on the new Wuflu restrictions at school.

Digital burglars break into the Australian Securities and Investments Commission



I always thought it stood for asylum for shysters and international criminals.

Miss submitting a form as a sole trader and the sky falls on you. Rip shareholders off, no worries, a fake divorce(Alan Bond) no watching the airports (Skase), seize thedrive from a surveillance camera and your target disappears https://www.9news.com.au/national/melissa-caddick-still-alive-police-hopeful-of-tracking-dover-heights-mother-down/33f5e3c0-dd19-42b0-92de-f50735d62a3f

Let the chips fall where they may: US Commerce dept whacks Middle Kingdom firm SMIC on naughty list


Re: There already is a trade war

They would be calculated to inflict the biggest impact on the US and the least impact on China.

@cornetman - you are assuming the Chinese govt is a rational actor...

"China is suffering mass power cuts in the south, prompting cities to dim street lights, suspend factory production and tell office blocks to turn off heating unless the temperature falls below 3C.

The electricity crisis appears to have been prompted by a shortage of coal after Beijing banned imports from Australia. China imposed trade bans against Australia after Canberra demanded an inquiry into the origins of coronavirus and criticised Beijing’s treatment of the people of Hong Kong."

source https://www.thegwpf.com/mass-blackouts-after-china-cuts-australian-coal-imports/

Ships full of Aussie coal are anchored outside Chinese harbours and are not allowed to leave.

Atlantic City auctions off chance to hit Big Red Button and make grotesque Trump Plaza casino go boom


Not ex President yet

He is is still President until 11:59 on Jan 20

Cruise, Kidman and an unfortunate misunderstanding at the local chemist


Re: Hmm

There is the old WW2 tale, possibly apocryphal, about the guy who on leaving the RAN station at Garden Island in Sydney always had his barrow loads of scrap checked fro contraband - he was stealing the barrows

China unleashes fearsome new cyber-weapon: A very provocative meme


And of course Twatter wont take it down

UK privacy watchdog confirms probe into NHS England COVID-19 app after complaints of spammy emails, texts


but has to be balanced by the boost to my privacy achieved when my mother in law was banned from entering my entire county (along with everyone else too, I should add).

Scummo in Australia has gone one better, we aren't even allowed to leave the country without special dispensation. We still have many thousands of citizens who cannot return home as airlines are charging first class fares to make it worthwhile to fly the plane, and then @3k AUD per person to pay for quarantine, and there are limits on how many are allowed into quarantine .

Digital pregnancy testing sticks turn out to have very analogue internals when it comes to getting results


Re: This device is far less unreasonable than it seems.

My wife "knew" she was pregnant

The D-i-L was pregnant and & favourite no1 grandchild was talking to the baby every day. One day he stopped talking to it & the next day she miscarried (@ 10 weeks). Last week he started talking to the baby in her tummy again, and sure enough she is now 6 weeks.

Be very afraid! British Army might scrap battle tanks for keyboard warriors – report


And your 200 are really good

To quote my Great Uncle who commanded an 88mm anti tank battery on the eastern front...

"The Ivans came at us , as they popped over the hill, we killed them. We ran out of shells before the Ivans ran out of tanks!"

So... just 'Good' then? KFC pulls Finger Lickin' slogan while pandemic rumbles on


Re: Different countries, different flavours

There was a urban myth that Aussie KFC was allowed a % of 'chicken' to actually be rabbit. There were some mighty strange cuts doing the rounds in the early days,


Re: Different countries, different flavours

Nothing could be worse than the turkey "bacon" sold at Maccas in Singapore. Deep fried dogshit would taste better

This PDP-11/70 was due to predict an election outcome – but no one could predict it falling over


Re: Performance Upgrade

A tradition as old as IBM - in Daddy Watson's day when they only sold card reader/sorters and printers.

The field upgrade to double the speed was to physically move the drive belt from one pulley to the other,

Farewell to notches and hole-punches? ZTE expected to announce mobe with under-display camera next month


Re: I would be happy with a no camera phone

Don't understand the downvotes, I would just like the option to buy a 'proper' smartphone without any cameras. I am not suggesting that ALL phones come without any cameras as obviously our use cases are different. All I use my phone for is to make calls and text, and test apps on. The tablet is only used to consume media and test apps on.

For skype/teams calls and recording tutorials for my students I absolutely use my laptop camera, surface go camera or webcams(for the main machine) and could not live without them, but the camera on my phone is for me a waste of time/effort/energy/money, and it annoys me no end that 99.9% of reviews for a new phone is how good/bad the expletive camera is.


Re: I would be happy with a no camera phone

I was about to make the same point. Have never ever used the front camera on my phone or tablet, and rarely (ie once every 6 weeks or so) even use the rear camera and even then I have an alternative close by if needed.

Dido 'Queen of Carnage' Harding to lead UK's Institute for Health Protection because Test and Trace went so well


And that is the problem! Like here in Oz, the Chief Medical Officers (phe eqovaents) were focused on lifestyle and, unlike Singapore and Taiwan, had no plans for when an epidemic hit. It is if we hadnt had some close shaves in the last 20 years - SARS, MERS, Ebola, Swine Flu etc etc

Reply-All storm sparked by student smut sees school system shut down Google Classroom for up to a week


Re: Clearly run by dummies

I'd be pretty pissed off if a school was willingly sharing my email address with all of the other students...

You wouldn't need to, if you know the pattern the organisation uses eg hey.rick@xyz.edu


Re: Not possible?

I don't know the UK or US, but here 4G jammers are illegal, so kids have access the mobile network of their choice on their personal devices even if on school premises so that statement could be factually 99%* true insofar as it applies to school equipment and/or school networks

*the 1% wriggle room is because ATM in our network they are dealing with a VPN that bypasses windows UAC and installs like a store app into their student profile (it also includes a malware nasty) . Network admins have managed to block the malware nasty but are playing a constant game of whackamole blacklisting download sites in our poxy server and deleting from user profiles.



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