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It's happened: AWS signs Memorandum of Understanding for fluffy white services with UK.gov


Forget the discount

What happens once the three years are up> Given it's likely to take at least a year for a department to start using their services, is this a small discount and then whacking them with full price once the deal expires?

Elizabeth Holmes' plan to avoid her Theranos fraud trial worked out about as well as her useless blood-testing machines


Re: Hold on lads!

"Basic due diligence should have (and for most specialist biotech investors did) suggested something fishy before anyone opened their cheque books."

They did do due diligence apparently. KPMG got on it right after they finished with HP and Autonomy

Open-source devs drown in DigitalOcean's latest tsunami of pull-request spam that is Hacktoberfest



You come up with a contest intended to help open source, which causes these projects to shut down for a few weeks.

Marketing strikes again.

Stop us if you've heard this one before: Crypto exchange cracked, Bitcoin burgled



"The company also promised that any losses would be covered by insurance"

which should read

"We need some time to clear up and get out, please believe there's a chance you'll get your money back for a few more days/weeks"

Brave takes brave stand against Google's plan to turn websites into ad-blocker-thwarting Web Bundles


Re: Prior art?

Hmmm will that be an effective blocking mechanism? If the filesize is > than 500k, display a message saying "This site is nothing but adds, do you want to continue?"

Relying on plain-text email is a 'barrier to entry' for kernel development, says Linux Foundation board member


Trouble at home?

As anyone doing kernal work wouldn't have an issue sending a plain text email, does anyone else believe what actually happened was he had a "moment" and forgot to send it as plain text. The type of silly mistake we've all done many times over the years, but means nothing. His partner has now taken this and turned it into a "He finds sending email in plain text a struggle", just for the sake of a PR blog post.

.NET Core: Still a Microsoft platform thing despite more than five years open source


"And how long would the open source versions of .NET Core, C# or F# last if Microsoft decided to drop .NET, as they have for so many other developer products - J++, J#, Visual FoxPro, Silverlight, Direct X etc. etc."

How is DirectX on there? As for the others, most of them should never have existed, so killing support quickly isn't such a bad thing. I'd be looking at the people that thought creating anything using those products, was a good idea in the first place ;)

Email innovator Hey extends an olive branch in standoff with Apple, tweaks code to make the iGiant appier


Re: A subscription fee for email‽

Err, I pay for my email. It doesn't get scanned and interupted with adverts that are no use to me. For the services I get, it's well worth the money.

No idea about this "hey" email though.

Billionaires showered with wealth as experts say global economy set for long and deep recession


"That my annual income is less than Bill Gates makes in an hour isn't his fault and he doesn't need to be punished for it. That my income is multiples of the national average is again no reason to seek to punish me."

Bill Gates made his money with illegal business practices and that's the issue with billionaires. They're not making money because they are geniuses, they're making it by exploiting people and governments are doing nothing about it, as they're on the gravy train.

While people should be able to make money and be well off, no one has contributed anywhere near $2 billion dollars of worth to anything in the last few months, yet they're being rewarded. Bezos earned his money by forcing his employees to work in unhealthy conditions, for no extra money, not because he worked hard, or came up with some amazing new thing. Most of the billionaires are in the same boat, I expect that ability to exploit people/get away with crime, is what separates billionaires from millionaires.

Almost all heads of large companies earn multiple millions these days, despite having no experience within that companies core competency, they just know the right handshake. The fact is these days the people sticking things in pigs and knowing little else of value are earning all the money. The ones studying hard are earning less and less as the years go by.

Oh and people with no qualifications but doing jobs no one else wants to, should also be able to earn a decent wage. Horrendous jobs, or unsociable hours should bring more pay, but this has been all but wiped out as the people at the top need their millions for doing jack.

Zoom vows to spend next 90 days thinking hard about its security and privacy after rough week, meeting ID war-dialing tool emerges


Re: To be honest you can't blame people for going to Zoom

You mean make it even worse, from the article it's already pretty terrible for serious use.

Yo, Imma let you finish, but for the 6,000 people still using that app on a daily basis ... we have a question: why?


Re: Sticky Octopi*

I can still remember the streaks we put down a large conservatory window playing with them. Great fun and in no way worthless.

