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I'm still not that Gary, says US email mixup bloke who hasn't even seen Dartford Crossing


you still have turnpikes in England?

We've not had them for years in Scotland not that there were very many. Just a couple of bridges a think but the Scottish Govt abolished the tolls thankfully.

Poor people should get slower internet speeds, American ISPs tell FCC


Ahem... someone got it..

arse over tit

"As part of its 2015 Broadband Progress Report, the Federal Communications Commission has voted to change the definition of broadband by raising the minimum download speeds needed from 4Mbps to 25Mbps, and the minimum upload speed from 1Mbps to 3Mbps, which effectively triples the number of US households without ...29 Jan 201"

not 25mb up and 3mb down as stated in TFA

Well that's just spliffing: UK Amazon merchants peddling Mary Jane


Re: Will it really make any differece?

MY ex sister in law is Karen Gray. the lady who took the petition to downing street.

Now technically it may be legalised but it's astonishingly difficult for those in the tiny group who are eligible.

A GP cannot prescribe it.. only a specialist consultant at a hospital and not many places actually have that doctor placed yet.

It's pretty much only epileptics who can get it.

Also the ruling has also rescheduled CBD in a sense putting it into a grey area where a lot of CBD oil companies were worried about some of their products that had a tiny bit of THC in them and it was then debatable about whether CBD would then be illegal.

It's a mess.

People with cancer can't get it, people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, HIV/AIDS... none can get it can't get it.

There are many other condition i haven't listed but those have to be a few of the bigger ones.

You know what the real kicker is?

Amber Rudd, the ex-home secretary..... her husband owns the only licensed commercial green house in the uk and is the huge exporter or cannabis products.....

Openreach kicks off 'rebrand' by painting over BT logo on vans


Re: Will it really make any differece?

" I'm in that position myself. I live in a rural area where FTTP is available from the telegraph pole in front of my house. It must have cost a fortune renewing cable ducts and blowing fibres to the manifolds on telegraph poles around my village, however my dirt cheap ADSL connection is very good. Currently it's just touching 15Mb/s so I see no reason to pay more for FTTP speeds. Essentially the money spent on the FTTP roll out has been completely wasted. "

aye, for YOU.. however there are many who do actually want these incredible speeds for many reasons.

Drugs, vodka, Volvo: The Scandinavian answer to Britain's future new border


"But if Scots vote for independence in a second referendum demanded by Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon, then this remote road and around 20 others crossing the border would either have to be closed or turned into customs control points."

Absolute BULLSHIT and they know it. for an example of how a very similar border works in reality with plenty or crossing points with no-one there ate all.. Look for Northern/Southern Ireland border.

This is just so much bullshit it genuinely beggars belief!

'Exploding e-cig cost me 7 teeth, burned my face – and broke my sink!'


Re: Sounds like me to be a good reason....@Herby

I doff my hat to the GLC reference sir!

Police Scotland will have direct access to disabled parking badge database


Re: Yes -

not every year, but for the length of the "award" which can be 1 year to perpetual.

Mine is perpetual(which actually gets renewed every 7 years" here in Edinburgh.

Getting these passes has become increasingly harder the longer the tories are in and they keep changing the rules.

they changes the rules 3 times in as many months the year i got awarded Disability living allowance (2014)which is soon to change to Personal independence payment which means yet another fucking medical most probably.

i shall be there with my Regimental Association Rep as they have been more than famous for royally fucking disabled people about. I had to appeal that time and i wear fucking leg braces and use a stick!

Luckily this time i know what the score is and will make sure i have plenty of evidence from my doctor, consultant,physio etc.

My cousin who passed away from MS last year was once refused it and the poor guy had been in a wheelchair for 5 years at this point and was in constant chronic pain.. he said it was like pins and needles on fire on his skin 24/7.

This is partly why people that do have them for genuine reasons get pissed at people who fuck around with them or just park in the blue badge bays without one.

It's bad enough having a disability without having to be made to metaphorically jump through hoops to get one then some assholes takes a spot who isn't entitled to be there.


Re: Why badges?

WRONG.. the cars which could nothing are not BMW's etc.. for those you have to front a payment.

the only cost free cars are small ones.


Re: Safeguards? Pff, what an old-fashioned notion

As a blue badge holder(War veteran with screwed knees and back), badges are no longer tied to a single license plate but to the person.

The blue badges here have a photo of the badge holder on them and the badge holder must be in the car when the badge is used/presented.

