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Cat senses impending death

Chet Dowling

Kevorki-cat is only offering assistance.

My greatest fear is of becomming to feeble minded to pull the trigger.

Catherine Tate to accompany Doctor Who

Chet Dowling

Pop quiz

Please choose just one response.

1. I Would rather be surrounded by a host of Daleks chanting EXTERMINATE!

2. I would rather be surrounded by a host of Daleks chanting PROPIGATE!

Choose wisely.

Microsoft demos mind-bending photo app

Chet Dowling

Even in Texas it's impressive.

With the exception of MS Bob, I've never seen the Geeks that make up our company's development team really impressed by anything until they viewed the Seadragon demo this morning. It has created quite a stir, a kind of geek frenzy, with everyone here... except, of course, our accountants.

Lawyer admits tampering in MSN, Best Buy case

Chet Dowling


Seems to me I was, until recently, getting billed for an entertainment magazine I didn't ask for, compliments of Best Buy. Maybe they can get someone from the cleaning team to take the fall. " Janitor creates magazine scam at local retailer."

Paris Hilton released for 'medical reasons'

Chet Dowling


A diamond studded ankle bracelet, I'll wager.

Google wants to really get to know you

Chet Dowling

Misdirected mindset.

Google does not want to know what I am thinking.

Sin City director to remake Barbarella

Chet Dowling

Don't tug on Ms. Weaver's cape.

Barbarella "the ultimate science-fiction adventure heroine - smart, strong and

sexy". Yeah right. Go watch "Aliens" then get a grip.

Judge in tech trial says he 'doesn't know what a website is'

Chet Dowling

Plausable deniability:

"Porn, what porn?"

"Website, what's that?"

Sacred blogging bovine turns camgirl in sympathy push

Chet Dowling

Devine bovine

Greetings from Texas.

Off the Moo.

There must be a BBQ pit around somewhere.