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What are you gonna do? Give me detention? Illinois schools ban pyjamas in online classes


Re: Hmmm, how the hell?

I had my kids keep cams off and microphones on mute unless I specifically asked them to turn them on. The 'chat' & raise your hands features in Teams covered the "hello - are you there?" for attendance.

'I'm telling you, I haven't got an iPad!' – Sent from my iPad


Re: Which is why I always turn off email sigs...

Whilst I loathe and despise Comic Sans, and in the past have threatened my students with horrible punishments for using it, it seems that for some types of dyslexia, comic sans works

Airbus to build plane that's even uglier than the A380


Re: Hyper Beluga

Sydney used to have a goods only line cross a working runway, and a plane struck a train


Microsoft wants to show enterprises that Edge means business, rather than the thing you use to download Chrome


Re: New Edge, now with even more spyware

You do know that google and bing will do math including unit conversions (sadly not El Reg units ) for you ?

€13bn wings its way back to Apple after Euro court rules Irish tax deal wasn't 'state aid'


Re: Corporation Tax should be 0%

Who actually pays corporate tax? Does the business "magic" money out of the aether to pay its taxes, or do its customers pay the tax (built into the sale price)?

You're testing them wrong: Whiteboard coding interviews are 'anti-women psychological stress examinations'


Used wrong bubbles

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I failed a "whiteboard" interview, given a scenario & had do a dataflow diagram. I asked the correct clarification questions and got the right result (they used a small system they developed and I matched the analysis document 95% ), but still failed - "oh we use Gane & Sarson symbols (rounded rectangles for process) here, and you used the Yourdan symbols (circles) , so thank you very much for your time".

Gob was well an truely smacked

Germany prepares to launch COVID-19 contact-tracing app 'this week' while UK version stuck in development hell


Genetric Elemet

Is there a genetic element on the viral side to asymptomatic infections?

There are some doctors/statisticians wondering if this is the case … whether some people that may have version x of the common cold in the past may have been given immunity or indeed whether the variant that has the UK is different enough to cause different mortality figures …

then there is this https://forecasters.org/blog/2020/06/14/forecasting-for-covid-19-has-failed/

Campaign groups warn GCHQ can re-identify UK's phones from COVID-19 contact-tracing app data


I trust parliament as far I as I can drop kick the lot of them

Its a law and can be changed.

I am still waiting for my L-A-W law tax cut from 1993

You overstepped and infringed British sovereignty, Court of Appeal tells US in software companies' copyright battle


Re: US Law applies worldwide

Lots of a single country's laws apply world-wide to citizens from that country. And 'won't somebody think of the children' reasons are one of them, others include inheritance and tax.

Australian contact-tracing app leaks telling info and increases chances of third-party tracking, say security folks


Lockdowns aside

Lockdowns aside, with the exception of my bus commute home, assuming no major changes to my habits I can easily give you list of everybody I was closer to than 1.5m for 15 minutes or more over a 2 week period. Apart from the wife, and my students it would be a very very short list.


Mike Cannon-Brookes

I might be more impressed if Atlassian paid tax in Australia.

He willfully ignores the fact that unlike Facebook and Google, government can arrest you, link your data to health data, tax etc etc.

Also I have heard a rumour that there may be an issue with licence of some of the underlying code which specifies source must be released

Australia's contact-tracing app regulation avoids 'woolly' principles in comparable cyber-laws, say lawyers


Re: Australian IT laws

If you don't like them they have plenty of others.

Anybody remember the "L.A.W.- Law" tax cuts?


Re: "experts" should be ashamed

The guvmint's top "expert" told me this was a good and safe app.

What is he "expert" in? Kidneys!


Look up the CLOUD ACT

If you really believe the first part of what you just said, I have this bridge in Sydney that you might be interested in.

AWS is a US Corporation with a sigificant US presence and therefore subject to the US CLOUD act which was passed to get around that little spat MS was having with the DoJ about data held in Ireland. Even though that case (MS vs DoJ) got as far as the Supreme Court, the moment the act was passed MS withdrew its appeals, was served with a warrant under the CLOUD act and passed the data over with no questions,

British Army adopts WhatsApp for formal orders as coronavirus isolation kicks in


Re: "the Army's top Sergeant Major"

Yep , one for each level of HQ. They are advisors to the Commander on matters enlisted, not shouty type SMs.

