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Boeing builds British Airways 787 Dreamliner in 4 minutes

Black Helicopters

Re: Tail fin

I was thinking that as it was a publicity video, ether BA or Boeing had words with one another and requested the pain job in order to identify the aircraft on the production line for the cameras (and audience).

Canadians taking to spying on their spies


Re: I hope that we're watching this in the States

Don't forget that "The Queen" is often used to refer to Her Royal Highness of Great Britain and Northern Island.

Technically the head of state in Canada is the Queen of Canada.

Yes shes the same woman at the moment, but i don't think there isn't anything stopping it from being another woman. Much like the Queen of Australia, the Queen in Right of New Zealand, and all the other Commonwealth Realms.

I believe this kicked off when Empire stopped being fashionable.

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Re: Groundswell

Thames, I would like to thank you for summarizing what for me is turning out to be a steep learning curve of Canadian politics. As a current Permanent Resident (as of March this year) I am unable to vote but I am taking an interest in such matters for future reference.

My wife being a Citizen is able to vote and obviously has a much better grasp of whats going on.

My impression at the moment is that the Liberals are the equivalent of the left, NDP the center and the Conservatives are the right.

I do however remember the "New strong" (from my first visits to Canada) and was saddened to hear of his untimely death (My wife voted for him at one stage)

Fancy a mile-high earjob? We've had five!

Black Helicopters

Out of my mind!

Nice that I'm one of the people who are out of my mind... but oh well.

I got a pair of Sony (I know.... I was young and naive!) MDR NC-22 in Dubai in 2007. Still going to this day with a long distance Atlantic crossing every 4 weeks, however the clip on the battery pack (AAA) is broken, the wires (stranded core) inside are starting to fray and short so i suspect they are not long for this world.

Any one got a list of in-ear NC headphones available. I have ethical objections to buying from Sony again.

Icon... well its flying so NC headphones would be good

Elon Musk snowed under with Googley dollars for Space Internet


Re: Sat Comms.

Well testing my latency from here in the Mid-East, I get the following from pingtest;

London server - Coventry - 766 ms - jitter - 251 ms

US server - washington - 654 ms - jitter 23 ms

AUS server - sydney - 1,518ms - jitter 756 ms

And using cmd to ping google's DNS gets the following; - 676 ms

The ground station IP is registered to Globecomm Europe B.V. in the Netherlands and a bit of sluthing says that the bird I'm connected to is Telstar 12 (formaly Orion 2) parked in a 15 Deg West orbit and launched in 1999.


No anon pr0n for you: BT's network-level 'smut' filters will catch proxy servers too


Re: Who cares!!!

With respect, there is an element of lazyness or at the least a lack of knowledge with regards to the filters.

I agree that there are certain devices can parental controls can not be install onto and that it is not always practical to setup ones own gateway and squid proxy.

Like you I believe that the informed don't necessarily have a problem with filtering, but with the onus on OPT-OUT internet filtering with no proper oversight.

A TINY amount of money could have be spent on educating parents to be (with a mention in pre-natal classes) and those already with child (via TV/radio/print adverts) and would have yielded a better result.

You can't touch this: It's HAMR time for WD

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Re: 3Tb drives. Nice.

One would think that it would be backed up to one of the 4x 3Tb drives i have running right now in my home NAS.

But I understand your point.

My response is that if we get a 3Tb 2.5 inch drive we will prob get a 8Tb 3.5 inch drive (or higher density).

Oooh! My NAUGHTY SKIRT keeps riding up! Hello, INTERNET EXPLORER


Re: All true, but ...

MST3000 "mostly out of business" ?????

wander over to www.rifftrax.com and have a great time seeing that the guys are very much still in business.

Anti-food startup Soylent pours sugar daddies' $1.5m into its gloopy mix

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Im very interested in this...

Out here in the desert we are quite well catered and the camp staff do try their best to spice things up, but chicken and rice (and the variations) three times a day sucks the life out of you by the 14th day.

My general routine is that by the 20th day I get down to only eating one meal in a 24 hour period and I'm still expected to work for 12 hours solid before getting my 12 hours off to shower/sleep (assuming nothing is broken and i need to stay up to help fix it etc.)

I know its unhealthy and that's why i need Soylent. so that for the 28 days while I'm at work I have an option to maintain my weight while performing the tasks that i get paid for.

Once I'm home its proper food (and booze).

Job = Drilling Engineer. Location = Saudi

Tracking the history of magnetic tape: A game of noughts and crosses

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Re: no more tape in SOHO?

Thanks AC (assuming you are the same as above you)

I do have room for double parity at the moment but then that removes my hotspare. I guess ill have to double up on the HP micro-servers for increasing pool space instead of throwing in another drive.

