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Philippines orders fraud probe after paying MacBook prices for slow Celeron laptops


Re: Government procurement

Any Aussies, especially from NSW out there?

Remember the Rudd Laptops - 2007ish?

NSW - There was a big budget, after spending on the required infrastructure(wifi hubs in every classroom, networking those back to the departmental servers) there was approx $470 to spend per laptop.

Requirement No 1 - 3 years warranty (cost @ $280)

Requirement 2 - Delivery of 50k+ machines by the (insert date)

Requirement 3 - Run windows.

Result - Load with office suite, the entire adobe suite - all on a machine with at best 2 hours battery, 40 gb HD, and 2 gb of ram. Kids and teachers hated them

Dutch authorities arrest 29-year-old dev with suspected ties to Tornado Cash


And I only use bittorrent to download linux distros ;-) ;-)

The sins of OneDrive as Microsoft's cloud storage service turns 15


Re: And another thing

Or on the root folder ->right click -> Always keep on this device

California accuses Tesla of false advertising over Autopilot


Re: Man, this was predicted day one

Not the toilet but make a cuppa good enough for you ?

Pleading guilty to careless and reckless driving, Spencer Smith, a retired librarian, stunned magistrates by saying she had been confused by what cruise control actually meant.

“I thought it was like an autopilot that you get on airplanes,” she said.

“I turned it on at what I thought was a sensible 40mph, then stepped away from the driver seat into the back of the motorhome to make a cup of tea.

“I presumed that cruise control worked with the sat nav to negotiate the roads safely. Imagine my surprise when no sooner had I flicked the switch on the kettle that we hit a tree at 40mph. Luckily I was unhurt because I was thrown on to the sofa.


SpaceX demonstrates that it too can shower the Earth with debris


Re: Canberra near miss?

Had it hit Parliament House while it was in session there would have been rejoicing throughout the land. (NADT)

MIT, Autodesk develop AI that can figure out confusing Lego instructions


Dark Instructions

I wonder how it works with the instructions printed on black - which is really helpful when using black bricks - eg my Crocodile Loco set.

They should train it on the MOC instructions - some are absolutely terrible .

Tavis Ormandy ports WordPerfect for UNIX to Linux


Re: F11

Writing macros for wp 4.2 or 5 (can't remember which) was good fun as you had IIRC 10 variables , helpfully named something like var0, var2 etc. I managed to write a macro which converted our WP docs into insert statements to feed into the appropriate tables to create help for a system we wrote in LANSA (AS400 RPG3 builder).

5 or 5.1 took away this limit and allowed you to use your own variables and as many as you need.

Ex-Coinbase manager charged in first-ever crypto insider trading case


Re: Note to those who decided this was fraud

No the cry will be "why didn't the government protect meeeeeeee?"

Google, Oracle cloud servers wilt in UK heatwave, take down websites


Re: The lost art of conversation

The problem is that while everybody talks about the weather, nobody actually does anything about it.

Supercomputer pinpoints exact origin of 'Black Beauty' meteorite from Mars


Re: OK, stupid question time

But when others who know just as much, or more about the subject and can actually understand statistics (climate change, vax) what are we lay people to do.

That emoji may not mean what you think it means


Re: Emojis are just like slang

The flip side of this is ignorance eg the other day on of my students asked me "Which is faster an elephant or a Sopworth?" I asked "over what distance?' which ruined the joke - I was supposed to ask "What's a Sopworth?" to which his response would be "about 2c".

After looking at me as if I had grown 2 heads for a little while he asks "Why did you ask about the distance?" I said "Because Sopworth made planes before and during WW1. Never heard of the Sopworth Pup, Camel and triplane I suppose?" - Response was "How do you know all that shit? A: I've been around for a long time, and read a lot of books.

SCOTUS judges 'doxxed' after overturning Roe v Wade


Re: This data storage thing..

You misunderstand the ruling - it does not ban abortion. They have said that the state legislatures are the appropriate place for laws regarding abortion to be passed, rather than as a result of a court forcing ALL states to go one way or another.

If you do not like the laws in any one state you have 3 options;

1. campaign against the legislators on the "other" side and support "your" side and get the laws changed.

2. move to a state with more congenial laws

3. obey the law as it stands

Tesla lawsuit alleges unlawful layoffs at Nevada gigafactory


Re: WARN employees they are being fired?

And if Kennedy were alive today, he would probably be regarded as a Republican

Consultant plays Metaverse MythBuster. Here's why they're wrong


Re: Klaus warned us...

downvote for the pineapple on pizza, not the argument you are making.


Power ?

