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Schoolteachers can't teach our kids to code, say engineers

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@ James Hughes 1

"Biased, but Raspberry Pi."

Well worth a mention. The project seems to be shaping up pretty well and should free up some budget to re-skill said teachers.

Anti-gay bus baron rages at being stuffed in Google closet

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@ Dr Paul Taylor

"Sounds like Souter is getting a taste of his own medicine."

Aye, and he doesn't like it up 'im, or so he keeps saying...... ad inf.

Swedish cops free boozy moose from tree

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@ Thomas 4

"Was this story → #

....sourced from in-cider info?"

Yet another Apple® story. I've had a look here.....


..but no sign of it., so maybe not a Press release.

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@ "Clearly they have no kebab shops."

Do you really have kebab shops where Inmates live?

Coulson arrested

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Prime number.

What makes you think she doesn't lie about her age as well?

Drink 8 bottles of wine, you'll be unharmed if hit by Mike Tyson

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Punch drunk?

May I have some funding for my own research into the effects of red wine on the brain? I can assure you that my work is peer reviewed and replicated the world over. Btw, never ask a boxer to get a round in.

Man coughs to sex with donkey and horse

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Ménagerie à trois.

Such unbridled passion could lead to the clippity-clop of tiny little Centaur feet.

Labour MP experiences nasty video shock horror

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I wonder if this means Google will be pulling out of the UK as well as China.

Sage payment processor goes titsup - again

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What a Turkey.

Is this the first time Sage took a stuffing at Christmas?

Darling promises IT cuts, years of pain

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Accomplices after the fact.

Indeed. Power corrupts & absolute power costs twice as much as it used to. God forbid they should pay for it themselves.

Accused phone thief snared after phone sends pic to victim

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I think you'll find that the worst looting was carried out by corporates, free marketeers and their cronies in the administration. In fact the same types who brought us global financial meltdown (and continue to do so). I imagine it's quite difficult to steal whole neighbourhoods but they seem to have managed it.

For a more in depth explanation see here:


Your guns won't help you against that lot.

I will concede, however, that the guy in the article is an idiot.

Camel carcasses menace Outback water supplies

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One lump or two?

"They'll then be "left to rot"

But not before el Reg collects their balls for CoTW.

Gov confirms plans for Sky box in charge of your house

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Shocking. Or not, as the case may be.

Catholics slam PETA nude adopt-a-mutt poster

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God's Rottweiler

I can see her puppies.

Serial slurry fetish man jailed again

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Word for the day.


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Rustic Sheriff's Badge

If he was allowed to continue his 'comings in the goings', then perhaps a dose of E.coli O157:H7 will help change his mind. A few weeks slopping out in jail will do little to dampen his ardour.

Sounds like a smear campaign TBH.

London's stock exchange crashes again

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Swine Flew.

If the LSE is 21% owned by the Dubai Government and a Dubai state corporation announces that it can't pay it's interest, does that mean it's less of a software/hardware problem and more of a sleight of hand problem?

I wonder if they get charged £30 for a letter telling them that they've defaulted on their £48 billion debt repayments.

State attorney nabbed in car with stripper, Viagra and sex toys

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Bury this story.

"Stiff goes down in cemetery". Oh really? I think officer Wines may have been a bit hard-on Mr Corning : isn't it curious that a man would take a number of sex toys "just in case" but only one Viagra?

What do Scotland, Australia and Africa have in common?

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@ David W.

Well, on reflection, when you put it like that. I commend your efforts to put the record straight.

I've often felt DC was unlucky (rather than a bad driver). Being second driver and "team orders" didn't help. In one GP in particular (can't remember which) when he was in second place and catching the leader but team orders meant he let his team-mate through to win. What made it worse was that some of my countrymen (etc.) had put money down at the bookies for him to win. So, after much gnashing of teeth and some reasoned discussion later on, the considered opinion was that "team orders" were little different to "race fixing" in this instance. Just an opinion though.

Anyway, nice clarification of your previous post and BTW I thought "Dubya" stood for "Wind-up" but, so long as you neither confirm nor deny, then your secret remains intact. Beyond reasonable doubt.

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@ David W

But Africa was included, and you did work in the snarky comment regardless. May I therefore draw your attention to Jim Clark and Sir Jackie Stewart and indeed the many Scots engineers who continue to work in F1? Moreover, Mark Webber (Aus) won the GP on Sunday.

With regard to UC: isn't it cool how the driver , the pit crew and the car can all communicate through the telemetry in real time and on TV as well?

BTW David, I think I know what the Dubya stands for.

UK, France mull Photoshop fakery laws

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Goodbye creative/artistic endeavour.

Okay then, let's kick off with all those photo's that make Sarkozy look taller than he actually is. In fact let's ban milk crates and all the other things he likes to stand on (including his high horse). Why stop at Photoshop? What about InDesign, Quark, or even just MS Word? Then we wouldn't have to hear about "sexed up dossiers" and the like. Let's go a step further: spell checkers. Publish as is, warts and all.

What they have failed to grasp (assuming they have usable, opposable thumbs) is that most of the applications they may use in their (hopefully short) careers, have a drop down menu called EDIT. I,m sure they have used it many times though perhaps not in this instance.

So, just to recap. Let's burn down Le Louvre, the Ufizzi, the Tate. Let's burn all books (fuck knows what reading them might lead you to think). Oh yeah, and let's not vote for them, whoever the fuck they are (or think they are).

Reality? Mmm, don't think they've heard of it.

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Forgot this bit...

"When teenagers and women look at these pictures in magazine...."

Yeah, like they are one and the same, but men are different. How very Illiberal.