I have seen people totally at it myself.

It's hard enough for people to get awarded the blue badge these days... for those who have never had to go through the massive amounts of bullshit to get them it IS very fucking annoying to see blatant bullshitters or the family or friends of a blue badge holder using them without the badge holder present.

So GOOD is all I can say top this regulation to be honest

Europe's digi-boss tells YouTube to cough up proper music royalties



Peter Mensch .. your time is NOW!

The backlash is going to be fucking hilarious and hopefully along the lines of Naspter BAD!! and more.

BT, Sky, EE, TalkTalk and Virgin to appeal website blocking ruling



wel that's hilarious because.. dildo's don't have batteries, vibrators do. similar but different!

BBC encourages rebellious Welsh town to move offshore


Re: The government only wants rich tax dodgers.

too right bud, Cameron's own father made his 40 million fortune offshoring money in south American tac havens if memory serves me well


Re: Will it work?

Make your UK business a franchise or subsidiary

set up your main office/hq in Amsterdam.

it sell/supplies e products for sale to your business exclusively at really high rates.

these must be sold at rates that technically wipe out profits.

other shenanigans and chicanery applies

the double Dutch certainly does exist still.


Re: Will it work?


Will it work?

I would be interested to see what these tax arrangements are. Off-shore structures generally only work when the owner is non-resident, or non-domiciled and doesn't need to bring the money back into the UK for living expenses."


As an individual you may be right but a company.. that's different

step one have a business.

step two -A set up an office in Amsterdam as your eu head office

step two-B set up an office in Dublin as your EU HQ

Step three.. benefit from pulling a Double Dutch or Double Irish like Amazon etc

step 4 ?????

step 5 PROFIT

you don't have to be offshore.. your business HQ does

step three

Three mobile data network GOES TITSUP across Blighty


same here bud! all is well here in Edinburgh , been out and about and had no probs connecting at all.

This surprised me to be honest.

15 MILLION T-Mobile US customer records swiped by hackers



He's furious with them because they got hacked and the miscreants ransacked his DB's that they had access to. Oh.. and his DBs were unencrypted.<facepalm>

I think he needs to have his company's security practices re-examined:

1) Perhaps, the miscreants couldn't get Experion's because their DBs were encrypted so they went after the low hanging fruit?

2) And why wasn't the T-Mobile DB cleaned up after the credit checks were run? That would ensure minimal customer exposure to attack?


easy to answer.. HE didn't have unencrypted DB's it says clearly that TMobile's own Data on their own network was safe and secure.

It's Experion who run the service FOR AND ON BEHALF of TMobile.

read and comprehend!

The security policies that need examined are Experions!

Doctor Who returns to our screens next week – so, WHO is the worst Time Lord of them all?



The Fifth Doctor – Peter Davison

The Sixth Doctor – Colin Baker

The Seventh Doctor – Sylvester McCoy

The Eighth Doctor – Paul McGan

All plain shite.

TalkTalk not talking much as systems take a tumble


sorted now.

Am with talktalk just now and had to get a blocked number filter running... first call indicated the clusterfuck(1pm). second call.. straioght through(3pm)..

thank fuck my building is getting hyperoptic in october!

Windows and OS X are malware, claims Richard Stallman


pah.. stallman

fuck that toe cheese eating twat

Data retention: It seems BORING ... until your TV SPIES ON YOU


non story ref TV's

to use voice on a Samsung smart TV you HAVE TO PRESS A BUTTON ON THE REMOTE.

it is NOT "always on".

Also the "third party" is Nuance when you do press the button.. you know.. world leaders in WHAT THEY DO... http://www.nuance.com/index.htm AND http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuance_Communications .. ALL THIS PALAVA ABOUT ""OOOH THE TV IS LISTENING!!"

what a load of FUD being spread

Doomsday Clock says 3 minutes to midnight. Again


Ahh the obligatory

IronMaiden linkage


Lies, damn lies and Wikipedia: Murder suspect NOT a Plaxo founder – ex-staffer


ah but you see...

he was just trying to make Plaxo know as a killer app!

Three UK fined £250,000 for customer complaints cockup


never had a prob with three

been with them for years and it's been fine... this is not to say other haven't as they obviously have but my experience has been fine

Early result from Scots indyref vote? NAW, Jimmy - it's a SCAM


Re: wtf

Sorry Chris ............ it was Delia Smith the English cookery writer/presenter that came up with deep fried mars bar in the 70's


Brit telcos warn Scots that voting Yes could lead to hefty bills



Scotland under the articles of the union is still a country .. this is why it has it's own separate and distinct legal system , bank note printing and such amongst otherthings


Re: Interesting interpretation of the source that......

