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Top Ten Arcade Classics

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I think...

...I love Lucy after reading that article... :)

Boffins explain greatest ever free kick

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Not so much. Easily reproduced? Not so much. I can and have made shots like that, but I'm not consistent. As a poster above states, simple outside of the boot stuff. It really, really is. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to catch the ball exactly right, and you learn this very easily by just watching the pros. Some shots go spectacularly right and fly into the net, but others go into the stands, and would do Johnny Wilkinson proud...

Most straight shots with power are struck with the very top of the foot - watch almost any collection of superb strikes and you'll see this. Then watch replays of misses that go waaaaaay off into the crowd, and you'll see (especially in slo-mo) that they tried to emulate this and struck just a little (or even a lot) off centre of the top of the boot.

As I said, I can and haver done this, but being an old get now I no longer play (1 too many trees when riding off-road) so I'm afraid you're not getting a video...

BOFH-making bug plugged in D-link update

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Email from ElReg

Subject line "New results matching your query for articles containing the word(s) "bofh"".

Get excited at the prospect of the first BOFH of 2010, after 4 hours of meetings today, only to discover you b'stards had tricked me! This is to up your readership I'm guessing... *meh*

Home Office stonewalls ID findings

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@ Nick Pettefar

While that is certainly possible, it sounds to me like you buy into the Daily Fail view of "yoof" in that they are all hanging around street corners in hoodies?

I for one know 2 teenagers who registered and posted articulate, intelligent comments on that site. They read El Reg, among other sites, and they know a damned sight more about the world than most people my age (wrong side of 30) do.

So, either get out and meet more young people, not just the gang of muggers in training hanging around outside your local Tesco, or stop criticising something you know nothing about.


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