Bada Bing, bada bork: Windows 10 is not happy, and Microsoft's search engine has something to do with it


"One of these days someone, somewhere, is going to run a comparative test of the quantity/quality of search engine results by the Evil Google and the Saintly DDG and similarly noble StartPage. In the meantime, the myth will presumably continue to be perpetuated that DDG is in some way a credible alternative to Google when, in fact, it isn 't."

Err to say they're not credible is a bit much. Yes they're not as good as google right now, but for a lost of searching they're fine. I find DDG handles most of my general searching perfectly well, it's only when I want specific information, or a wide range of opinions that it comes up short. That's when I use google.

Oh and you have to remember to view more than the first page to get to some of the links, just like you had to do with google when they started up. If no one's clicking on the link, it's hard for them to increase the relevance.

Stiff upper lip time, Brits: After bullying France to drop its digital tax on Silicon Valley, Trump's coming for you next


Re: He's threatening Italy as well

as opposed to being in the EU who failed to reach an agreement when they tried.

Not sure what your point is.

And then there were two: HMS Prince of Wales joins Royal Navy


quick, to the downvotes

We strained our eyes with Lenovo's monster monitor: 43.4 inches for price of five 24" screens


Re: Vertical space rules

but can it play Crysis?

Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC: Howdy buck do you get a solid 60FPS in Rockstar's masterpiece?


Re: Just out of interest...

I've completed the Xbox version and the game is equal parts brilliant and idiotic. They have created a beautiful world and it does feel like the wild west when you're happily wandering about doing very little. However, try and achieve something and it can become a pain.

The developers have decided they want you to play the game their way and under no circumstances can you do anything else*. If the game engine was well designed, they'd probably get away with it, but it isn't, so they don't. It's *very* easy to walk into someone and cause a fight, this can reset the progress you've made on a mission. If you could get back to the location swiftly it wouldn't be so bothersome, but lots of times it's another 5-10 minutes riding your horse to the start of the mission and trying again.

Hunting the legendary animals can be fun, but multiple times I've traveled for ages, got to the location, only for a side-quest to kick off and scare the animal away. You then have to leave the area and come back later. More time wasted.

As I said I've completed the game, but I hate the thought of spending any more time in the game, as I'm fed up with wasting 20-30 minutes playing time through no fault of my own.

* As the PC game can be modded, the crappy issues may be fixed over time.


Re: And this, dear friends...

You obviously missed the articles about the Stadia game that needed patching before people could play it. I think they're going to make people wait at static screens while the game updates in the background. It's a bit like their claims of 4k, up-scaling a 1080p picture isn't real 4k and simply not showing the "Updating game" message, doesn't mean you don't have to wait for games to update.

Beware the trainee with time on his hands and an Acorn manual on his desk


Re: Oh, the joys

He's obviously the culprit

Infosec boffins pour cold water on claims Home Office Brexit app can be easily hacked



"These are controls like the app detecting whether the phone has been rooted"

One day people may wake up to the fact a rooted phone is probably more secure than a stock phone.

California’s Attorney General joins the long list of people who have had it with Facebook


"CEO Zuckerberg also continues to avoid visiting London, or anywhere in the UK, out of fear he will be arrested for repeatedly failing to comply with a request by Parliament to answer questions about Facebook’s actions, as revealed in the tranche of documents."

It's ok Zuck, if the law comes looking for you, you could always seek refuge in a friendly embassy. You'd even get a cat thrown in.

The sound of silence is actually the sound of a malicious smart speaker app listening in on you


There's an article on ars technica about this, along with videos showing it in action. I believe the password one plays the silence and then asks the user for their password, it then starts listening. I was very impressed (as I don't have these devices at home).

We read the Brexit copyright notices so you don't have to… No more IP freely, ta very much


Re: I am just going to ignore it and

‘Trade deals take so long because they can be hijacked by small groups in any one of the EU member state parliaments or even local authorities, leaving us at the mercy of every European pressure group.'

Errr so he's against the EU, as the above example shows why it's such a hideously inefficient entity. Much better to get rid of it and try again.

Ye olde Blue Screen of Death is back – this time, a bad Symantec update is to blame


Re: BSOD never went away

Once a week for me ever since our external support bods swapped out Kaspersky for Webroot. But they tell me it's not related.

Astronaut Tim Peake reminds everyone about the time Excel mangled his contact list on stage at Microsoft AI event


Not defending Excel but

"I'm still blaming that on the software, I imported my contacts address book in Excel and all the 9s got rounded up to 0s…"

Here's a tip Tim, don't use a spreadsheet as an address book.