And I mean that elektrikkery stuff. Given the UK ,Aus (less WA), big bits of the US, and big bits of Europe and massive bits of the 3rd world are currently or will shortly be experiencing electricity shortages what is going to power the high horsepower hardware to run this stuff?

On a related note it also assumes everybody has access to lotsa bandwidth and judging by comments on EL Reg, and personal experience large swathes of the UK , US and Aus are still literally on dial up speeds.

Atlassian: Unpatched years-old flaw under attack right now to hijack Confluence


Maybe Cannon-Brookes should spend time fixing his company not the world

Heading says it all. Background.... https://www.google.com/search?q=canon-brookes&oq=cannon-brookes&aqs=edge..69i57.6991j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&safe=active&ssui=on

Australian digital driving licenses can be defaced in minutes


before pointing out that altering the DDL is against the law

Just like there are no murders, thefts, frauds, assaults, and people don't run red lights or speed because they are also against the law.

Google unrolls search features to tackle misinformation


So Google will only be returning "approved" propaganda

Misinformation is what I (imagine the I captilised in 72pt bolded & red) don't believe in.

The Poisoned dwarf would love Google

BOFH: Time to put the Pretty Dumb F in PDF reader


Re: Last place...

Worked in similar - only got fixed when we started billing lost time to the Admin group responsible. Instead of saving 5million a year in reduced admin, it was costing $3million a month in lost time

'Automate or die!' Gartner reckons most biz apps will be developed via low-code by the people who use them


Re: No Code = Beinoff B.S.

Wasn't COBOL invented so that business people could write their own code ?

Cisco requires COVID-19 shots for all US staff – even remote workers


Re: Get rid of the religious exemption.

Many of the religious objections are down to the fact that aborted fetus cell lines are used in either production or testing.

The fruit of the poisoned tree as it were.

Windows Subsystem for Android: What's the point?


Think schools not devs

There are android apps created for educational use that don't exist on windows.

Hitting underground pipes and cables costs the UK £2.4bn a year. We need a data platform for that, says government


Re: There was a case

My BiL was a contract excavator operator. Here in Oz we have something called "dial before you dig".

On one job, the supervising engineer called dbyd and got the position of a very large buried power conduit. Then as the excavator operator he got the bil to do so as well. Bil got the same info, and as it was high voltage, they got the surveyor to mark a no go zone 10m wide, ie 5m either side of the centre line.

Bil starts digging, big bang and flash and bil wakes up in the back of an ambo. Yes he hit the line, only he was digging 20m away from where the line was supposed to be.

Power company presents bil with a 30k bill for the repair. They were not happy when both engineer and bil replayed their recordings of the dbyd calls and were presented with photos of the site and GPS confirmation of the marked out no go zone. Bil gets a new excavator worth 150k from power company. It also seems that the electricity company had also dug their trench too shallow and neglected to lay warning tape at the standard depth to show their was high voltage cable below.

Site engineer had been caught before by bad dbyd info hence the 2 phone calls, recordings and the extra wide no-go zone.

Missouri governor demands prosecution of reporter for 'decoding HTML source code' and reporting a data breach


Re: Another example of the GoP leadership championing freedom

We're in the rather awkward situation over here that one of our main political parties has gone openly Fascist. (

No, BOTH your major parties have gone the full Fascist, just like here in Australia.

Firewalls? Pfft – it's no match for my mighty spares-bin PC


Wrote a q&d in 1991

Wrote a quick and dirty in 1991 specced to run on Intel 286 machines that did all the things its mission critical bigger brother did and a lot more. I was made redundant in 2003, and heard that it was only decommissioned in 2018 along with mission critical big brother.

Macmillan best-biscuit list unexpectedly promotes breakfast cereal to treat status


Close second to Tim Tam is the mint slice and very close 3rd is the iced vovo.

Tech widens the educational divide. And I should know – I'm a teacher in a pandemic


Been teaching for 10 years. Trying to teach online sucks big time. Because cameras were off, you could not see the puzzled look, or that light bulb moment when a student was either confused , or got it so you could adjust. Because for my sins I teach IT, and trying to teach programming remotely was even more difficult given we were doing the paper, phone laptop shuffle as well.

Because in our case everything was rushed, yes some dreadful lessons went out at first, and it would have been nice to teach the kids a lesson on how to submit work on Google classroom or MS teams, or even do something as mundane as zipping a file so they could attach it to their assignment

DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats sue NYC for trying to permanently cap delivery fees


Re: Tepid or cold food delivery isn’t my bag

By the time you get served anything that had been left standing has been served and you get freshly fried stuff that is the best it can possibly be.

SWMBO owned a chippy for 3 years, she & her sister co-owner had a reputation as having the best burgers & fish & chips between the Victorian Border & Toowoomba on the New England Highway amongst truckies & grey nomads. Before setting foot inside she has a good sniff which tells her much, no matter how busy it is she won't set foot inside.

