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Paragon 'optimistic' that its NTFS driver will be accepted into the Linux Kernel


Re: Whatever for?

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes: "I fear Geeks when they come bearing Gits", perhaps? :) (In Sean Connery's voice, ofc)

DDoS downs New Zealand stock exchange for third consecutive day


"DDoS downs New Zealand stock exchange for third consecutive day : So much for NZ as the last refuge of civilisation"

Some may consider this as strengthening NZ's claim to that title, not weakening it.

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Winking red supergiants sneezing hot gas 650 light years away


Re: Ford! Zaphod! Don't go home.

Perhaps it's not an outgassing event, nor a sneeze, but a Hrung, collapsing.

Aw, Snap! But you should see the other guy – they're in dire need of a good file system consistency check


Re: It can be done

"1 LD from Earth = November 18, 2026

so a while yet to get the balloons ready."

Given that NASA is a government agency, barely enough time to find the disused filing cabinet the balloons are in, I'd say.

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Re: It can be done

"We still have some devices floating out in space, very far away at 150+ AU, and still sending data."

Apropos of SFA, this comment led me to Voyager site to confirm the distance gap between the 2 Voyagers. I said out loud, "oh, Voyager 2 is only 124 AU away" then smiled at the absurdity of that statement. I also noted that Voyager 1 is now 20.75 light hours away - I hope that someone's planning a party for the light-day milestone. :D

Chinese tat bazaar Xiaomi to light a fire under Amazon's Kindle with new e-book reader


Re: Is there a point to eReaders that I'm missing?

Most of the other replies have covered most of the key "points to eReaders", especially e-ink, which really IS all that for sustained reading, but there is one feature only mentioned in passing and by someone who doesn't see the need for it - that they are DEDICATED devices.

An e-reader is (effectively), a single use device. Having gone through several iterations of Kindles before switching to Kobos, I know that both do allegedly have web browsers, but DIY dentistry is more fun and less painful than trying to use e-readers' browsers. Which is GREAT, actually.

An ereader is for those people who want to "curl up with a good book" or two (thousand), and not have to worry about distractions from any other apps.They are especially great if you have any sort of physical impediments which make paper books difficult and/or unappealing to use. The Count of Monte Cristo was a delight to read (more than once) on my Kobo, especially since I would struggle to hold such a large book in paper format. I gave my old Kindle Paperwhite to my octogenarian Dad and its simple single purpose functionality meant that he found it easy to get the hang of and enjoy using, unlike his cellphone, which ended up basically just being a tracking device for us to keep tabs on him as his memory became more erratic.

So while they are undoubtedly niche products, it's a viable niche and a valuable one, although as the article suggests, whether it can accommodate another player remains to be seen


Re: Few books are sold in an open format

Thanks for the clarification, that's very useful to know.


Re: Few books are sold in an open format

" Kobo refused to load the last few of about 1300..."

That's surprising to me. My Kobo (Aura H202) is now down to around 1300 books on it, from a peak of nearly 2100. It wasn't lightning fast, but all of them opened OK. Others have many more than that on their Kobos too.

If you can read this, your Windows 10 2004 PC really is connected to the internet no matter what the OS claims


Re: Cortana can't be activated

Cortana is not available here in "The Land of the Long White Cloud" (at least if NZE is default language) , definitely a big silver lining, imo

Press F2 to pay respects. New Xiaomi Poco Pro has 5G, top-drawer Snapdragon chippery, 64MP camera


My F1 just got the April security patches now, making it the most current I've ever had afaik (given that I can't remember what my S3 was like for frequency of patches).


My F1 is running Android 10, security patches dated 2020-01-01. That's 4 months ago, I don't know when the latest Google patches were released, but 4 months is not bad for me, LG was much worse.


I like my Pocophone F1, but a big part of that was the "bang for bucks" equation.It offered good specs at a great price, especially since I don't care that much about the camera. The price/performance balance seems to have shifted markedly with the F2, making any upgrade decision less straightforward.