DoorDash doesn't just pick up your food orders, it delivers your data to hackers, too


Re: (and, while you're at it, stop reusing passwords)

I agree, I was horrified when I tried to update my Microsoft password and was told the maximum length was 16 characters. This was a year ago and I don't think they've changed it yet.

Yet another reminder: When a tech giant says its AI listens to you, it means humans listen to you. Right, Facebook?

Paris Hilton

Staffed by people on minimum wage

You know the people listening in are on minimum wage and they'll also be monitored to make sure they're transcribing enough words, which means they just put any crap in and you also know management won't be checking they've transcribed it correctly, so....

The AI is probably dumber after it's had the data updated, then it was before. But we won't tell Zuck that.

Paris, because they've been at it so long, AI has probably reached her level. Love Island next year will consist of Amazon echo's and google home hubs.

Low Barr: Don't give me that crap about security, just put the backdoors in the encryption, roars US Attorney General


Did he just threaten the USA?

“A major incident may well occur at any time that will galvanize public opinion on these issues,” he said.

Don't know about anyone else, but I read that as a threat.

Tinfoil hat anyone?

These boffins' deepfake AI vids are next-gen. But don't take our word for it. Why not ask Zuck or Kim Kardashian...


Re: Seems good enough to fool most people to me

"Why should anyone waste their time spoiling a ballet when it changes nothing and has no effect?"

On its own it has no effect and shouldn't do, but if everyone who doesn't vote spoiled their ballot paper it would have a very significant effect.

If you don't vote, nothing can be inferred from it. Not all people fail to cast a vote because they don't believe in the system, so you can't say X people didn't vote so the system must be broken. Having an election where a large proportion of votes were spoiled would send out a signal things were broken.

If 25% of the electorate spoiled their ballot and the highest candidate only had 20% of the vote, they would have a very hard time justifying the candidate should take up a seat at Parliament. Having 25% of people not participate can never be allowed to mean anything, as the meaning will be inferred by the people in power and we don't want that.

So if you want to change the system, participate in the current one, otherwise don't complain you're being ignored.

DXC Technology exec: What should our brand be known for?


"* Good, fast, cheap: we've heard of them"

I would go with:

Good, fast, cheap. Pick one, as long as it's not good... or cheap... and fast is looking dodgy too.

Uber JUMPs at chance to dump load of electric bikes across Islington


Where does the £25 go?

I hope it's to the council rather than Uber, but I fear it's a nice way for Uber to make some money for a change.

Zavvi tells customers: You've won VIP tickets to Champions League final! And you've won tickets, and you've won tickets, and you, and...


Thing is, as I never entered the competition I haven't agreed to any T&C's, so pointing to them won't do any good. I guess it all comes down to whether or not the email is a contract.


Not just people who entered the competition

I got the email as well, even though I haven't bought anything from them since 2011. My first thought was "this is the best scam email I've ever seen"

I can't say Mike Lynch knew about Autonomy dodginess, star witness tells High Court


Re: Popcorn!

I'll take some, will you accept an email from Zavvi saying you've won a competition you never entered as payment?

This is the Send, encrypted end-to-end, this is the Send, my Mozillan friend


Re: The devil with all this stuff is in the details

"btw, is this type of not-quite-anon anon of ANY practical use? (notwithstanding the actual service and encryption)."

If you don't think it's of any use, why are you posting anonymously?

Until now, if Canadian Uber drivers wanted to battle the tech giant, they had to do it in the Netherlands – for real


Re: Why Uber?

Because a taxi driver keeps the whole fare which is worked out on a meter that has been cleared by the local council, or they can set a pre-determined fare with the person. They then pay the company they may work for, so they can get jobs through them. In the old days the jobs would be put out on a machine and a driver could accept it or not. If they didn't accept it, they still had a chance at the next job and so on.

Now Uber take all the money and the fare the customer pays is worked out by code that's not monitored and the driver has no way of ignoring it and setting a pre-determined fare. Add in the fact if they skip jobs, their chance of others drops and you have a fairly significant difference.

Oh and taxi drivers also have to take a test to show they know the local area, not as important in the age of sat navs, but still useful when avoiding traffic. Not all cabbies care about getting you places quickly, but if you're a regular and nice, they will go the extra mile for you because they can make that choice.

Amazon's creepy facial recog doorbell, Facebook open sources machine learning code and much more


Does this mean..

