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BBC detector vans are back to spy on your home Wi-Fi – if you can believe it

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Re: Once upon a time detector vans existed

"AFAIK detection of a TV LO from an unlicensed premises gave them cause to enter the premises to search for the TV they already know is there."

Except they had no legal footing for entering said premesis (unless they managed to dupe te occupant with lies) Their only option was to apply for a warrant, which rarely happened as they weren't prepared to submit their "evidence" (detector van fairy stories) for scrutiny by the court.

WDC archive box cert

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Shortest reg article ever?

Title says it all

Has SeaMeWe-3 been cut again?

Andy 115


Sounds like the title of a watersports porno series…

MH370 airliner MYSTERY: The El Reg Pub/Dinner-party Guide

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A simple test…

Surely being considered, would be to fly another (similarly equipped) 777 along the suspected route from radio hand-off to Malaysia ATC. And see if the radar and Inmarsat data is as expected…

Fee fie Firefox: Mozilla's lawyers probe Dell over browser install charge

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You jest, but…

Have you seen the list of preference options on the dell business site that you can pay to have pre-configured?

Tick them all and you could probably easily double (or treble) the base cost of the machine!

REVEALED: How YOU PAY extra for iPHONES - even if you DON'T HAVE ONE

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People often struggle to sell stuff they not know exists…

"This summer, as operators sought to meet Apple's targets for the iPhone 5C and with a new model anticipated for an autumn release."

BT's mobe interference claim laughed off air by ad watchdog

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Had lots of problems with HH2's for various friends

Win 7 laptop / iPhone / iPad can all access internet fine individually but as soon as win 7 and ios device on at same time, win7 gets full speed whilst ios device got a couple of Kbps to Internet (but still full speed on internal network). Very odd

Interim fix was to connect a separate WAP to HH via Ethernet port and separate wifi access between ios and win7 onto separate WAPs (all got full speed then)

Long term, HH's replaced with different hardware.

One of last few iPhone 5Ss STOLEN from within MASSIVE POLICE CORDON at Apple Store

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Or the tea leaf could…

…You know, turn the phone off to disable the radios…

Flaw(ed) logic is flawed ;-)

Peak Apple: Has ANYONE at all ordered a new iPhone 5c?

Andy 115

Why the surprise?

Is it really such a surprise that figures are not forthcoming?

The last 3 iPhone launches have been for a single model with pre-orders.

This year we have 1 model that is "re-cased" from last year on pre-order (some variations sold out for launch day) and a new model that has no pre-order (apart from in China?)

I would much rather put my money on an announcement AFTER launch weekend for the 5s…

After all, the 5s is the main event here (new features and 64bit).

Fancy a new iPhone 5C or 5S? READ THIS or you may not get 4G data

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Mainly a problem for the 'mericans…

As far as I can see, Europe has a single set of models that in themselves are just a feature stripped version on the Asia-PAC (exc. Japan) versions (not supporting the Chinese systems).


Google to punish sloppy mobile webmasters

Andy 115

John Lewis were a culprit of this.

As title

I'm glad that it isn't just me that gets infuriated by clicking on a link only to be unceremoniously dumped onto the restricted content mobile site, forced to "your country" home page (AFAIAC, that should only occur on the homepage itself - never deeper into the site)

Or just as bad, being taken to an excellent mobile site only to find as soon as you click on any further link you get dumped on an (touch) unusable desktop site.... Grrrrr

Naked intruder cracks one off in Florida rampage drama

Andy 115

Apparently is was all done…

For shits and giggles!

Vodafone goes titsup for BlackBerrys in mobile data outage

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Not a BB user...

But had no Vodafone service all day in office that is usually 2-3 bars Edge...

Forget 3D: 13,000 UK homes still watch TV in black and white

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Re: TV Licensing: Brain dead

I have done that, it stopped the snot-o-grams from TVL for all of 4-6 months....

Why the F*** should I have to "prove" to TVL that I don't need a license? I have told them using their website and forms numerous times and I'll be fucked if I'm going to wait in for them, providing them access to my property (that they have no legal right to), to confirm something that I have already told them…

They can go and swivel!

Andy 115

Re: Rip off @cornz 1

"What's not clear is whether the fact that you could watch Internet broadcast TV but don't is enough to remove the requirement for a license."

Actually it is VERY clear…

The mere possession of equipment capable (even tuned to the correct frequency) DOES NOT GIVE RISE TO THE REQUIREMENT TO HAVE A LICENSE.

A license is ONLY required if such equipment is use to watch or record broadcasts (from any source, even the continent) as they are being broadcast.

I could have been previously licensed and watching BBC1, turned of my TV and cancelled my license, my TV is still tuned into BBC1, but as I am not watching or recording it, I need no license.


Outlook 2013 spurns your old Word and Excel documents

Andy 115

Don't be at all surprised if...