There is a very nice cafe only a few doors down from our temporary digs, it is always busy, and we would very much like to try it. We are just waiting for oil change day.

Icon, what happened over the weekend to No 1 son (35yo) when he didn't listen to his mother and bought takeaway from a shop where the oil reeked, despite its 5 star rating on the local FB group.

Australia rules Facebook page operators are legally liable for user comments under posts


It is the highest court in Australia, like the US supreme court


Re: Innocent until proven guilty

As always the ABC was pushing an agenda. If you read the other side of the story you may change your opinion

ProtonMail deletes 'we don't log your IP' boast from website after French climate activist reportedly arrested


Re: Just curious...

quite possibly, he is ALLEGED to


Ah you are confusing English common law and the presumption of innocence with the French Napoleonic Code.

US Air Force chief software officer quits after launching Hellfire missile of a LinkedIn post at his former bosses


Re: The myth of the generalist manager

such as the manager ordering you to do something that defies the laws of physics


Hey stop talking about Malcolm Turnbull former PM of Australia (and reputedly the smartest man in the room, any room - just ask him)... Anybody remember "The laws of Australia overrule the laws of mathematics"


Re: A Solid 40%...

the Australians, or the Turks

Little known fun fact : more French were killed in the Dardenelles Campaign than Aussies

Lenovo pops up tips on its tablets. And by tips, Lenovo means: Unacceptable ads


Re: "System App" bollocks

Agreed. Samsung anything is now banned in our household because we had otherwise usable tablets that could no longer be used because all the undeleteable and immoveable to sdcard software kept getting updated until it got to the point that apps wouldn't work because they were not the latest version and there was not enough storage to allow them to be updated.

The unit of measure for fatbergs is not hippopotami, even if the operator of an Australian sewer says so


Tinnies is a unit of time

As in its a a 3 tinnie drive to get there.

Cop drone crashes into flight instructor's airplane


Re: Police version

In NSW the Cessna pilot will be charged for flying without due care and attention, damaging police property, failing to stop after an accident and if the drone was being used in active case, obstructing police in their duties and accessory to whatever was being investigated.

Family wrongly accused of uploading pedo material to Facebook – after US-EU date confusion in IP address log


Re: Our licence software is slightly broken

I love 'go about a mile' (1.609344 km)

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G: Sub-$600 midranger makes premium phones feel frivolous


Re: Who's dollars?

Cant be AUD

the lowest 5G version using my favourite search engine is around 640 AUD, and that is from Kogan(hawk spit)

The 4g version is sub 600 AUD

YouTube's recommendation engine is pretty naff, Mozilla study finds


Re: You don't say

Its even more bizarre than that. I spend about 2 minutes looking at a video tutorial made on the subcontinent & all of a sudden the algorithm thinks I am interested in Bollywood . Whatever music I DO listen to using Youtube is from the time of Henry IV through to Queen Victoria (90% is Tudor era) , so how they get Bollywood or a Vevo recommendation out of that I have no idea.

Updating in production, like a boss


he developers who just do not understand that SQL operations are set based and not procedural.

Was on a maintenance project back in the days when DB2 was new. I got a program that overran its allotted slot in the nightly job queue by 6 hours which meant the queue didn't finish until around 10am, instead of 5am, and was told to "make it go faster- you have a week".

Opened the code "Select everything from parent" for each row "select children" for each child "select grandchildren" for each row "if grandchild value = x then doY else if value = a then doB " where doB updated one column in grandchild, and doY updated another. When I stopped laughing, I rewrite this mess as two update queries which ran in 30 minutes, went to DBA & suggested an additional index, and it then ran in 5. It took longer to do the code review (how the original stinker ever passed is a mystery), and do the change control paperwork than it took to do the fix.

A hotline to His Billness? Or a guard having a bit of a giggle?


Outdated phone trees and coincidences

Back in the 90s I was working for a well-known Aussie company in System38/AS 400 circles.

We finished a big project on which I was the most senior developer (and DBA and Architect and Business Analyst & Dev Team Leader (20 staff). We did not get a support contract and I was moved on to other projects and left about a year later. Fiveish years later, I was working for another company, as a PM and the company I had worked for had been taken over by another and then another (coincidence 1 - that company was the one on whose account I was working) and one day I get a call on my mobile that goes something like this ...

Caller: "Thank heavens somebody finally picked up. My name is xxx and I am working on (name of old big project) and I have called every number on the escalation list, but those numbers are disconnected, yours is the 2nd last name on the support sheet, and the last is (insert name of former CEO) I have tried everybody else, anyway we are having trouble with the zzz subsystem, we don't understand why it is doing abc."

