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GE tries to refocus image of holographic storage


Holographic - lab experiment getting attention

First and foremost I believe this article is referring to enterprise grade archival solutions, not consumer masses. Secondly, holographic is really overkill and will end up where UDO did for obvious reasons. Blu Ray is the future of long term archival storage as long as manufacturers adopt is as a platform to develop upon. The main problem with the optical storage is too many formats and manufacturers trying to control the niche optical market. DVD, Blu Ray, UDO, PDD, MO, now Holographic.....is 3D storage gonna be the next thing?

I strongly believe holographic is just a lab test that's gaining lots of attention and no one is picking it up. As the cost for blu ray goes down everyday due to wide adoption, the casket will be closed on holographic. On Plasmon......everybody knows the story of that. It's no longer an "if", it's a "when" the casket is finally gonna be closed on it. ASTI grossly overpaid for the corpse that was Plasmon and according to insiders, they haven't sold a single box...only collecting on old legacy maintenance service agreements. Like a dead hoesr with just enough food to keep limping. Last we heard their old CEO - Steve Murphy took over some other Disk based storage manufacturer - RelData......we'll see.