Office 2013 (Yes I know this is about Outlook!) drops support for .doc or .xls or .ppt files (i.e. Office 2003 and older) just like office 2007 dropped support for PPT files created prior to Office 97/2000.

A Royal PITA when you have 1000's of schematices that were converted and saved into PPT from Office 95 and 97 (because, hey, everyone in the company has it installed) that you can't open in PPT 2007 (yet annoyingly you can see the contents in the preview)

Can be opened in Office2000, (and up-saved) but oh yeah, the windows 2000 computers that have Office 2000 aren't allowed on the network anymore....

Burns disk with files from network

opens files on old computer

up-saves to office 2000 format

re-burns disk

virus checks

opens files in office 2007

Samsung, LG 'lose confidence' in OLED TV tech

Andy 115

Is it just me…

Or have the manufacturers got themselves caught up in their own reality distortion fields?

TVs were (relatively expensive) and the vast majority of people only "upgraded" due to the fact that the old one died.

Then came along digital (or was it thin TVs that didn't look like they were being watched through a Vaseline smear?) and a large chunk of people upgraded in a relatively short space of time.

The manufacturers saw this and assumed that this (one off) rapid upgrade cycle was going to be the new norm only to find out that people really aren't interested in incremental upgrades like FullHD, 3D etc. etc.

They only need to look back 20 years to see there was no "mass upgrade" simply because fasttext, Dolby surround or flat (CRT) screens were introduced - people saw these as features to consider when upgrading, NOT (generally) a reason to upgrade of itself.

Review: Apple iMac 21.5in late 2012

Andy 115

Re: Not Soldered

Perhaps a quick fact check is in order?

Not user servicable =/= soldered!

Who's using 'password' as a password? TOO MANY OF YOU

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Re: Talk about useless security

Surely having to RE-AUTHENTICATE using your network credentials....

…is better than having to member ANOTHER password / user id combo?

Prisoner found with phone + charger in anal cavity

Andy 115

It does make me question...

why is there even power-sockets in the "customer facing" facilities?

Annual reviews: It's high time we rid the world of this insanity

Andy 115

Echoing others…

This certainly isn't the preserve of the financial world, I'd hazard a guess and say that the cancer has spread to most FTSE companies.

Certainly the pharma I used to work for would do much better in developing treatments for human cancers if it treated the human-resource cancer first!

El Reg mulls Forums icon portfolio shake-up

Andy 115

Something linked to departing executives…

Apple, BBC, Microsoft - they're all at it!

Andy 115

Re: Bring back the old ones...!

Surely the Anonymous icon should be a chicken?

Credit card-sized mobile simplified for oldies

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How is granny supposed to charge it…

…with a diddly micro USB connector?

Hardly a great connector for someone with failing eyesight and dexterity!

Andy 115

Why are the volume buttons so small and diddly?

As the title says…

Naughty-step Apple buries court-ordered apology with JavaScript

Andy 115

As has been pointed out by others, there has been NO redirect from apple.com to apple.com/uk in any recent time… certainly not with in the last 2-3 years.

Andy 115

Re: Has anyone checked country redirect?

Apple.com has (for the past 2.5 years at least) NEVER redirected to apple.com/uk


Andy 115

Re: There never has been a redirect loosers

"Just wondering: do you have NoScript or similar installed?"


UK based and have NEVER been redirected from apple.com to apple.com/uk…

An as the homepages often show slightly different content (no sniggering at the back re: the current subject matter) it would piss me off a lot if I were redirected from the .com to the regional site…

Apple.co.uk redirecting? Now that may have happened (never thought to try it before though)

Andy 115

Regional redirect…

…was never there to start with though (but nice conspiracy theory)

Fans' loyalty questioned as iPhone popularity plummets

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Obviously not much of a "fanboi"…

If you don't know (based on past cycles and rumours) when the new ones are out…

There is nothing FORCING people to upgrade the moment their contract ends; if you were coming out of multi-year contract in June 2012, more-fool-you if you didn't have the patience to wait for the updated phone that (on past cycles) would be released in 3 months.

In the EU there is a maximum of a 24 month contract on phones.

Why is the device obsolete when a new one is released, does it suddenly stop working? Does is stop getting updates?

Steve Jobs' Apple-powered yacht makes belated first trip

Andy 115

No stupid!…

… it's lightning enabled - it will dock both ways ;-)

ITU signs off on modular power supply proposal

Andy 115

Re: Wonderful news!

"A Particular Publicly Listed Entity"

Yet the same company also champions a modular approach....


Apple's skinny new iMac line: Farewell, optical drives

Andy 115

Has the "solder-ment" been confirmed…

Or are people just assuming that because it isn't user-replaceable (read, behind an easily removed cover) it is bonded to the motherboard?