Me: "Er Iook mate, I don't know where you got that list from, but I haven't worked on that project for 5 years, and I now work for another company entirely"

Caller: "(expletive) sorry Mate, I'm from (lets call it Big Blue) and we have just taken over the support, and we were given this list as part of the handover"

Me : Oh look, I am on the (big company) account for (Big Blue) in Brisbane, I would love to help, but as I said I haven't worked that project for years probably a lot has changed, can you email me details and I see what I can remember, but no guarantees - gives email" (coincidence 2)

Caller ... "thanks mate "

An hour later the account manager (normally based in Melbourne, but visiting Brisbane), and State Manager are at my desk "Diogenes, how would you like 2 weeks in Sydney helping out the (big project team). It looks like your name is all over the documentation, and they really are stuck, is there anything urgent your team is work on?" , "Let me check with SWMBO."

Next morning I am in Sydney, at my desk from 5 years before (coincidence 3) , looking at my old (need I add never updated) documentation and comparing with code & db entries for zzz subsystem, and about an hour later I spot the problem, somebody had turned off referential integrity on some of the tables & put in a bad entry, and get them going. PM then asks, as he is paying me for the 2 weeks, if I could spend a week preparing a system induction, to be delivered in the 2nd week (ie the logical DB vs physical, the main flow of the subsystems , ie it is a periodic thing where things get done once a year and output data from one is the input to the next etc etc

BOFH: When the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East, only then will the UPS cease to supply uninterrupted voltage


Re: Reminds me...

the most dangerous thing in the world is a 2nd LT with a map and compass

The night I was commissioned a 2LT, when I got the traditional first salute from the RSM I got the advice that at that point I was qualified to lead 33 men to their deaths, and to listen to advice from my Sergeant.

It seems that removing part of brain occurred with removing the Sergeants stripes I had worn for 4 years and had been an OR (EM for the leftpondians) for 4 years before that.

Inventor of the graphite anode – key Li-ion battery tech – says he can now charge an electric car in 10 minutes


Re: There still remains......

but they could be subsidized by the utility.

... and where does the utility get the money to be able to subsidise these charges ???

'Welcome to Perth' mirth being milked for all it's worth


Re: Sydney thinks it is Oz

If you want smug and the 'whole country revolves around us', try the former world's 'most livable city' Melbourne (dethroned because of LockDans v1 through v4).

US nuclear weapon bunker security secrets spill from online flashcards since 2013


Re: “investigating the suitability of information shared via study flashcards"

why the frak did they not tell Google's robots to not index that."

Because they are 3rd party quiz generation sites. I use a few of them for the classes I teach

Streaming mad: EC charges Apple with abuse of dominance, distorting competition in Spotify case


Re: Not sure this is going to hold water....

But you cannot side load Spotify, or any other app, onto an iOS device, even if you can pay for it outside the store. If you could sideload it, then it costs Apple nothing and Apple is not justified in asking for any money.

Apple could offer a 'freemium' model itself. Choose to pay nothing upfront for a free listing, then you fork over n% of App revenue, or you can choose to pay for listing/hosting on a sliding scale per download.

Australia proposes teaching cyber-security to five-year-old kids


Nuke it from Orbit

The proposed draft for the Digital Technologies for years 7 & 8 (compulsory) seems determined to stifle any interest kids might have in choosing it as an elective in years 9 & 10. By the time year 10 rolls around, any love for computing in general, and coding, in particular, will have been beaten out of them. There is no senior Nat Curric for Technology, a draft of which has existed since 2017 according to an acquaintance who helped write it, but never released.

To have one floppy failure is unlucky. To have 20 implies evil magic or a very silly user


Re: The endless story

"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that."

Or as my wise old dad said... "remember OTHER people are stupid. When you do that, the world makes sense".

Microsoft's 0.5 release of Project Reunion dev kit has production support – just don't be touching UWP


Is everybody in Tech always SUPER EXCITED ?

I am seeing this a lot on official announcements from Microsoft, Google (Android Devs) and Apple.

Yes, there's nothing quite like braving the M4 into London on the eve of a bank holiday just to eject a non-bootable floppy


Reverse "Have you tried restarting your computer"

Had the same with my ISP, which will remain anonymous, except I was trying to tell them their webmail server had lost its connection to the database (I haven't programmed in PHP for a while, but I recognised the error). I went through their stupid script, and when, as I expected, that didn't fix the problem (duh!) suggested they contact their systems admins to try and restart THEIR computer, the phone monkey put me on hold for a moment, and said he had passed the message on, and they had restarted the server, could I please try again - and it worked.



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