Paranoid Android reboots itself with new Android 10 builds


Re: Don't post spoilers like that

Neither have I, but I wouldn't past El Reg to be teasing, and that it's actually Lore who comes back :)

Star's rosette orbit around our supermassive black hole proves Einstein's Theory of General Relativity correct


Re: Proven genius

Does this strip prove your theory?



Proven genius

I'm sure that Einstein himself would insist on his work still being called a theory, not a law, for all the reasons so clearly and concisely outlined above. That said, I wonder how many other theories have had so many data collected which all say if not, "he was right", then very loudly say "he was not wrong". Given the difference between what is known now and what was known when he formulated his theories, the fact that "proves Relativity" type headlines (however imprecise/inaccurate) continue to be written is an impressive legacy and a testament to his genius.

RAND report finds that, like fusion power and Half Life 3, quantum computing is still 15 years away


Re: Even if an iPhone . . .

Um, sorry but the OP was talking about, and here I quote, "the IBM PS/2" - not the Sony PlayStation 2 The IBM PS/2 did not wipe out either Nintendo or Sega, nor was it introduced by Sony.

Hi, Google Duplex here, trying to book a haircut for a socially inept human. Sorry, 'COVID-19'?... DOES NOT COMPUTE



The fact the writer "ain't from around here" can be seen in their treating the said phrase as it if were two well known separate English words, separated by a comma. It is OF COURSE, one word, yeahnah - as every Kiwi knows :)


"Late last year, Google introduced the service in a limited form in ****New Zealand****, where it was used to check the opening hours of businesses during the holiday period. How Google trained Duplex to understand the quintessential ****Aussie****-ism of "yeah, nah"

A friendly reminder - this is a dangerous conflation, on either side of The Tasman. :)

Twitter takes away twits' ability to limit ad data sharing – after telling investors its own privacy settings hurt revenue


Re: A lucky escape

You offered practical, helpful advice, delivered without irrelevant ad hominem slurs - not sure that IS what the original AC meant, tbh. :)


Re: A lucky escape

No mewling, nor any seeking of congratulations. I meant just what I said, that I feel I've had a lucky escape in minimising my use of Twitter before its data theft reached new depths. I'm not sure what "problem" my almost non-existent and passive use is part of, but congratulations on being right about one thing - my skull really IS unusually dense, in a very literal sense, confirmed medically at the age of 12 and again some 40 years later. Well done you for divining that trivium. Noho ora mai.

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A lucky escape

After years of active Twitter use from 2009, I nuked my account late last year ( a yr after axing FB and a couple of months before ditching Insta), and my new account follows only 7, 5 of whom are NZ meteorological and emergency management accounts. The account is linked to a throwaway email, and because it was created so long after escaping FB, Twitter's Scylla ought not have fed my (largely faux) data to THAT Charybdis. The sheer brazenness of the Twitter announcement makes me glad my footprint there is now only a toeprint.

Cloudflare dumps Google's reCAPTCHA, moves to hCaptcha as free ride ends (and something about privacy)


You're NEVAH alone on Da Interweb Tubes

"PS: I had to re-read "botherders" as I couldn't work out what a "bother-der" was" So VERY relived to learn I wasn't the only one!

Minister slams 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories as 'dangerous nonsense' after phone towers torched in UK


It IS a conspiracy!

In my view, 5G IS a global conspiracy - one designed to entirely exsanguinate wallets, leaving its victims feeling weak and woozy as they wonder what the hell they have to show for jumping on the latest voyage of the Planned Obsolescence Express, aka HMS Emperor's New Clothes. I ain't wasting no perfectly good tinfoil protecting myself from 5G, I'll use it the way The Cosmos intended, for making chickens extra crispy.

Stuck inside with nothing to do? Apple fires out security fixes for iOS, macOS, wrist-puters... and something weird called iTunes for Windows


Re: Stuck Inside With Nothing to Do?