Andy 115

Same here…

…exactly twice in 12 months:

Last November to rip Elton John's "Rocket Man" to use on an iMovie featuring a firework show (I was too lazy to find the hard drive containing my iTunes library after a re-org)

A couple of months ago to install some Elgato tv software (the enclosed card said "download the latest software from elgato.com/gettvsoftware but I missed that in my excitement)

So, 12 months and 2 uses, both of which could have been easily avoided.

Having just installed an SSD in my early 2008 iMac (doubled the speed, TYVM!) I can't actually see me upgrading any time soon, but when I do, I'm quite sure everyone else will have followed apples lead so it just won't be a consideration anymore.

Apple's iPad Mini mishap: scratching out the retina screen

Andy 115

Or just scale by 2x

And have the same resolution as "new/retina" iPad (3/4) at the same ppi as the iPhone 4/4S/5…

Andy 115

Pockets generally aren't 1-dimensional…

So the 284mm circumference of the mini isn't THAT much larger than the 261mm circumference of the N7

iPad Mini: Why is Apple SO SCARED of the Kindle?

Andy 115

If you think this only started bring cooked up after Steve Jobs passed…

You must be smoking crack!

Just like the screen size "evolution" on the iPhone 5, SJ almost certainly knew about and had input to this decision.

Everything Everywhere prices up UK 4G

Andy 115

You think the 4G network has seperate infrastructutre...

... and it's own fat data pipe?

More likely they 4G users will just swamp the existing backhauls more effectively!

Andy 115

Deja Vu?

It's like the UK 3G launch all over again...

It also seems (contrary to BBC reports) that hitting you data limit will shut off data completely (not just throttle your speed)

Axe falls on Directgov as GOV.UK launches

Andy 115

No, it's not just you...

... I was about to post the exact same thing!

'Hypersensitive' Wi-Fi hater loses case against fiendish DEVICES

Andy 115

Re: Think of the Children!

"Same with TVs. That's how broadcasters can tell how many different TVs there are in a building when they're doing a raid, looking for people watching TV without a license..."

Oh dear! You have fallen victim to the TVL propoganda machine my friend…

IF this were true, many thousands of people would have been prosecuted for TV license evasion based on the evidence provided by "detector" vans. As it stands though, not one person has ever been prosecuted based on such eveidence (HINT: it is too unreliable)

The Register iPhone and Android apps: Maintenance update

Andy 115

You have apps?

As the title says…

Analogue TV snuffs it tonight on UK mainland

Andy 115

Re: taxman


You are free to get rid of the license at ANY time so long as you do not watch or record TV broadcasts (using any device) whilst they are being broadcast....

You are free to keep the freeview to listen to the radio if you were so inclined.

Unfortunately, TVL will not spell this information out clearly an unambiguously and will try and convince you that you must somehow PROVE to them that you no longer need a license (even resorting to faux legal threats of court summons and "investigations being opened"...

Reality is a bitch (for them) -The onus is on THEM to prove you ARE breaking the law, NOT for YOU to prove that your AREN'T breaking the law!

Apple slip-up slows iOS 6 upgrades

Andy 115

Re: Why does it need to visit an Apple page anyway?

Actually a very simple reason...

The phone is trying to determine IF the network connection it has is open to the wider Internet. (Or if it is locked behind a paywall)

It explains why often "login to use" wifi connections often show www.apple.com in the browser address bar

Of course, if some wifi site owners REALLY wanted to screw iDevices up, they could presumably allow free access to apple.com

Lightning strikes fresh iPad Mini shots

Andy 115

Or the worst kept secret ever......

.....considering it has been pretty much confirmed for an late september / early october introduction for the past 3 months

Freeview kit to require retune tomorrow

Andy 115

No need to lose the tuner....

You are free to get rid of the license at ANY time so long as you do not watch or record TV broadcasts (using any device) whilst they are being broadcast....

You are free to keep the freeview to listen to the radio if you were so inclined.

Unfortunately, TVL will not spell this information out clearly an unambiguously and will try and convince you that you must somehow PROVE to them that you no longer need a license (even resorting to faux legal threats of court summons and "investigations being opened"...

Reality is a bitch (for them) -The onus is on THEM to prove you ARE breaking the law, NOT for YOU to prove that your AREN'T breaking the law!

Apple 'hasn't really run out of iPhone 5s AT ALL'

Andy 115

Some people will believe anything....

Oh so true :)

iPhone 5: skinny li'l fella with better display, camera, software

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Re: nano sim - deal breaker

That info doesn't tie up with the story I saw of a micro sim with snap-out nano sim....

However to imply that the alternatives were all contact compatible and the apple design stood out for not being is misleading in the extreme - the Nokia design had them all along one edge!

Apple iPhone 5 hands-on review

Andy 115

Re: Expensive?

Plus, in 12 months time the iPhone will likely be worth considerably greater than the £30 more than the Samsung.

Andy 115

Re: Adaptor

There are also many dock accessory makers that didn't follow apple design guidelines and will shortly be feeling a biting sensation on their derrière...