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DHS airport spooks stalk star hacker

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tea party militia versus modern military?

I fully support the right to bear arms, especially for the concept of holding an abusive government in check.

Having said that, how many hours do you think the tea party would last in armed conflict against the might of the U.S. government, barring things like rebellion in the government/military ranks mucking things up nicely?

Mine's the one with the M2 headspace and timing key in my pocket.

School secretly snapped 1000s of students at home

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let's have some honesty here

Hopefully, all the hot air that has been blown in the above comments made everyone feel better, or at least let them brag about their IT security prowess sufficiently.

Otherwise, does anybody really believe this will go further than deals being cut, a couple of scapegoats/yes-men getting in trouble, and the real source(s) of these policies skulking in the shadows, untouched (or quietly let go to come back as highly paid consultants/advisers)?

MoD pays quadruple in money + blood for Afghan helicopters

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@matthew maclean

Best comment in awhile...

First, I noticed you chose "steak" instead of "stake", and "companys" instead of the proper "companies".

Then, I noticed the flame next to your "steak". Brilliant! Very clever plug for both the bovine and grilling industry...it worked beautifully. As of this second, the old Weber charcoal grill is heating up, and the steaks are ready.

That, sir, was the best flame ever.