As another longtime WFH here, I'm hoping that NZ's lockdown will FINALLY teach my friends and family that WFH is still W, and that being home != being available. Le sigh!

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Black hole quasar tsunamis moving at 46 million miles per hour


Re: Mindboggingly fast

Yes, working out how long it would take to cover an AU was fun, leading to calculating how long to catch up with New Horizons and The Voyagers - roughly 4 days and 11-12 days respectively iirc. VERY impressive


Mindboggingly fast

This article reminded me of one of my favourite bits of Douglas Adams' writing: "light, which travels so fast that it takes most races thousands of years to realize that it travels at all" - 46 million mph is incomprehensibly fast, yet apparently works out to roughly 6.8% of c - neither of my neurons can process that.

In case you want to flee this wretched Earth, 139 minor planets were spotted at the outer reaches of our Solar System. Just an FYI...


Re: What we see isn't all that might be there

If that's true, we really SHOULD beware of the leopard. (El Reg style mashup)

Latest bendy phone effort from coke empire spinoff Escobar Inc is a tinfoil-plated Samsung Galaxy Fold 'scam'


A derisive snort

Seems the most apt response to the idea of buying one of these, I think.

Grab a towel and pour yourself a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster because The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is 42


To be fair to the film, which REALLY wasn't great, DNA did die before it was finished, so his input was limited. It did have one strong point for me, the musical rendition of SLATFATF. Also, the shot of the Magrathean workshop 'floor' with a planet being formed as a bust of DNA's head was a nice tribute. Perhaps a kind assessment would be "almost, but not quite, entirely unlike" HHGTTG


Re: May the towel be with you!

I got my towel around 1985 when my teenage self decided that joining ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha from the other side of the galaxy (NZ) was a hoopy idea. £25 plus intergalactic P&P when the exchange rate was $3NZ= 1£ meant that the effect on my budget was not unlike have my head smashed in by a slice of lemon, wrapped around a large gold brick. Still totally worth it, if only to be able to say with conviction that I always know where my towel is.

Axiom signs up with SpaceX to fly private astronauts to the International Space Station


Re: What will they do?

"I can't imagine you'd want to pay millions" <insert> obligatory Douglas Adams reference

" ‘Not only am I rich enough to afford this..., I am also rich enough not to take it seriously.’ It was wonderfully hideous."


How's this for a remote support fix? Solar storm early-warning satellite repaired with million-mile software update


You know you have a pun problem

When you think "Is it at a LaGrange point?' Then think of a VERY long distance OTA fix and realise LaGrange also spells "lag range" #Ineedanintervention

Judge Vulcan-nerve pinches JEDI deal after Amazon forks out $42m to pause Microsoft's military machinations


Re: "Most tech rags would not remember what they published last week"

Perhaps a nom de plume as a byline could enhance the experience? "Del N." would seem an apt choice :)


Re: It was the end of history....

"A Star Trek reference with a Babylon 5 picture just grates" - reactions like this one always make me imagine an El Reg hack channelling Leonard Nimoy

That's what makes you hackable: Please, baby. Stop using 'onedirection' as a password


I didn't google 1D TO here

But I really DID google "D7xN$%4uO@S0 " FROM here - one of my best friends is a part-Samoan ex-BOFH who would LOVE that band's music :)

In case you wanna launch your boss into the Sun, good news: Earth's largest solar telescope just checked and, yeah, it's still pretty fiery


Re: So if Texas is "gigantic"...

I'm pretty sure the canonical definition is the one we (tinw) all know best:

"big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mind-bogglingly big it is"

Help! I'm trapped on Schrodinger's runaway train! Or am I..?


I can't help looking for puns wherever I can, and first thought of riffing on "ennui", but it seems there's a distinct lack thereof when interacting with the app in question. :)


"the INOUI app" - since the "in-" prefix in French means what it does it in English, is the app actually just "Non"? :)

That's Huawei we roll: Firm claims it's slinging 100k of its pricey, China-exclusive Mate X foldable phones each month


Re: Huawei has advantages


"very limited murkin tech inside, much less spying potential."