Incidentally... anyone with a HP micro-server N36L, N40L or N54L and wants to increase their drives to 5 or 6 should really look at the following post which relates to a BIOS "hack"


Its supposed to allow full SATA-II 3Gig instead of 1.5Gig speeds as well as hot-plug ability to ALL drives (the Mirco-server is officially unable to hot-plug).

Ill be performing the modification once i get back home.


no more tape in SOHO?

I would kill to have an affordable tape solution at home.

I'm increasingly worried about the recover-ability of my RAID (remember folks... RAID is NOT backup) and i cant think of any logistically feasible way to back up 9 TB of stuff.

Anyone have any pointers?

Ebay throws up some the odd LTO drives and now thanks to this article I'm looking at AIT5...

Study finds online commentards easily duped, manipulated


I am indeed manipulated by the arrows...

And i need them to be equal! on ALL posts.

So therefore i have tried my best to make this happen regardless of the content of the post, but i am only one man and some posts are less equal than others.

Watch LIVE tomorrow: LOHAN team attempts second pop at SPEARS


Im looking forward to it...

And shall be deploying every screen/laptop i have in order to watch as much of the coverage as possible.

Good luck with the launch, and beers all round for what ever happens.

Microsoft announces $499 price tag, new games for Xbox One


Re: Comparing like with like

$399... no restrictions on sharing and after market.... no always connected DRM...

*walks off*

thats basically what i saw when i watched the coverage. Sony has this one in the bag even tho i still have not forgiven them for the PS3 "other OS" fuster-cluck.


Marlinspike: Saudi mobe network tried to recruit me to sniff citizens' privates

Big Brother

More than two operators.

There are more than two operators in Saudi, three to be exact.

STC = gov run original player

Mobily = newer, parent company is Etisalat (UAE)

Zain = even NEWER, parent company MTC (Kuwait)

Ok they are all Saudi companies as you cant run a business in Saudi without it being Saudi (See HSBC division SABB)

Fun fact, just recently (read within 6 months) you can only get a SIM card if you give the phone companies your ID number, and once they have it you have to type that in every time you want to top up the phone.

It'a a massive pain in the arse that's for sure.

The best e-readers for Christmas



Battery life?

Wi-Fi routers able to manage bandwidth by app are offered

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Layer 7?

how is this different from a linux box running a Layer 7 QoS that i built many moons ago? apart from the marketing speak and plastic casing.

Vote now for the ultimate bacon sandwich

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Bacon bap, not bacon AND etc. bap

Just to express my opinion. A bacon sandwich should not include anything but Bacon, eggs, butter and bread. Add in the egg and it becomes a Bacon AND egg sandwich.

Ketchup... only with eggs.

Precision Engineer has been voted for by me!

They said it wasn't right for biz - but Samsung unveils TLC SSD


The Glass ones are better!

Speaking with my tin foil hat on, I do enjoy a bit of drive smashing. The glass ones are a hell of a lot easier to trash than the metal platter ones.

My metal ones i had to destroy in a hurry, so a bit of rum and coke, scratching with a magnet (and also a screwdriver) and leaving them outside in the middle of a Canadian winter was the best i could do at the short notice. I know that probably not enough to destroy the data but hopefully it was enough to prevent someone trying to access the data (aka too much effort to bother).

Adelaide hospital rolls out RFID tagging


So then why is it...

If the hospital can spend this amount of money on WIRELESS equipment and then use said equipment in the hospital, I am not allowed to use my WIRELESS equipment (Read as Mobile phone) in the building for fear it would interfere with the medical equipment.

Is this a case of mobile phones on airplanes? And as for the power requirements, surely you can just bung in some pico-cells to limit the mobile phones power output. And shouldn't the medical equipment be build to accept said emissions?

Anyone care to shed some light on the matter?

Hack on Saudi Aramco hit 30,000 workstations, oil firm admits



"The company confirmed that its primary enterprise systems of hydrocarbon exploration and production were unaffected as they operate on isolated network systems. "

again... HA!!!

unaffected? lack of SAP inventory tracking, DIMS and other software allowing asset tracking and they say unaffected? Not to mention the Geologists in town being unable to see whats happening in the field (which is actually a blessing) to "advise".

oh well, I guess ill go back to ignoring whats happening on the ground.

Saudi oil giant seals off network after mystery malware attack

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Re: Not surprising...

Not sure where about you are, but down here in Haradh all the Aramco computers are vindows 7 systems and the internet is locked down through proxy servers.

Granted once you get on the good side of a company man/IT bod you can get the username and passwords to get through to the outside world, however your still monitored for what actually is downloaded and they change the passwords every month.

Easier to get an STC or mobily sim card and a USB data stick. 350 SAR gives you unlimted internet and it truely is unlimited! ((just get a VPN and your safe from prying eyes).