In Australia …

The RSM-A is responsible to the Chief of Army, but responsive to all ranks across Army. The RSM-A is a member of the personal staff of the Chief of Army. The RSM-A’s primary role is to represent to the Chief of Army, and others, the solicited and unsolicited views concerns and opinions of Soldiers in the Army, but also carry the Chief of Army’s message down and across the ranks.

Facebook does the right thing for once: Joins Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube to clean out dodgy COVID-19 info


Which authoritative

I have been following Dr John Campell on youtube since he started covering @wuflu. So far, as far as i can tell he has been more trustworthy than the WHO !

If you're serious about browser privacy, you should probably pass on Edge or Yandex, claims Dublin professor


What happens when you turn autocomplete off? Do the browsers still phone home as aggressively?

Come on baby light me on fire: McDonald's to sell 'Quarter Pounder' scented candles


Re: "Please let it be a joke"

At least in most countries the McD bacon is at least porcine. For truly disgusting bacon try the turkey bacon in McDs Singapore

Internet's safe-keepers forced to postpone crucial DNSSEC root key signing ceremony – no, not a hacker attack, but because they can't open a safe


The way the word ceremony is used this reminds me

of the "ceremony" in The Handmaids Tale

Social media notifications of the future: Ranger tagged you in a photo with Tessadora, Wrenlow, Faelina and Graylen


On Khaleesi ...

I am told that in 3 years I will have the honour of teaching a 'Karleasy', pronounced "Khaleesi"


Re: Due diligence

No 1 son called HIS second Barnabas Arthur M.... (surname starts with M), so he is know in the family as BAMBAM. The D-i-L's family all have nicknames, ie one of the girls is known as Tiiki . Another is Kunny (I kid you not - "Cute as a Bunny") and it makes my skin crawl to hear favourite No 1 grandson, age 3, call his aunt "Kunny"

If you never thought you'd hear a Microsoftie tell you to stop using Internet Explorer, lap it up: 'I beg you, let it retire to great bitbucket in the sky'


Bugs in new edge

Why does the new Edge ignore the dns setting in the vpn extension, and the vpns dns AND the dns set in windows networking and use the dns on the router , which i cannot change. Uninstalled !

IBM, Microsoft, a medley of others sing support for Google against Oracle in Supremes' Java API copyright case


Re: Every single computer interface would be copyrighted

In general I can't go watch a movie or read a book, "clean room" write the plot, and have a new book written or movie made with that same plot. It's still considered infringement.

I was struck between the similarity between teh contents of HolyBlood , Holy Grail, and the DaVinci code when I read it, and was not surprised when Dan Brown was sued by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh for ripping off the fundamental idea for the DaVinci Code from their Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Dan Brown won.

I'll take your frame to another dimension, pay close attention: This AI auto-generates 3D objects from 2D snaps


Re: great development

and it would be great to see automatically built, realistic 3d landscape in google earth at last! Then, combine this with gaming...

… or model railways

(Anorak - obviously)

FTC kicks feet through ash pile that once was Cambridge Analytica with belated verdict


If I were a budding politician I would employ the Russians as my campaign consultants. It seems that they understand the British & US psyche better than you Poms & Yanks know yourselves and are cheaper than any local advertising agency.

We've found it... the last shred of human decency in an IT director – all for a poxy Unix engineer


Re: Beer...

The day the DataProcessing departments promotions/increment jumps was announced was a well kept secret in a certain organisation I worked for, until an analyst noticed a pattern, that it always occurred at 5pm on payweek Friday( and most of us would be on a flex day, or POETS) that our PHB would always be on leave from the following Monday.

One of the maintenance programmers looking after the leave system wrote DB trigger on the leave DB on PHBs staff number. The year I left, the PHB eas still there at 9pm dealing with the complaints

Gas-guzzling Americans continue to shun electric vehicles as sales fail to bother US car market


Re: 50-mile commute?

I know of several lawyers who live in a beachside property on Queensland's Gold Coast, who fly every morning to their office in Sydney (@800km each way) or Melbadishu ornibad oring ourne (@1700km) and fly home every night.

