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TalkTalk attack: UK digi minister recommends security badges for websites

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A Nice Shiny Badge

It will be the equivalent of saying "come and have a go if you think you're hard enough", to the hacking community.

And once the first company with it's nice shiny badge gets hacked, it will back to the hand wringing again.

Talk Talk skimped on it's web application security tests - either by only testing major releases and not bothering with small scale changes, or just missing it out all together.

Sweden rolls out invisible infrared tank

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As a Mr M Gaddafi, lately of Tripoli found out, fast jets, armed drones and helicopter gunships will nail any conventional force vehicles they can see, if allowed to operate with impugnity overhead.

I imagine that the guys bringing death from above would be using the mark one eyeball in conjunction with the thermal imaging on the targeting systems to visually locate and identify a target, then ruin its day.

May not be so good against millimetric radar though....Here's a Swedish newspaper link with a few snaps of a CV90 with some slapped on the side and the effect. http://www.nyteknik.se/nyheter/fordon_motor/bilar/article3246446.ece

Would it affect the armour....no.

It may have an effect on the suspension and the wallet, based on the weight and the cost.

(zips up kagool)

Dutch CA banished for life from Chrome, Firefox

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Third Party Security Assessment anyone??

They could have used this


Not just a flowery Q&A sheet where you get to put comments. There is a requirement to VALIDATE what the third party states.....because every thing looks good on paper and vapouware PDF's....

Third Party Security Assessment Tool (TPSAT)

This tool enables information security assessments of third

party relationships. The tool assesses the strength of third party

security arrangements using questionnaires on business impact

assessment; contractual provisions covering information

security; third party information security arrangements; third

party information security controls; and exit and termination


'One size fits all' EU data law would undermine rights, says Clarke

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Anyone got a link to the new proposed legislation?

See above.

Lockheed Martin suspends remote access after network 'intrusion'

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Does it always have to be hard......


Yes...how could they make more of these. They don't keep that many on hand and there's just no time.....

They may possibly want to change one of the tag lines about what it will do for you....you decide which one.....

* Strong two-factor authentication in a highly secure software implementation

* Convenience with merging of RSA SecurID technology onto a user’s personal device and eliminating the need to carry another item

* Support for a wide range of computing platforms and devices

* Flexibility for authentication models and policies, with support for up to ten software tokens on one device

Vote now for the best sci-fi film never made

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Never heard of that one...let me Google it.

From Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Creeping_Terror

The Creeping Terror is widely considered to have been one of the worst films of all time...

User data stolen in Sony PlayStation Network hack attack

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Don't fret

TJ Max kep the lid on their data breach for three months.

In fairness, the US Secret Service told them to keep mum over it.....

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PCI / DSS Standards Anyone???

If the credit card numbers were stolen because they were not obfuscated / truncated (only display first six, and last four characters, the rest are hashed out), then Visa International and Mastercard may take them to the cleaners.

Now they may have been obscured, but if the hashed data and the truncated data was accessible and could be linked, it can still be recovered.....and Visa and Mastercard will be after them again.

The PCI DSS standard has this requirement.

Primary Account Number (PAN)

Storage Pemitted = Yes

Render Stored Account Data Unreadable per Requirement 3.4 = Yes

Wouldn't like to be in their QSA / Information Security / IT auditors shoes right now tbh.

RSA explains how attackers breached its systems

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Privilege Escalation Attacks

The only zero day exploit mentioned, was the one to get the attackers through the front door.

After this there were privilege escalation attacks on systems or applications.

Were these systems / apps unpatched, default passwords and accounts left unchanged or were there internal web apps that were not security tested??

Give us more RSA. Your blog post on this is now giving a 500 server error....my god they're back for more!!

Sluggish economy means hard times for US executioners

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There was a guy

When I was younger and more niaive, I used to think like that. However travesties of justice can and do occur.

This should be lesson for the hang 'em high brigade....


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Who'd have thunk it.

Rather, they would prefer money to go to emergency services, job creation, crime prevention, schools, even roads and transportation

A perhaps brief, but very welcome moment of clarity.

US Navy achieves '100 mile' hypersonic railgun test shot

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What about one of these!

The only way to deal with a railgun dreadnought – just as in the days of old when the first armoured all-big-gun battlewagons appeared – would be by using a ship just like it. Surface warships and surface-fleet officers, once again, would rule the seas and the naval roost.