"Different spies" is all. Ask the Uighurs about how spyware-free their Chinese phones are. I have several friends with good reason to keep their data away from Chinese prying eyes. There ain't no such thing as a no-spy handset, you just get to choose WHO'S spying on you.

Google and IBM square off in Schrodinger’s catfight over quantum supremacy


I'm here for the headline

Or the sub header, to be precise. I hope the day El Reg stops producing such ledes is the day they open Erwin's kitty box, to this music, of course

Samsung leads 5G early birds after shipping 6.7m phones to snatch over half of the market


I'll be staying with 4G too

For reasons of economics, not tinfoilhat syndrome. I have yet to see a compelling case for it. So far, all I've seen repeatedly plugged is "faster downloads", with the downside of "poor/challenging coverage" not getting quite so much coverage in the glossy ads - can't for the life of me figure out why.

Since I am not a gamer, and don't watch movies on my phone, I see no reason to spend money on a new device for no perceptible gain to my personal usage. It's a cost-benefit analysis, and currently, for me, 5G seems all cost, no benefit. When the numbers change, my pov might too. Of course, by that time the early adopters will have transcended and/or been assimilated.

LibreOffice 6.4 nearly done as open-source office software project prepares for 10th anniversary


Re: ELEVEN YEARS to "succeede"?

"If you think they've succeeded, then you need to send all your really important documents (résumés; especially résumés) to all your really important clients and business associates; and make absolutely certain that they've been generated by absolutely the latest version of LibreOffice"

The last time I did this, six months ago, I made a short list of 4, and missed the job only because I was outside the preferred location. Since that was the best "near-miss" I've had, I have no complaints about my LO-generated resumé

BOFH: 'Twas the night before Christmas, and the ransomware struck


Xmas cheer

It's a cool, damp grey day up here in Simon's homeland, but this masterpiece has lifted the gloom. Literally laughing out loud, I may be sufficiently fortified to watch the best (imo ONLY) Xmas movie ever, despite the trauma of knowing the hero dies. RIP Rickman.

Starliner: Boeing, Boeing... it's back! Borked capsule makes a successful return to Earth


Re: A done deal?

No argument here, exactly the opposite actually.

I'm saying that NASA's spin on this sounds like they're going with Boeing anyway, no matter what. Which sounds troubling.


A done deal?

As many have mentioned, the whole point of testing is to find flaws before they become fatal flaws, and fix them. By that definition, SpaceX too has definitely had its share of successful tests. So far, so good.

But, am I the only one who thinks that NASA's comments and rosy assessment of the results make it sound like the decision on who goes first has already been irrevocably made, with no chance of it being changed? If that is so, I'm not sure i'd be feeling very reassured were I one of the "lucky" ones chosen for the inaugural flight

This isn't Boeing very well... Faulty timer knackers Starliner cargo capsule on its way to International Space Station


Re: Elon Musk was on hand to offer advice.

I upvoted your pithy and perceptive post, and stand by that upvote, but also realised that as with any good fairytale control freak, his mirror probably hears it all the time. :)

Log us out: Private equity snaffles Lastpass owner LogMeIn


Re: Bitwarden

A ditto from me, too. A BOFH friend I've known since he was more PFY than BOFH recommended Bitwarden to me last year, and I'm pleased I took his recommendation on board. And just to be on the safe side, my l33t Master Phrase is ROT13'd.

Go champion retires after losing to AI, Richard Nixon deepfake gives a different kind of Moon-landing speech...


Re: Poor PR people

I'd like to thank you for reminding me to use the epicene "they". It's actually my pronoun of choice, and in days gone by I used to advocate for it with "someone's WRONG on the internet" kind of zeal. My lapse in my first post was sloppy, and out of character. Thanks.



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