Blood, snot and fear: Why the travelling lone tech reporter should always knock twice


I went away for a work course for a few nights, and we had to share rooms. Because my real name can apply to male or female (think Lesley or Darcy), but is most commonly female (it is amazing how often I get mail addressed to Mrs Diogenes, or people are audibly surprised when a bass voice answers my phone - they were obviously mentally prepared to talk to a female)... anyhoo, the room allocators stuffed up. I walked into my room, and there stood a young comley lass with her back to me, bending over the suitcase on the bed, wearing naught but a towel around her hair. Sadly knowing that as an old, balding and graying, overweight man, who is not rich, which overcomes those disadvantages, this was not going to be a "readers' letters" moment, I beat a hasty retreat apologising. The issue was sorted quickly, and the form of the apology to both of us was nice, and thankfully did not kill my new career stone dead after just week after joining the organisation

Need a special something on which to spank $3,500? HoloLens 2 is finally shipping


Schools will probably buy

They will probably flog a lot to schools. If my, now delayed due to a statewide curriculum review*, new Software Engineering syllabus has the same general outline as its unlamented draft**, year 12 students will HAVE to do a VR project. Given the cost of the developer version, I think I have just taught my last year 12 software development class ever.

*it's ok we will keep using our outdated 20-year-old (last revision 9ish years ago) one instead. If I had a dollar for every time I said, "This is what I have to teach you and you will need to remember for your exam, but in the real world ...", I think I could retire.

**my feedback on this section was "How am I supposed to mark the project?" Whenever I wear 3d glasses, I get a blinding headache in less than 5 minutes, and I get nauseous and have fallen off chairs wearing "cardboard", "AR headsets", and a demo VR (on a course @ the MS office in Sydney). The second part was equity, private schools will be able to afford 1 device per student, I will be lucky if I can get 2 to share among 12.

Windows 10 update slips past Aussie border force and borks access to its Integrated Cargo System


If it is anything like our recently decommissioned HR system it will have a test that tests for version n of Internet Exploder & will display a message saying that only version n of IE can be used and it will not let you proceed.

GitLab reset --hard bad1dea: Biz U-turns, unbans office political chat, will vet customers


smugnorant wokerati

A term I prefer to SJW

Kiss my ASCII, Microsoft – we've got one million fewer daily active users than you, boasts Slack


Education users ?

I use teams with all my classes. I prefer it to Google Classroom because of the built in class one onenotes. If they could just fix the integration with afew of its other products , like being able to embed a streams video into sway and forms instead of you(seless)tube , which is blocked for students i would be alot happier

Behold the perils of trying to turn the family and friends support line into a sideline


Re: Cable entanglement

There is the Diogenes corollary...

Every cable you buy is around 1/3 linguine* too short & you end up with between 5 & 35 linguine* of 'excess' ready to loop around a foot , or chair leg/roller

For some reason (age?) I am still more comfortable with feet & inches for anything smaller than a metre & had to convert to REG units so I wasn't mixing up inches & metres

As halfwit, would-be dictator buried by UK judges, Spain would like to dig up a very real one


Fascists selling points is that the ideology was anti-communist

That does not make either ideology any less bastard factional 'children' of socialism, refer the rhetoric & actions by the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks towards one another between 1903 and 1931

UK Supreme Court unprorogues Parliament


Re: Regardless of which side of the fence you are on.

But Parliament did follow through …

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017, which received royal assent on 16th March 2017

Justice served: There is no escape from the long server log of the law


Re: Surely...

Pity they lost this ability. Was trying to work out how to send GDDM graphs to a 3800 laser printer in the mid 80s. as I was writing the new section for the workplace 'SOP' manual

Had 6 manuals open 2 * GDDM, 2 * JCL, 1*printer and a PL1 , which referred me backwards , forwards and sideways, and I ended up in a loop, it took me a little while to work that out. I ended up photocopying the pages, cutting out the 2 or3 paras that were needed from each page , and arranged them on my desk in the sequence the manuals sent me around. Started at random, and followed the sequence ... nope ... started at the next step ... nope ... next step ...success.


Re: Surely...

Know either as Grant's or Napoleon's Captain , also known as the Mother-in-Law test.

COBOL: Five little letters that if put on a CV would ensure stable income for many a greybeard coder


Re: CBM64 - COBOL compiler

No. - The only C64 purchase I ever regretted

For old times sake a few weeks ago I loaded SPF/PC & COBOL onto a computer here at work to show the students how did it in the 'good old days'


Re: My first programs were in COBOL

To be honest, I find the old way more civilized and less stressful.

We usually had 3 or 4 programs on the go at once, to fill in the time waiting for punching, compiles, structured walkthroughs, runs , reruns etc.

