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We're not sure what it is, but we like it: Lexus NX300h hybrid SUV

Sulphur Man

Re: Thirty-what MPG???

What do you mean by 'small people carrier'?

They make the Yaris Hybrid, the Prius+ 7-seater. Where's the gap?

The vast majority of car journeys are under 30 miles at a time, with the likelihood that urban/semi-urban traffic flows will be the predominant characteristic. Diesels, with their dpfs and slow warm through simply don't meet these conditions well enough. Fine for the long distance commuter and haulage industry, but not fit for purpose in a country with, statically, 62m of road space per car. Petrol hybrid on larger cars, or small turbo petrol on small/mid-size should be the default purchase for the majority.

Vulture takes BlackBerry's Passport through customs

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There's clearly some bright and intelligent thinking at BB that didnt get culled or run off to the competitors.

This is an interesting but flawed product from a much leaner company who are smart enough to realise that emulating their rivals is not more commercially viable than creating something unique like this.

Could prove a great live 'test' product, which will lend it's most successful ideas into a more universal form factor (ie narrower) coupled to fully mature OS.

Good luck, BB, there's still room for you at the table.

HP’s ENORMO-SLAB: The Slate 21 MONSTER tablet

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HP might be onto something with this, as many comments above have speculated on it replacing a kitchen or bedroom TV. It's not a TV, but if HP decide to add a DVB-T2 tuner I'll be first in line.

For me, the 'Smart' TV revolution has been distinctly underwhelming - taking a TV and augmenting it with some crude and laggy walled garden functionality. This is better, build a large touchscreen tablet first, then add the TV functionality on top

Ultimate electric driving machine? Yes, it’s the BMW i3 e-car

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Batteries still suck

Why does the range extender exist?

Because the weight and cost of adding additional batteries to get the car over a 200 mile range on a single charge is too great. Much lighter and cheaper to deploy a small motorbike engine with a briefcase fuel size tank as generator, in the space where more batteries could go. That says it all about electric car technology right now.

Without a big breakthrough in battery longevity, cost and weight, the tech simply cant be accommodated in the styles of cars we choose to drive. The alternative, as experimented by Renault Twizy and risible G-Wiz, is to make us drive very unconventional vehicles which can alleviate some of the drawbacks of batteries.

People's motoring behaviours are definitely changing, I have no doubt - the sheer cost of motoring is forcing the issue. But even in the face of these rapid changes, electric vehicles are still falling far short of the 'affordable' mark. Far more research and investment into better battery tech is needed for anything to substantially change.

It's the '90s all over again: Apple repeats mistakes as low-cost tablets pile up

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How can any credible business analyst can compare the technology markets of 2013 with those of the 90s simply beggars belief. The services and requirements of all technology users, be they conglomerates or the domestic housewife simply cant be compared between then and now.

The www didnt begin to take hold in the developed world until 1995, and arguably wasnt of real worth until the first search providers launched, circa 1997.

Mobile phones were the preserve of the moneyed and business communities upto 1994, only reaching the masses from 1995 onwards, and they were anything but 'smart', or secure.

In the 90s. personal technology, and internet access specifically, simply wasnt a necessity for the vast majority of us. We didnt budget for it, like we do fuel, food and clothes. Now we do. A smartphone tarriff is attached to millions of bank accounts. Ditto home broadband. Apple attempt to bring the best internet and communication experience to the masses. You'll pay for it of course, but for many thats a price worth paying.

Intel slumps into mud despite lobbing Internet-of-Things, etc at buyers

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OnCue rollout problems

Hard to gauge financially, but Intel's ongoing struggle to develop a new broadband-driven TV set top box, apparently called 'OnCue', might contribute to this stunted growth.

OnCue is now delayed until "sometime 2014", largely due to a lack of content deals being struck. Would surprise no one if the plug was pulled before XMAS. They've sunk a lot of cash into that,

Intel delays consumer TV box yet again – report

Sulphur Man

Its like designing a new car with an irregular sized fuel-filler and then requesting that all the suppliers offer a fuel pump on the forecourt specifically for that car.

'Naive' doesn't begin to describe it.

Cisco and iRobot build videoconferencing robot for remote workers

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Doesn't a push towards tele-conferencing and home-working lead to reduced office space requirements. Which leaves this wandering down an empty corridor.

Mega-res telly demand to boom, say ball-gazers

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I'll buy one, as long as it's not 3D-enabled.

Watchdog halts Toyota Grand Theft Auto-esque advert

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I did wonder

The strict ASA guidelines on car manufacturer ads have been around for ages, and are well documented They apply to both print and broadcast advertising. .