That you'll start getting recommendations for visitors?

Dave has rung your doorbell, here are some other people that may ring your doorbell. The face recognition will then monitor who walks down your street and notify you when a recommended person walks by and doesn't ring your doorbell. This will then cause you to feel offended that they didn't call, meaning they then feel obliged to ring your doorbell next time, even though they don't know you and before we know it, the idiocy of the internet has invaded the real world.

Also, is anyone else irritated by that stupid ring advert? The idiot letting us know that by showing the burglar he isn't at home, along with a video showing his possible location, so Mr. Burglar get's an idea of how long he's got to loot the place, apparently stops crime.

Taylor's gonna spy, spy, spy, spy, spy... fans can't shake cam off, shake cam off


Re: "a lack of evidence that it works all that well"

"And you can be sure it will get better because all technology does."

Windows says hello

Indiegogo pulls handheld airport pervscanners off crowdfunding platform


It's time

to start my x-ray specs campaign. They have black rims, a white and red spiral pattern that allows you to see through things and probably work as well as his camera.

Footie fans calling for a red card over West Ham United CC email blunder


Another problem is Outlook hides the BCC field by default. If it showed it, I'd imagine there'd be fewer cases of this happening.

Microsoft reveals which Windows bugs it might decide not to fix


Re: Would it be at all possible to ........

But if they didn't do that, they wouldn't be able to make IE and Edge look really fast when they open up. It's the only trick they've got.

Advanced VPNFilter malware menacing routers worldwide


excuse me!

"Just to be safe, Talos is recommending that owners and administrators of home or small office routers reset the devices and restore to factory default in order to clear potential malware."

Take it back to an earlier build which has more vulnerabilities!?! On what planet is that an effective strategy?

Facebook Android app caught seeking 'superuser' clearance


Re: Conspiracy theories

You really need a joke icon* with that comment.

*As I can't see icons on any of the posts, my apologies if you have put one on.

Chap charged with fraud after mail for UPS global HQ floods Chicago flat


Place your bets

"the postal service will mail a letter validating the move to the original address – it's not clear what happened to that letter in this case."

Errr, my money's on this letter being redirected to the new address

UK.gov demands urgent answers as TSB IT meltdown continues


I just hope...

that the top brass at TSB have learned from this unfortunate situation and will take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Scissors cut paper. Paper wraps rock. Lab-made enzyme eats plastic


Re: Ringworld Calling...

"There'd need to be some fairly tight controls around using this to avoid it getting out into the "wild".

Sounds like a job for the Canadian Governement

Donkey Wrong: Arcade legend Billy Mitchell booted from record books amid MAME row


Friends with benefits

"It begs the question as to which moron thought a self recorded sessions was good enough evidence in the the first place."

According to a video I watched last night, the guy running Twin Galaxies at the time was a friend of Billy Mitchell. In the VHS, they show them swapping out the Donkey Kong board for a Donkey Kong Jnr board and he set another record on that. The amusing thing is, the board they take out is Donkey Kong Jnr and they replace it with Donkey Kong Jnr, so you didn't have to look very hard for evidence.

I now have to watch King of Kong again.

Fleeing Facebook app users realise what they agreed to in apps years ago – total slurpage


Loved the article on the BBC

From their "Technology correspondent" Rory Celery Dumbass

He's acting all surprised that facebook has every contact listed in his phone, even though a screen pops up telling him "We need access to everything" before he installed the app. You know he just clicked 'Ok' without thinking about anything.

Would be nice if he got kicked off the I.T. side of things, but he'll probably write a load more articles about things he should have been warning people against.

UK watchdog dishes out fines totaling £600k to four spam-spewers


35 days!!!

"the ICO issued the company an enforcement notice ordering it to stop the illegal marketing within 35 days."

So they can keep breaking the law up until then. Can I get a similar deal please.

The award for worst ISP goes to... it starts with Talk and ends with Talk


Re: Does anyone use Talk Talk Business Leased Lines?

I'm pretty sure Zen are using them, that's what it said on my account last time I logged into the Zen portal. This was a few months ago and I've not had any issues. Only had one issue with Zen in 5+ years and it was sorted quickly.

TalkTalk customers complain of being unable to load Amazon website



I would mock people on talk talk, but I logged into my Zen account page for the first time in years and it says I'm on talk talk business. I've always had great service from Zen, but this worries me.



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