Or one of those sub surface thingies that I heard about in Sci-Fi books.......Submarines. That's them!

Have they been invented yet?

Tory councillor arrested over 'stoning to death' tweet

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Deja vu

I moved to The Netherlands two years ago, and to be frank, I look at some of the things going on in the UK and sit here gob smacked.

They are erroding your civil liberties daily chaps.

Murder victim-mocking troll jailed

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However disasteful his remarks were, everyone seems to have missed the point that the guy was locked up for free speech.

It's not big and it wasn't clever, but alot of people on here sound like Ben the Prisoner from The Life of Brian - nail em up!

The authorities in the UK have targeted an individual, which is actually quite scary.

Kim Jong-Il in radish inspection shocker

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Big Brother

Rumour has it

That the North Korean goalie has applied for political asylum.....In the Algarve....It was recieved yesterday...the stamp said '"pre-approved"...whatever that is....

Security firms taking days to block malware

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Dead Vulture


As 3G and heyrick have reported, this report weighs in at a handsome 500 USD per copy. It may be worthwhile considering this little nugget before posting such a story?

Or you could setup a forum where we could collaborate and organise a multi-user pricing discount!

Quite poor reporting really.....unless of course you're on commission.....

German watchdog tells firms to do own US privacy checks

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Clauses...not the Santa kind.

Just because they say they are great, doesn't mean that they are. Validation of a third parties controls is critical, regardless of whatever bits of paper they have.

On a side note, just where are these model contract clauses located, and why don't they do more to publicise them?

Trident, nuke energy looking poorly under LibCons

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The Iranians are "supposed" to have acquired S-300's from a number of sources. If they have indeed got their hands on them, then they would have quite a decent anti-cruise missile capability,

And unless you have air dominance, they can attempt to pitch in with their old F14's and twin tail fin F5's.

Cruise missiles could work, however the ICBM is 'The" big stick of nukes.

US Army portaloo-full-of-missiles project for the chop

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Thumb Down

It's a slightly different form-factor....

Just slightly. It's a whole cargo container to accommodate four missiles.

See here as the evil blue forces attempt to crush the peace loving reds. The blues, you will notice use M1 Abrams, F18's and C5 Galaxy Transports. See if Hugo twitters about it. I'm sure he'll love it.


McAfee false positive bricks enterprise PCs worldwide

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Thumb Up

Other free AV sotware suppliers are out there too

I use Avira

Good marks on independent AV tests, sits in the background and just ticks along. No fuss.


Broadband boss: 'The end of freeloading is nigh'

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I think he's...well I shouldn't say really

And comparing bandwidth to finite resources that countries go to war over is loopy. It's a Victorian Tories wet dream.....I can see it all now, meters on the sides of the telly....

Oh and in the Netherlands, the pavements are often dug up every year or two and they lay them all nice and neat again. All that shiftiing sand.

It's not a biggie.

Fear 2012? Bunker hustler has you covered

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flooding submersion for 500 hours

So no good for another "forty days and forty nights" Etch a sketch end of the world by you know who then.....

Verified by Visa bitchslapped by Cambridge researchers

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Excuse the ignorance...

But how do you access DOB's publicly in the UK?

Is this through online census data?

Fujitsu workers take strike to Parliament

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Dead Vulture

Reap what you sow

I wonder how many job cuts Fujitsu managed services have been responsible for......

British troops to get new all-terrain camouflage kit

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Here's a pic of UK SF trialling the new camo

"I've heard a lot of good feedback on the H&K SA80 redesign"

Here's a pic UK special forces trialling the new camo and they have the redesigned SA-80's


Care assistant sacked over porn shop internship

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Paris Hilton

There'd be problems in the Netherlands

The sale of various adult toys is not restricted to sex shops or Ann Summers etc.

The equivelent of Currys over here - Media Markt - has a section with various Dildos, Love Eggs, Vibrators etc. It was a bit of a shock when I was bimbling round looking for a new video card. There they were at the end of one aisle, where a man and a womed were discussing which one to buy.

This Swedish bloke would be basically disbarred from working in most of the major electrical retailers.

When she's in the Netherlands, Paris shops in Media Markt

Gov demand for Governator to terminate PunterNet

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Same old, same old

Come on May 2010, when we can get these bastards out!...

And exchange them for who exactly??? Oh you mean those bastards over there!