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Cambridge startup launches world's first white space radio



Is radio reception improved in a basement? I believe mine is defective as it cannot receive 802.11n, DAB, or FM, I may have to check AM.

Aussie censor bans Dead or Alive


I Expect They Will Do A U-Turn

In fact I expect they will be right round like a record baby round round round round

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 shuns open video


Evil Is As Evil Does

The flash comment and the alignment over H.264 suggest that Microsoft is siding with the Evil Fruity Empire. Microsoft hasn't been so bold in it's d**king with people since the launch of Vista dicked Creative and all it's buyers. I fear Microsoft could become as evil as Apple.

HTC Desire

Thumb Up

Great Phone.. Great UI... Great Activesync

I just love my HTC Desire. Our company policy is no Android phones however as this one has the enhanced Exchange support (thanks HTC!) I am now getting Push mail from Exchange, my Calender, and Contacts on the move. To me this is invaluable. I had tried other android phones but they were slow and the touchscreens were inaccurate and unresponsive.

The only quible is that the Apple appstore is currently better than the UK selection on the Android Market. However the overall performance of this baby makes it a great buy!

The only thing I miss is not having access to my Notes in outlook. Still it's a small loss on what is a fantastic phone with a great browser.


um here's yer answers

soud quality is great

speaker phone seams good (but I haven't used it much)

No signal problems.

3G, 2.5G, and 2G are all working fine and switching smoothly (it works better than my dongle and laptop)

No cut out experienced by me.

Student racks up £8000 mobile broadband bill



In all fairness not everyone is techno-savy. In addition these rates are horrendous! I travel to France and Germany a couple of times a month from Scotland and the mobile data charges are prohibitively expensive. If the EU is to be a single economic area then phones and mobile data devices ought to be usable across borders without crazy charges. It should cost at MOST three times the domestic rate for roaming data, moreover bundled allowances should be consumed at an accelerated rate before charging begins.

Lotus Symphony 3 beta goes OOo


Reply Didn't Work Maynard

Lotus Symphony was an old DOS program. This Lotus Symphony is related only in name, and is based on OpenOffice. I hope it produces a more compatible OpenOffice as OO isn't compatible enough with MS Office for me to use it for business. I do use it for personal use. Microsoft Office is a damn fine product.

Paris Hilton

Message for The Pros

Most people will remember Lotus Smartsuite much better. It was the Windows suite with 1-2-3, Wordpro, Organizer etc. I rather liked it. However I was an IBMer at the time.

Duff DAB, megamogs and ass-assassins: Your thoughts



The point of DAB is choice. Plain and simple. There are no FM rock stations where I live for example. DAB delivers on choice. I am a radio addict and listen regularly to more stations than most people (the rock stations, World Service, Radio 3/Scotland/4, Radio 5 (until I started just downloading the Kermode pod cast), etc. I need more presets!

As for audio quality there's a lot of tosh talked about that too on both sides. The bit rates are fine for kitchen/bathroom radio listening. The bit rates are too low for listening through a good hi fi (a more complex codec than MP2 would be sufficient to fix this however there are signs that DAB+ just may not happen in the UK, unfortunately). This may improve as analogue spectrum is freed up however I am not holding my breath.

So if you want choice and it's for a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen radio then it delivers. If it's choice for the lounge then use your set top box.

I think digital is the right direction we just have issues to deal with like codec, bandwidth, and transmission/reception [not an issue where I am but reportedly a serious issue for many and I suspect a blocker for those who use it in car. I am going to get a DAB unit for my car and see how it goes].


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