Basically a car cannot show any visual signs of fast (meaning potentially dangerous) movement, which has lead to some weird magazine adverts, such as a BMW M3 oversteering a track bend with its front wheels pointed straight on. Have a google you'll be amazed how strict they are

When I saw the Toyota GT86 ad, I did wonder how they'd got away with it, thinking that maybe the virtual reality aspect got round the rules. Interestingly, after the car smashes through the glass, it carries on down the road in a sensible, ASA rule-abiding manner, perhaps to highlight the difference between the VR and bit and the actual road.

But not in the eyes of the ASA it seems. It does make me wonder why the ASA doesnt scrutinise adverts BEFORE they're broadcast, instead of banning it now - this campaign been live for nearly two months. Which leads to the strong suggestion that rival manufacturers have been moaning about it.

Good 'bad' publicity for Toyota though. They'll probably give this news a subtle push too. Gives the car a bit of brand edge.

Apple iPad 4 Wi-Fi only tablet review

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"I can't seem to find a decent program to allow me get files, like pdfs, avis and cbr from my PC or NAS (and possibly stream them) via wifi"

Which NAS do you have? I have a Synology, and the suite of Synology iOS are superb - browsing, file access, surveillance cam control, torrent client control and more. I dont think it's any coincidence that Synology's smaller home NAS boxes actually look like iDevices...

In the loop: how Halo defined a new decade of first-person shooters

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and that original Xbox controller....

Worth remembering that Halo CE was released onto a console with the single worst controller in video game history. Worse than Intellivision. You know the one I mean.

If anything cements Halo's mythical status, the triumph over that ergonomic catastrophe must be it.

Sulphur Man

The difference

There were indeed better FPS shooting experiences to be had on PC in 2001 than Halo: CE. However, the PC was a long way from the convenience and shared experience of the living room. In the living room domain, this console game was absolutely revolutionary.

It can't be understated, (although this article has), that Halo CE was the sole reason the Xbox took off, and is the franchise which allowed Microsoft to build it#s game presence. In terms of sales and cultural penetration, it thrashes every other MS exclusive combined. Only Nintendo's major Mario releases and Sony's Gran Turismo can stand alongside it in the last decade.

Without Halo, and Halo 2's brilliant Xbox Live integration (still a benchmark), the Xbox 360 wouldnt have had the momentum to become the best-selling HD console it now is.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

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Is it any wonder Apple are suing Samsung from every angle possible. Products of this quality must be terrifying them.

WTF is... NFC

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This has to be the most ludicrous technology 'feature' Ive read in years

"Tap two speakers together and they agree which will play the left channel of the stereo stream and which the right, all without the user ever touching a menu or ticking an option"

LG Optimus 4X HD quad-core Android phone review

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Re: Requirements for an ideal Android Smartphone

You missed out 'stable'.

RIM's new BlackBerry Curve 9320 tempts teens

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Thumb Down

Just in time for summer riot season.

As for the hardware, well one can almost hear the bottom of the barrel giving way.

Sony to ship passive 3D, OLED TVs in 2013

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Like pretty much every human being on the planet, my eyes were happier when TV went HD. My eyes are not so happy with active shutter 3D. It's simply not a comfortable viewing experience, not just the glasses, but the flickering, the loss of brightness and contrast, and the often cringeworthy efforts of the films producers to present certain scenes as 3D demonstrator content (I'm looking at you Alice in Wonderland).

So passive 3D jettisons the glasses (good) but regresses back to SD..

The words 'straws' and 'clutching' spring to mind. Although, 'horse', 'flogging' and 'dead' might be more apt.

iPhone 4S owners love Siri, hate the battery life

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....is just FaceTime for Nobby No-Mates.

Simple question, how many iPhone users think they get value for money from their purchase?

Not knocking the phone, it's one of the best on the market, but it's far, far too expensive. Or for iPhone users, reassuringly expensive.

Forza 4

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Can we drop the term 'simulation' now please?

Picture the scene,

You're planted on comfy chair, holding a plastic controller, possible with your feet up on something else comfy, gazing at a computer-animated 2D image. You're in a dry, hopefully warm room, inside a building with a roof, sheltered from the elements, and unwanted distractions. A cup of tea, or something stronger/softer, sits within reach. All's well with the world......

This scene is rather different to being harnessed into a bucket seat, adorned in firesuit and super-snug crash helmet, fighting a ferociously upgraded Murcielago LP640-4 around a sodden Silverstone, squinting into the late afternoon sun, engine screaming behind your head, G-forces mincing your organs, heart bpm around 180, track rivals jostling for position in front of you, throwing up a wall of inpenetrable spray.......

Forza....GT....their all just video games. Please stop calling them simulations, or worse, commenting on how 'realistic', and 'modelled' they are. No one who plays PES or FIFA comments that playing those games is 'just like real football' for god sake. But somehow, there's this bizarre reality bridge that's been constructed between certain racing games and real life. Time to knock that bridge down, just enjoy a very good game. Enough!

