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Post-pub nosh deathmatch


Re: my recipe

Now that's a contender ... of course it is missing bacon but I'm pretty sure that can be remedied.

Game denies Steam threat claims


RIP B&M Games Retailers

So retailers can't compete with Steam. What a surprise. Steam churns out non-recent releases at decent discounts has frequent good offers on major new titles and best of all I don't have to get off my fat arse to get them. Who actually buys PC games from shops anyway? The previous comment about the predominance of console games in retail stores hits the nail on the head.

I think that Game et al konw that the writing is on the wall unless they can come up with a convincing e-offering and I very much suspect that Steam has already slammed the door on them. I can't see myself and others moving to another online service when most of our gaming collection is now in the Steam archives

Dixons to flog off old 'brands' Miranda and Saisho


"goodwill in the brand and reputation"


Vote now for the best sci-fi film never made


Looks like someone is trying to spoil the fun.

Looks like someone has run up a nice script to vote for their favourites over and over ... too many script kiddies, not enough napalm.

Windows 7 upgrades Vista laptops to lower battery life

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Thanks for the heads-up

My Fujitsu Xi 2528 started blinking battery warnings and shutting down (for "shutting down" read "turning off completely without shutting down") after 5 minutes a couple of weeks ago. I had presumed that my battery was dead and was about to order a new one at £90 so many thanks El Reg for saving me some hard earned cash. Roll on the patch for this.

Freeview website titsup ahead of big retune


Surely that's not an incentive to retune?

... losing channel five and ITV3+4 ... how will we survive without out all those crap quiz shows and archaic re-runs.

Orange gets UK iPhone deal


@Jeffrey 1

I've had exactly the same experience on Orange with an LG Renoir

- they've installed a whole bunch of demos in the 'my applications' folder which you can't delete (and always appear above the ones you've installed);

- they've deliberately crippled Google Maps so that it doesn't work with the GPS (in a an attempt to make you pay for their mapping service ... which won't actually work on the phone)

- and they've put six favourite links in the browser which you can't delete or move and always appear at the top of the favourites list

- you have to be pretty techie to be able to change the home page from Orange world)

- they have only just released the latest firmware pathc - 9 months after LG released the base version.

Thank god my contract expires in November.