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84-year-old fined €250,000 for keeping Nazi war machines – including tank – in basement


Re: WTF?

Death is inevitable, no matter how it comes about.

Copper broadband phaseout will leave UK customers with higher bills and less choice, says comparison site


My brother in Thailand called a provider at 9am on a Thursday morning. Ordered FTTP and by 6pm the same day, everything was installed. 1GB up and 1GB down. Monthly payment is £26 equivalent. He lives in the sticks (13.89388907943398, 101.45684404004487 on google maps). We need to get rid of BT/OpenWretch and open up the provision in the UK. We look positively 3rd world from other countries broadband perspective.

Look who's joined the anti-encryption posse: Germany, come on down


Re: BS

Great word "Hymenolepis". Sums TM (can I tm this??) up to a tee.

FTC: Duo bought rights to Android game – then turned it into ad-slinging junkware in an update


Now if only they had the balls to do the same with Microsoft and its hated Win10 upgrade menace

Microsoft steps up Windows 10 nagging


Re: Meh

I go to the Nags Head. Great pub. I don't think they have a screen, but the pool table is great.

The last post: Building your own mail server, part 1


Re: Fixed IP?

You could use the no-ip client (no-ip.com). You could even get a domain name from them.

Apple announces 'Home' iOS 9 app to run the Internet of Stuff


Re: oh £100 light bulbs with that special glow

All good and well until the first power failure and you are either locked out, or your home is left wide open

White House blasts Samsung for tweeting Obama-Ortiz selfie


Whose coat tails?

"White House press secretary Jay Carney said yesterday that the administration was not impressed with Sammy riding on Obama's coat-tails."

Why does Jay Carney think that Obama has more followers than David Ortiz? Maybe Sammy is riding on David Ortiz's coat-tails. These politicians are so full of themselves......

Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild


Re: Aaaargh, why dont they listen?

Why not go back to Windows 7, or even Vista (gag)

You know who else hates Windows 8? Hackers


Re: Two things:

"I spend 99.9% of my time at the desktop and the experience is almost exactly the same as Windows 7"....

Maybe you should get out more and have a life.

New York tech firms form 'bucket brigade' to fuel flagging servers


Re: wow

Still, I take my hat off to those guys who are trying to provide a service to their customers despite the odds. They all deserve a BIG cold frosty

Ballmer claims Win 8 sales strong, WinPhone to follow


Re: Little known fact


So I pop down to my local (PC World), lift up a so-called qualified Windows PC and write down the model number (well actually I take a photo). I go to this wacky site and enter in all the info and Voila!!, I can get new Windows 8 for £14.99. Would I want to run this on perfectly good hardware that can run Windows 7 perfectly well? Or any other operating system very well for that matter?


This might be classified by Microsoft as a 'genuine' purchase but for such a measly amount, I am sure many people will get it 'just to see if it is worth it'.

I believe it is a definite ploy by them to boost their sales figures.

I can get Windows 8 for free via my institutions DreamSpark license, but could not be arsed.

As iPhone 4S battery suckage spreads, fixes appear


You forgot to invite Larry Ellison

Virus infects killer US air drone fleet


What do you mean they 'don't operate on Windows' ? Their host based detection system found at (http://www.disa.mil/Services/Information-Assurance/HBSS) is reported to have "Numerous program enhancements and a new baseline on the Windows Server 2008 R2 platform are now available". Also strange how the worms affecting their networks are all related to:

• %windir%\system32\muxbde40.dll

• %windir%\system32\winview.ocx

• %temp%\6D73776D706461742E746C62FA.tmp

• %windir%\system32\mswmpdat.tlb

This can be found at http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2008/11/army-bans-usb-d/

Now, in my world, if that is not Windows then I have no hope in hell of being safe

Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online users suffer outages



It must have been one of MS updates that forced a restart.

Giant iPhone 4 brings Mac OS X to the table



He better watch out! The Apple police will be on his case regarding look and feel, prior art, etc.

Apple pictures iOS on your wall


More 'innovation'


I agree. Companies like SmartBoard who have had intercative whiteboards allowing you to move items displayed via a projector will soon have 'stolen' the Jobsian 'innovative' processes. Also, they must watch out because their whiteboards also will then have the look (ie rounded corners) and feel (ooohhh touchy touchy) of Apple devices foisted on them.