"Funny how a tiddly proto-nation with tiny oil reserve"

Erm.. Scotland has the largest oil reserves in Europe(with just North Sea oil)... it's not just in the North Sea either.

There is oil and gas off the West coast and the claim at Rockall too.



Re: @Rampant Spaniel

SNP MP's do not vote on matters that are purely to do with English affairs as a point of principla and that's their answer to the West Lothian Question Tam Dalyell asked.


The same cannot be said of Labour, the tories or the lib-dems


Re: If they say yes...

"No it isn't. Stop making things up."

read it and weep



Re: If they say yes...

"You do know one of the worst offenders was a Scottish bank, as was one of the lesser ones?

erm.. They haven't been Scottish except ijn name and where the HQ building are for quite some time..

The Rpoyal bank of Scotland is owned by KLLoyds TSB and the Bank of Scotland is HBOS.. H for Halifax.

Also as for the bailouts... here's the thing....

For example Barclays with registered offices in anerica benefited GREATLY from US bailouts... why? it was based there as were RBOS,HBOS and others.

The companies try to compartmentalise by having an LLC in each country it operates in..

Thus RBOS and HBOS both having companies registered and trading in London would have got bailouts just the same.

which means that in Scotland the bailouts would have been affordable to the Scottish govt


Re: If they say yes...

"Equally, also worth bearing in mind that just because the vote may be in favour of leaving the Union that doesn't mean it will happen."

yes it does.. The Edinburgh Agreement and The Scottish referendum act say differently


Re: Interesting interpretation of the source that......

LOL... i think you got that the wrong way round.. the no campaign are all threats ,scare tactics and basically FUD


"especially when the Shetland and Orkney Islands decide to return to Norway (or possibly Denmark) with their oil and gas reserves."

LOL then you'd be wrong in that assumption.

you see there isn't a movement to do so except one english guy on the Orkneys whose boat got wrecked and he stayed.. he's known locally as a bit of a nutbar...

BUT the main point is this.. is they DID want to go back to those countries they would be classed as "Enclaves2 under international law and only have 12 miles of territorial water and no continental shelf entitlement , that would be Scottish.

This was pointed out by the European Journal of International Law last year and they'd know better than either of us.

In their scenario they went with England but same outcome either way... they would get ZERO oil feilds


Re: If prices go up, we'll know who to blame.

um... I think you'll fidn that they get EU money for infracstucture expansion and the coverage, even out in the sticks isn't bad at all.

In fact 45 millions in EU money was given by BT to get fast broadband out into the sticks and Edinburgh city council gave them another 1.5 millions to hasten the deployment of fibre in the city.

if you think these companies always pay out of their own pocket you are living in a dreamworld.


Re: If prices go up, we'll know who to blame.

"Yes, the rUK, French and Spanish will all block the Scottish application for EU membership."

that's simply not true and you KNOW it


Re: If prices go up, we'll know who to blame.


again i call bullshit

"Yes - NHS policy and funding is already devolved to the Scottish government who are actually cutting funding there, but funnily enough the Yes camp are keeping that bit quiet by pretending they don't have control of the NHS"

The funding has gone up in real terms and the only problem foreseen with NHS funding is with a no vote as due to the Barnett fomrula when the NHS in england cuts funding the Barnett consequentials kick in and Scotland gets less funding.

BTW Scotlands pays in much more to the UK than it gets out.. we are not subsidised at all.


Re: Royal Mail??


i call bullshit on you.

The plan is to renationalise the Scottish postal serviced and ENSHRINE the universal service obligation


Re: This would be the same BT...

Maffski.. there's a 300 page(i think) white paper published by the Scottish govt on exactly that..

try researching a bit more


Re: As a Scotsman

<blockquote>If I were a Scot, I'd be ashamed my country ever let this get so bad.</blockquote>

LOL are you serious? WESTMINSTER let it get this bad and that's an undeniable fact.

Mind you to be fair it's getting better since the SNP got in and that's another fact.

We have free education, free prescriptions, free healthcare and all the while the English and Welsh NHS march ever onwards towards privatisation.... vigrin Healthcare are making a fucking packet out of it.

