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Latest iPhone firmware unlocked

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Not an iphone

Erm, thats a IPod Touch/iTouch whatever it is called not an iPhone. It clearly says Ipod in the top right hand corner (just like my iTouch) and it just appears to have the new Application upgrade that Apple are charging $20 for. I see no relationship between the video and article.

Apple MacBook Air



The Envelope is the only provided accessory. Its so you can send it back to the nutter when the battery has expired.

BBC HD channel gets green light


Stop moaning

For those of you moaning about this, shut up. You are probably watching a 15 inch CRT or just seen the rubbish Curry's HD demo on TVs not set up all sharing the same feed. Sky Hd, 720 or 1080 is great. Yes it all depends on your TV, eyesight, how far away you sit etc but the BBC HD channel has been showing some great content and in great quality. It is BBC 3 and BBC 4 that should shutup shop. Why should it be on freeview too? You want the quality you pay the price for the technology, TV License or not.

Free Wi-Fi aims to snag Mondeo man


Polish a Turd you say?

No, a turd is a turd and you certainly cannot polish a turd.

But you can stick a sparkler in it to make it more attractive.

Sony Vaio reborn for the living room



Or you could just build yourself a better spec one and put it in a slim line case like I did for around £300. They must think we were born yesterday. Looks too much like a stupid mac for my tastes

Motorola sharpens Razr


You sure?

You sure it has 420MB internal storage?


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