Apple should not be granted another patent!

MacBook batteries susceptible to hack attacks


So: not SO secure..........

So, Lion is more secure, more robust.....

Lets see:

a) we have bad pre-emption by vendors - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/07/22/mac_lion_kills_celerra/ - yes, they should have run beta versions.

b) we have bad assumptions by writers - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/07/21/mac_os_x_lion_security/

If I can kill a machine by attacking the battery, how is this more secure than any other operating system?

Me thinks writers are too quick to spout off about the newest, bestest OS for xx-machine out there.

Geez, at least let it run a month before deciding how good or bad it is!

Samsung must cough up Android prototypes to Apple


Rounded Corners

Surely rounded corners can be classed as prior art? Maybe Apple does not seem to realise this. To jog their memory here is a product from the early 1900's which looks similar to an iPad or an iPhone: (before Apple existed): http://www.antiques-atlas.com/dealer-stock-images/prichardantiques/as209a052b.jpg

Microsoft markets 'collection' of PCs to consider

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Awwww, the Microsoftie web guys learnt how to use Ajax...... Don't understand why they did not use Silverlight (their baby!!!).

Still, only one good machine (Scan) amongst the lot of them

Whitehats pierce giant hole in Microsoft security shield


Windows does not require a title

Microsoft's strapline is "Windows: A world without walls". There is no place to even hang the paper bag?

So it should be easy to penetrate according to MS logic??

Single-patent lawsuit hits Apple, Google, Amazon, Priceline...


Said Document

I went and had a look at the drawings (well, lots of blocks) on the given link. Seems as if they took the books Computer Networks by Tanenbaum and Computer networks and internets by Comer and said " Ooh, pretty pictures! Lets combine the chapters on VOIP and then patent our new drawings in the hope that one day we can sue the pants off everybody in the VOIP market".

Oh look!!! It worked!!!!

Stupid US patent system

Five jailed for £140m VAT scam



"HMRC said the five were motivated by pure greed."

Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. Surely this govt dept is not serious? Does HMRC not take from the workers without actually doing any work for those funds???

I don't see the difference!

Steve Jobs unveils 30% subs model for ... everything


Innovative? Me thinks not

According to most dictionaries:

Innovate - to introduce something new; make changes in anything established

Innovative - using or showing new methods, ideas, etc.

According to Steve Jobs:

Innovate - we will screw you and there is nothing you can do about it!

Yes, the media only have themselves to blame for perpetuating their dinosaurus models.

Mines the one with the new innovative contract in the pocket.

Labour forum leaks email addresses



Labour have no clue about IT. Just look at all the failed or horribly overbudget IT initiatives that they have implemented. Also, they havea penchant for gathering your data (database upon database of your data, including ID cards). Who wouldeven have thought that they could get a simple email system right?

Microsoft discovers disposable email


No spam

I use 10minutemail for all forums. Works a treat

Big Brother chooses Telstra for network



So they choose Telstra. Don't these companies ever read the blogs to see how crap the services really are. Look at BT, Crapita and Telstra in Oz.... All have enviable reputations of providing crap service for big bucks.

Aussies demand Poms cough up first 'Australia' map


Today's yoof

So, let me get this right. Flinders was a Royal Navy person (not Oz Roayal Navy) and was on his way back to Blighty AFTER doing some work there (probably not for the convicts). He drew the map in Mauritius, far, far away from Oz. That would imply then that the drawing does NOT belong to Oz. It seems more and more that today's yoof 'just want' things and think that they are 'entitled' to everything. Not so. Work for what you want and stop demanding things.

Apple tightens rules for iPad news delivery



I think Stevey boy and Larry went to lunch together and ate some bad pork. Now they have worms munching their brains, which is making them think that they are super-powerful and will not fail......

Discovery (finally) good to go on 24 Feb


"an elegant fix to the problem"

Does that mean they used silver duct tape to save costs?

Yorks cops bust Bradford guinea pig farm



If drugs were legalised and you could get them via prescription (thus generating revenue for the govt), we could save millions of quid in man-hours and expensive copper choppers. Maybe then they can tackle real crimes.