Internet Archive serves up 1.4 million BitTorrent downloads


archived on the pirate bay?

Sorry to tell you but The pirate bay does not work like you are describing.

Magnet links do not contain the original data, just a link to where the data can be found. Said data is distributed throughout the internet on peoples computers and only available when they decide to seed (share).

The only place you'll find archives of the old movies are in legal deposit library's (ala National Library).

George Osborne accused of derailing UK.gov's green dream


Re: waste? WASTE!

What we need is to address the problem of the nuclear waste....oh wait.... we HAVE!

New nuke designs should be along the Gen IV and Fast Breeders for a start! Id love liquid thorium however if I could get one.

As far as Gas power stations, go for them. The Greenies must know that they are a dam sight better for the environment as long as they are TEMPORARY and help us get to the good fun glowing stuff.

Disclosure - I'm a bit bias on both nukes and gas. I work for Halliburton (i hear the Booing already) and i have shares in uranium and thorium.

ICON? cos that sort of thing dose not happen these days unless your watching movies

SpaceX joy as Space Station robo-arm grabs Dragon's tail

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Re: This calls for a spin-off computer game!

try out the Kerbal Space Program for a space sim game with actual space bits in it!


Ive only just managed to get to the Moon! however getting back again is an impossible task for my inept Kerbal spacemen

Pilots asking not to fly F-22 after oxygen problems

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Re: Interesting BBC documentry about altitude

Thanks for the link, I don't mind watching these types of programs although i do know about partial pressures etc due to SCUBA diving with Enriched Air (Nitrox).

Ten... two-bay Nas boxes

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Re: I went down the DIY route

Again, i too got the HP microserver although i didnt go for OMV. Instead a USB stick loaded with Debian Sid and RAID-Z for my old 500 gig HDDs.

I'm just waiting for the price of HDDs to come down enough to make it work buying 4x2TB (or more) and then ill be laughing!

As for RAID-5... i had a nasty experience with it before and really like ZFS as a file system. Just dont forget to check your RAID content every week to prevent the bit rot!

(use zfs scrub if using ZFS)

Top Gun 2: It's happening - and the choice of star is stirring controversy


buzz the tower!!

We have to assume the new female lead will be the sexy (and smart/confident but having to fight male oppression) will be Old Tom's on screen daughter.

She will have a Fighter pilot Boyfriend who Daddy Tom dosn't approve of and therefore must win the approval in order to be able to marry the young'un.

This allows us the following;

A) sexy time with young woman + boyfriend

B) tension and conflict with daddy Tom

C) reconciliation using the power of blowing the shit out of baddies in a joint mission with Tom (hes the only one who can save the day!) and the future husband (hes proposed by this point... or about to)

D) happy ending! with joint buzzing of the tower.

Cant really see how we can get Tom into the cockpit yet. but it could be bring-your-future-dad-to-work-day aboard the Nimitz.

Oh, and baddies have to be traditional Hollywood "terrists" of the week.

Have we moved passed the foreign enemies yet and onto the domestic ones!?

OH!! and of course that has to be said in the movie too.... to protect America against all enemies etc. etc. etc.

Powerful, wallet-sized Raspberry Pi computer sells out in SECONDS

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I cant wait for mine!

Unfortunately being in Cyprus means i'll prob have to wait a little longer than most (although RS Cyprus is just a forwarding address from RS UK technically) for my little beauty!

Registered my interest with RS UK for the moment but it'll give me plenty of time to find a suitable case for it.

Amazing that the site is still (20:00 +2 GMT) on the static webpage to conserve bandwidth!

UK's solar 'leccy cash slash ruled unlawful


Well this is a heated topic

And as the wise once said...

"Arguing on the internet is like running in the special Olympics. Even if you win..."

Any-who... Molten Salt Reactors with Thorium fuel cycle is the way forward in MY book, but that might be different in somebody Else's book.

Nuke icon? Well that's the LAST time we will see them like that if things go the way I'm hoping for.

http://energyfromthorium.com/ <--- I don't work for them, but i like to read what they put online.

SCADA vuln imperils critical infrastructure, feds warn


Mission critical

You've basically hit the nail on the head there. Working with the stuff (not the effected PLCs in this instance but we do have S7 PLC controllers) its far too easy with the new kit to just connect it up to a network that is open to the tubes.

Its "easy" and they bill it that way from the manufacturer. Build your SCADA network over commodity network hubs/switches using regular ethernet connected to bog standard x86 windows computers.

As you said mission critical networks should and need to be isolated, all the way down to the floppy drives, CD drives and USB ports. BUT that takes time, effort and someone who knows what they are doing.

Bristol boffins bring qubit computing a tiny step closer



Would this O'Brien happen to have a rank of Chief?

Record flight is step toward HYPERSONIC SPACE AIRSHIP


when they.....

go POP!