BlackBerry Curve 9360 hits UK

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RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900

Sulphur Man

£150 too much

A smart-looking smartphone. I've tried the glass keyboard input thing, and hated it, so went back to BB9700. But the price......too much. Hopefully they'll bring it down below £400 soon. Lob £150 off this thing and it could do very well. Perhaps it'll drop in price before Xmas.

RIM would never admit this, but I'm certain there are bods in their marketing and branding department who won't have minded the 'riot organiser' smears aimed at the brand recently. Notoriety is powerful selling tool.

Range Rover Evoque Si4

Sulphur Man

heh heh.... jealous

Go on, admit it.

Poynt for BlackBerry

Sulphur Man

OS6 is on other BBs now

erm....no.. OS6 is shipped with the Bold 9780 and is available as an upgrade on the Bold 9700. And very good it is too! Keep up, RegH.

PSP 2 'as powerful as PS3'

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Uphill struggle

Can this thing survive, given an 8-month headstart for 3DS, dual-core smartphones almost upons us, the lighter and more portable iPad2, and having no HDMI out, which is a big minus for many people.

Being powerful isnt a USP. As Wii & DS sales testify.

Sulphur Man

Nice try, but too much competition and bad timing against it

As we know, the PSP has been utterly trounced by the DS, and looking at that PSP2 launch line-up, I can only see history repeating itself.

If this repeats the PSPGo sales model of only distributing titles online through PSN-Store, then it will be spurned by many from the start, as the PSPGo was.

And having read the various articles of grown-men weeping in reverence at Pro Evo Soccer on the 3DS, it could be game over already.

Apple brings iMac line up to date

Sulphur Man

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2010, Apple iMac!

IK Multimedia iRig and AmpliTube iPhone app

Sulphur Man

ringing guitar

plus, is the phone disabled when you're using it. Huge potential for mid-gig embarrassment there....

6Music in numbers

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Thumb Up


Exactly. It doesn't need this level of scientific research to realise that either, just listen to either of them for an hour or so. Dont have any sharp objects nearby though, for fear of self-harming.

Revo Heritage DAB/FM radio and iPod dock

Sulphur Man

Nice box, but

Pay a bit more and get the Pure Avanti Flow, which does all this one does, but has stereo speakers and integrated subwoofer.

Dell Vostro V13

Sulphur Man

Flawed comparison

Any reason why the Lenovo Thinkpad Edge, an obvious rival at this pricepoint, is not included in the performance comparisons?

HDI Dune BD Prime 3.0 Blu-ray media player

Sulphur Man

Just not competitive

This just doesnt stack up against something like the ASRock 330HT-BD, which has all these features and is a decent little PC for less money

Dell Inspiron Zino HD

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Thumb Down

no IR receiver?

no IR receiver on the front then? Thats a nuisance for MCE/universal remote owners.

This is a work in progress - and the BR option is waaay overpriced.

Orange punts quality calling

Sulphur Man


How long has mobile comms been ubiquitous in the developed world? Must be 15 years by now.

Does it not strike anyone that, after BILLIONS of handset sales, MILLIONS of contract sales, MASSIVE corporate sales, hefty data charges, cheeky stealth charges etc etc........ mobile network providers are now starting bunfights over call quality, network coverage & bandwidth.

2010 will be the year when network providers claim "my phone makes clearer and more reliable calls than yours, and sends emails/SMS more reliably too"

What on earth did they spend all their profits on????/

Oh wait......shareholders

US Air Force orders 2200 Sony PS3s

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they'd better be the Phat one then

No Linux support on a Slim.

Slightly baffling why they'd choose to build a supercomputer in this way, considering the proven power/performance/price ratio of the latest data centres.

Its just a load of flyboys LAN gaming, isnt it.

Toyota Prius fourth-generation e-car

Sulphur Man

how green is a Prius?

Not at all. Because Toyota won't, and probably never will, release an estimate of how much CO2 is puked out manufacturing these ridiculous, wrong-headed cars with their convoluted drivetrains, nasty chemical batteries and stonking kerbweight. No wonder the weedy Insight can keep up with it's lardy arse.

If you want something a bit different a fancy spunking up for a Prius, I wont judge you. Just don't EVER say you bought a green car.

Buy an older car that suits your needs and keep it roadworthy for as long as possible. That's green motoring. Even if it's got a straight-six engine. It'll do less harm to the environment (and your pocket) than buying a new one every three years.

And well done Register with 'technology hammer to crack an American nut' sentence. It's the absolute essence of why this pointless lump ever existied.

Nokia E55 smartphone

Sulphur Man

Dodgy comparison

"Nokia is claiming that the E55 is the world's thinnest smart phone, which, much like world-class sprinting, is a contest that is increasingly based on very small margins."

Are you aware of young Jamaican sprinter, name of Bolt? If not, how is Neptune this time of year?


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