Like a grotty data addict desperately jonesing for its next fix, Google just can't stop misbehaving


Re: Good luck trying to use my Facebook account or Google searches to predict how I will vote...

I don't really know anyone with access to high-energy man-portable plasma guns, faster-than-light starships and the current whereabouts of The Zombie Master...

No, but they know statistically those who are interested in such things tend to vote (insert name of party), are male, in their (insert age) , they tend to be (insert marital status) ... unless you randomly seek out youtubes of say Bernie & the Donald, pro/anti brexit , access both the Hufpo & the NRO , go to realclimate and wattsupwiththat , KKK and SPLC ... you get my drift


Re: I just cannot see what the actual issue is

I don't care what private information they have on me because unless they're going to physically turn up in my life and cause trouble then I'm not bothered.

Ever done or said anything when you were 15 that you would not have said now that you are a greybeard ? Annoy the right person, and hey presto, all those words/evidence will 'somehow' come out and your employer is being contacted to sack you because you are obviously a racist/sexist/trans hating fascist, your employer's suppliers and customers are being boycotted and by them buying from/supplying you they are also obviously endorsing these viewpoints, your children will be banned from schools, your wife will be shunned in polite society ...

Apple programs Siri to not bother its pretty little head with questions about feminism


Re: such systems should be equipped with a wide variety available voices

We have named our GPS (Navman) "Karen" after the voice we chose. We could have chosen Simon, but after a trial of both, Karen sound more natural when 'she' mispronounced aboriginal origin street names & suburbs. No need to anthropomorphise her as she is a real person https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karen_Jacobsen (and I see the original Ozzie Siri).



I asked Siri for the correct answer to "Do these pants make my bum look big ?".

All she offered was - where to buy pants.

Can you download it to me – in an envelope with a stamp?


Re: French telecoms

Mrs D's aunt was born in The Netherlands and moved to Australia as a teen. Thirty something years ago she married a Commander in US Navy and he got a posting to somewhere in Belgium that was very close to the Dutch border, so they decided to rent a place in Holland as Aunt, lets call her Helen, could at least understand , if not speak fluently.

Aunt Helen goes to get the phone connected, the house a phone, and it has dial tone, but you cant ring in or out (here it used to be called soft dial tone, and all it takes is a SULII command to the exchange to put the line in service) fills out paperwork that for some reason the form asks for his work address, which is in Belgium, as Aunt Helen describes it, "it as if i had asked the dutch govt to go to war with Belgium", and somehow the US and Australian Embassies need to be involved as well. Uncle , lets call him John, posting was for 2 years, and when it finished they went back to the States, They had been at Alameida for 6 months, when they got a letter from the dutch telco , stating they needed to be home on day x as the technician needed to plug the phone in as their service was about to be connected.

Raspberry Pi head honcho Eben Upton talks thermals, stores and who's buying the kit


Re: "Availability of several products pushed out to 2026"

Can't imagine anyone waiting 7 years for delivery unless they've ordered a nuclear sub!

Our idiot former PM signed a contract with the CESM for as yet undersigned diesel subs based on their nuclear version. Class leader of the NBN Pyne Attack class, HMAS Attack should hit the water in 12 or so years and her 11 sisters will be delivered over a period of 30 years after that.

Whistleblowing saboteur costs us $167m bellows Tesla’s accountant


Re: 750 per hour

and if you don't like that position I have another (apologies to Grouch Marx)

Hong Kong ISPs beg Chinese govt not to impose Great Firewall on them


Re: The Chinese Government not used to handling an informed population ...

Yet Chinese students in Australian Universities are cointer protesting pro HK protests. They also came out in force to try to stop pro Tibet protests diring an Olympic torch relay

GIMP open source image editor forked to fix 'problematic' name


Re: Visionism

Believe it or not one of the first accessible ATMS in Sydney was located at the foot of a flight of 3 stairs and no ramp (doh!)

Pokemon Go becomes Pokemon No as games biz Niantic agrees to curb trespassing addicts


Re: They had to go and ruin it

There is a gym located outside my classroom, and I often have students wandering around. I use the opportunity to try to sell them on my subjects (computing , natch)

Don't trust Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency, boffins warn: Zuck & Co know that hash is king


Re: How do you say NSA/FBI/CIA in Facebook?

The Onion 2011


Its scary how prescient they were



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