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ACLU challenges US laptop border searches

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits. (but it's a reply!)

I refer my honourable gentleman to the post above. T-rex drawings do not rip off heads.

A security guard wanting to partially dismantle a suspect device (though it may be booby* thingied) is fine - you may be correct, large enough to contain blowy up stuff to cause a problem.

However, what the blue cheese of the Lords feet has my spreadsheet of nylon denier ratings preferred amongst blondes of a general demographic got to do with a troglodyte in uniform? More specifically how can it maim or kill? Excels of DEATH! Attack! Yet these mono-browed fuck wits are allowed to look? Why?

Physical search, annoyingly accepted, leave the binaries alone thank you, (oh and put the bloody laptop together again properly)

Anyway my thinking (excuse the oxymoron) Internet cafes, fake Yahoo! accounts, multiple bouncy around the net. I collect on arrival and let the T-REX RUN RAMPANT ON OHIO! (No offence Ohio)

*Paris - I said booby (snigger)

Bob 61

UK based so don't really care, but...

It's a troublesome distinction and an ill advised comment, but the mayor felly seems "technically" correct.

The big name terrorist attacks have been committed by foreign nationals against the U.S. not merkin against merkin.

It's still a pointless and shit argument mind you. Bush didn't have locals commit terrorist attacks*, so Bush is great?

*(Lunatics who offload their weapons in schools or stalk random people and snipe them don't count. Obviously.)

iPhone upgrades - a one-way control-freak street

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So Firefox is just as evil?

I just restarted FF and noscript just updated (again). I can't revert (somebody correct me) back to an earlier version, no rubbish bin, no undo.

So that advert war with adblock - or whatever - a while back was out of my control too.

The argument is a bit one sided IMHO.

Apple may be evil but no moreso than the the rest methinks.

LG GD910 Watch Phone

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I'm a right handed lefty?

@Sandtreader: Well call me a weirdo*. I've always worn my watch on the right wrist and used the left to operate - ever since my first red led digital watch - a fact more irrelevant than this post.

I've never noticed a watch wearers handedness.

There's a project for a Tuesday.

*you're a weirdo

(in context I'm right handed, except for card manipulations which seem to be universally destined for the weakest hand)

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Left handers fail??

I can't tell if this is a wind up or not (no pun) but... The picture on page 3 shows a chap with the watch/phone on his left wrist. So like most watches the device in ambidextrous.

Cameron escapes Twitter twat rap

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Verification demanded

"Ofcom received 20 complaints" #

By Spleen Posted Monday 28th September 2009 15:12 GMT

For perspective, Ofcom receive an average of 74 complaints every time an unmarried woman appears on a chat show and talks to the host without the presence of a chaperone.

Link to article or it disnae happen


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