Saying that the SNP are a one issue party with no interest in anything outside their cuntry... i am afraid you are getting mixed up buddy.

There's a difference between CIVIC nationalism and ethnic nationalism.. the SNP is the former

To quote a famous Socialist who latterly came to the SNP Jimmy Reid. "to be a good nationalist , first you must be a good internationalist"


Re: duh

The 18 months between the vote and the proposed date of independence in March 2016 is when any EU negotiations will take place ;)


Re: You know all this talk of things being more expensive

you'll fidn that it was Delia Smith... you know the english lady who does the books and TV cooking stuff that came up with that idea in the 70's bud..lol



Re: If they say yes...

The goalposts were changed in the 79 referendum. The change meant that there needed to be a 40% turnout, which btw is a damned site higher than most general elections!

That referendum was for devolution, not independence.

This time round it's too close to call at the moment.

I am definitely in the YES camp and stuff like this .. ie more costs is a load of bullshit... the reason???

The plan is to LOWER corporate tax to below the UK's current level as an incentive to bring business here so why would it be more expensive if their costs are lowered?

It's purely a case of London-centric business getting involved and trying to bully the electorate with more FEAR FEAR FEAR... that has been the staple of the NO campaign.

The police are WRONG: Watching YouTube videos is NOT illegal


/No such thing as "British" Police...

"that the British police now truly believe they have the right to state that something's illegal even when that's not the case"

British police?.. there is no British police service... you have the various police services in England and Wales under English law.

You have the Police in Scotland, one single police service under Scottish Law a separate and distinct legal system and jurisdiction

And you have the police Service Northern Ireland under Northern Irish Law ,a separate and distinct legal system and jurisdiction

so.. erm.. British Police??

Why has sexy Apple gone to bed with big boring IBM?


MONEY is why !!!!

they have worked together before.

The powerPC was a join venture by the AIM alliance.. namely Apple,IBM and Motorola.

and the reason they worked together before will be the same as now... MONEY......

plain and simple.

Apple wins Samsung import ban, loses 'Battle of Rounded Corners II'


Re: Obama timing so so imperfect

not just TV and DVD/BR, there also have quite the foothold in refrigeration, air conditioning and all sorts..

Samsung has a fair footprint in many, many markets. Not that apple would be bothered about any markets they don't have their paws personally in.

However i am just extending your point about Samsungs markets.... which are vast and varied bud

HP sacks English employees to bag Scots gov jobs cash


Re: I cant wait

you'll find that there is precedent :)


BTW are you a legal expert? me.. nope.. however i am quite sure the guys at the European journal of International law are... :)


Re: I cant wait

BTW I am reading for my Masters in Scottish history at the University of Edinburgh.. so yeah i love history and not made up nonsense from sources like a blog :)


Re: Devolution

Actually you'll find that it was in 1979 that the Scots decided they wanted their own assembly however some anus in Westminster changed the rules in an early day motion to make it so that if people didn't turn out to vote... like the recently dead for example... that those non votes were ruled to be np votes.

The EU then pressured the Westminster govt about self determination and "regional assemblies" and the Blair govt presented it like it was all their idea.. which it wasn't.

If you want to blame anyone about the cost of the building... which the people of /Scotland were also very pissed off about ... then how about you blame the labour run procurement procedures at the time whereby all the contracts went to their pals in construction.

And ask Labour why they never put penalty clauses in it for lateness or a penalty for moving the goal posts on costs..... Also have a look into what board members have heavy labour connections via membership or being donors.. that'll give you the answer :)


Re: I cant wait

as they say in Scotland..... you talk pish...

there has always been the "too wee, too poor, too stupid" coming from the no camp.

and they are ALWAYS trying to spread FUD... it's their stock and trade. The FUD is an attempt to scare the "don't knows" into being a no vote.


Re: I cant wait

sorry .. but you are wrong, which is why you post as AC.... just a troll. international law and maritime law are against you on this :)


Re: I cant wait

ok.. let's say they DO for some reason, decide to stay with the union.. let's say they do... ok?

they would both have "Enclave" status and only 12 miles of territorial waters which would be within the Scottish waters which are 200 miles from the 12 mile limit.

and you know what?

within those 12 miles... no oil and no gas.....

so it's just another BS scarey story that seems to make the unionist doom and gloom merchants feel good about themselves as they try to scare the vote into a "NO".

sorry but THIS was precisely covered in the European Journal of international law.

So i am afraid you'll just have to suck that one up :)





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