Future Firefox to slurp updates silently


its ALIVE!!!

blooming FF updated itself automatically the other day to v7.0.1 and promptly borked the java-script that i have to use with Juniper Networks and citrix to login to my corp server.

No big deal, i understand these things happen, so i down graded and specifically told the "new" old version i had just installed to NOT update unless i told it to.

Two hours later and FF updated and is back to v7.0.1.. WTF?!

its alive i tells ya!

EC to vet Euro broadband performance

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I have signed up for this!

I have signed up for this, i know for a fact that the cable outside my street is made of paper and string so anything to let other people know about it.

Maybe it'll make Cytanet get their finger out... maybe?!

and yes... i promise not to reverse engineer it although its going to be difficult!!!

Star Trek TNG revamped for Blu-ray in 2012



well i guess ill be buying this on import in order to get avoid the upscaling costs. And i shall echo the worries of others about the 16:9 strech.

Maybe they can take the future frame when the camera is panning to add in the extra bits at the side from 4:3

maybe some temporal-shifting is in order.

UK, US ink boffinry pact on laser fusion 'star power'



what deal was struck then? Am i being THAT dence?

End of UK local dialling in sight as numbers run out

IT Angle


That number wont get you the emergency services.

But this one will!

0118 999 881 999 119 725 3

IT? as in IT crowd

Couple can sue service that monitored their net sex


As is customary...

Pics or it didnt happen!

ill get my coat.. with the crumpled pics in the pockets.

Ofcom mulls smackdown for rogue religious TV channel


BluRay.... DVD

Blu-Ray....... DVD

Blu-Ray > DVD

Blu-Ray and DVD are mutually exclusive

Coders breathe Android into dead HP fondleslab

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HP purchasing budget.

Incidently i too have blown the budget for a microserver thanks to a tip off from El Reg, although if i can find a tablet for the price listed im snapping it up as soon as possible and then will take a hit else-where...

humm... the food budget has money so ill just go hungry for a little while.

BBC explains 'All your Twitter pics are belong to us' gaffe


What have you done Aunti!

"So were taking yours. Analy..."

Thats far too sinister but I dont want the BBC taking things from me in THAT way!

I need a new keyboard, and a scrubbing brush for my mind

Icebergs measured in Manhattans: Official


I prefer...

Gin and Titonic so that the scaling can work better.


Google lands patent for, um, estimating shipment time


I shall counter-patent

with my very own patent for using toilet paper. However my flow-chart will go as follows...

Sit on toilet - deposit faeces in toilet – take sheets of toilet paper – wipe rectal opening – deposit Toilet paper into portable wrapping

again im ommiting "put portable wrapping into bin" as that can be mixed in with the patents that relate to kitchen or garden waste.

Portable wrapping could mean plastic/paper/cloth bag etc.

am i doing patent right?

Ofcom says no to web-blocking


I asked the google for its cache.

Unfortunatly for ofcom their mistake at not being able to redact from a pdf has been captured by google cache.

Of course you have to click the "view as HTML" link instead of the PDF link provided (at least OFCOM have removed the original pdf from the server).

But yeah... nothing new and i could argue a little patronising too.

Turn your mobile phones in to a live gig speaker


Memory Buffer

Use one FM freq. then get the device to buffer the content and play it after the correct time delay worked out by the GPS. After all, EM moves faster than sound does.

This is why the system cant be done with a non-smart FM device and why it wont work at close range to the stage.

The flaw is using the GPS and its ability to lock onto a good enough signal.

Motorola dual-core Android phone to pull off laptop trick?



does the laptop dock have at least one USB port on it?

Of course i wouldn't expect the phone itself to power an external HDD but if there is a "multimedia" doc with 3x USB and 1x HDMI i would expect there to be at least one USB on the laptop doc!

Primary school miss flashes porn vid at kiddies

Black Helicopters

Ive been musing....

I dont think that the kiddies would have seen anything at all apart from breasts and arse...

VHS tape with porn stars = BBFC licenced material.

These restrictions can be found over at http://www.bbfc.co.uk/classification/guidelines/r18 but the obvious one to see is that there can not be any penitration.

Bums moving in and out, tits and thats about all that could be seen. OTHERWISE she might have illegal content!

Somthing to think about.

Intrepid Vulture 1 spaceplane pilot arrives at PARIS project

Paris Hilton


he's going to be inside PARIS!

paris... well PARIS

New US swarmsats will scatter to avoid space-war strikes


maybe it can be done...

Maybe these swarm of battle bots will use electric ion drives or other such electric impuse drives that are being tested.

It didnt say that they had to move "fast" but just that they needed to move away from each other and then back again.

Elec'y propulsion would be capable of doing that and save on the weight/fuel requirements.