Skype's mega-FAIL: exec cops to cause

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says it all

Skype for Windows version

says it all

Apple files patent for iPad weight loss

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Sorry, my bad. I should have spotted the obvious.


A patent?

So Apple have filed a patent for an upside down tea tray. WOW! What next!

Hacker unshackles Kinect from Xbox


oooh, a title

“continue to make advances in these types of safeguards and work closely with law enforcement and product safety groups to keep Kinect tamper-resistant.”

Why do Microsoft think they can stop you from changing something just because they made it? If I buy a car, I can change the wheels, rip out all the airbags (not wise, but it can be done) and even change or alter the engine and no car manufacturer 'comes after you'. Why should a piec of hardware you bought be any different?

MS et al should really get a grip on how the real world works.

Firefox joins Microsoft in uncool kids class



I agree that most of the B team is switching only because it is cool. Most of them don't read anything worthwhile and only go on hearsay (and follow to be 'cool'). A better approach would be to view proper statistics about the various browsers such as:


Apple iPhone forums gripped by deleted thread paranoia


Steve says "No!"

That is all

Microsoft legal foes withdraw EU complaint

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Despite choosing a different browser, you STILL need IE to do the updates......

Steve Jobs fears Nation of Bloggers

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So......when the (news)papers/news sites such as bbc ask silly questions like:

Are you in xxxxxxxx? Do you know xxxxxxx? Send us your comments using the form below.

Will they expect to pay us for this information??????

Or do they want this information for free? Somewhere along the line, someone has to draw the line........

Dell bars Win 7 refunds from Linux lovers


forgot i need a title...sorry, its mr

I don't see the hoo-haa here. If you don't want Windows, put something else on the machine. you can sell the license to an unsuspecting friend for more than the "zero" dollars, pounds or euros you paid Dell to put it on 'your' machine.

Just remember..... 'your laptop/pc will be more expensive if it came without the 'subsidised microshite software pre-installed.

And cheer up dammit! It's weekend!!!

Spooks scramble to replace failed secret messaging system


I'm confused

"and pilot a shared work space for organised crime allowing SOCA, MI6 and GCHQ to collaborate."

Does this mean that organised crime has actually been legal all this while?????

Sounds like it to me, because the government are also a bunch of crooks.

Google seeks to become energy trader



Google to world: "All your base are belong to us"

Microsoft ends Windows and Office 2007 rental restrictions



From the EULA for Office 2007 :

INSTALLATION AND USE RIGHTS. Before you use the software under a license,

you must assign that license to one device. That device is the “licensed

device.” A hardware partition or blade is considered to be a separate device.

a. Licensed Device. You may install and use one copy of the software on the

licensed device.


Section 3a....You may allow other users to access the software to provide you with

support services. You do not need additional licenses for this access. No other

person may use the software under the same license at the same time for any

other purpose.

So, you buy the software, install it on a machine and abide by the license use of having only one user use it. Then MicroShaft turns around and says: "Because YOU are not using it, pay us more money". How do they justify their OWN EULA?

Their licensing practices are more like piracy!

Go open source and to hell with M$

2009's Top Netbooks


@ Admiral Grace

I have an Acer Aspire One 531 that had Windoze 7 Starter pre-installed. Win 7 blue screened 3 minutes into first switch on. It got wiped (despite PCWorld telling I will void my warranty) and I put Ubuntu Karmic remix on. I have not looked back. Works a treat on a daily basis, is an addition to my car stereo (via auxiliary port), has a BT E180 dongle for anywhere internet via broadband. Does what it needs to do with ease.

Unfortunately it is not part of any of these reviews.

BTW. I don't use a touchpad as I prefer using a mouse.

Nokia sets date for netbook UK debut



I want what these guys are smoking for Christmas please.

Mine is the one with weed seeds in the pocket

Crypto snafu grounds 3D Avatar screenings in Germany



Another reason why DRM is such a stupid idea in the modern IT world!!!

Burger King cooks up Windows 7 Whopper



Windows 7 = bloatware. Just as this burger shows.

Small biz told to sort TV licences for PCs

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Surely a TV signal is one that is received through an antenna. So how do they get around the question of the internet (no signal as such?????).