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Despite Android lead, iOS devs slurp scads more mazuma

Dave Wintle
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I don't get it

That's like saying my local grocers turns over more than my local Tesco. I would love to see a breakdown of this, what are the Fruity lovers buying thats pushing the 'alleged' revenue up that far? Is it the endless itunes vouchers on sale in most big stores?

Does this explain why large companies create their iOS app before the Android one? Usually it's an afterthought to cater for the larger market! Weird logic.

Take for example the X factor, they push their app on tv alot, what either stops them from creating an Android app, not that I could care less about this particular app, but it's nice to be offered. :-)

Ten free apps to install on every new PC

Dave Wintle

As above

iTunes, poor choice. Why would you want that on the list.

@ Bo Pedersen AVG? Are you serious? A couple of years ago maybe! Avast! wouldn't be so bad if it didn't self promote so much.

Security Essentials will likely be built around the excellent old product by Giant which Microsoft acquired, gets my vote.

ALK CoPilot Live 8

Dave Wintle

Bad start

"The first satnav system to make it onto Android".

There are two there already to my knowledge. NAV4ALL and ANDNAV


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