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Cadbury flakes in face of Kraft bid - cuts expected

King John


"short term profit making"

That probably means my dairy milk will now be stuffed full of high fructose corn syrup, f**k this deal, i wont be eating any cadbury products any more, corn syrup = obese/type 2 diabetes.

Naked scans: Net cries nude-o-geddon

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under 18 not scanned? Sweet, lets start recruiting disaffected 17 year old muslims instead!

US CIOs say the work is piling up

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Stand Pat? Drill Down...

What does 'stand pat' mean? Stay put?

Nice use of 'drill down' for a bit of buzz at the end.


Secret neo-Nazi documents published

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zOMG! Nazis!111!!!

Seriously, like many above have said, nobody gives a f**k about 'neo-nazis' they aren't going to get any sort of power and like it or not they have the same rights as anyone else.

So grow a brain and STFU with the 'omg halp da nazi scum i gonna get em all killed' bollocks.

China cages game Trojan hackers

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wasn't it Batman Begins where Bruce Waine was in a Chinese prison, prior to joining the league of shadows?

Johnson refuses to intervene in McKinnon extradition

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Bet there were angry phone calls from the pentagon to downing street when Johnson stepped in. Again we take this lying down...

Seriously, there must be something else at play here to get this going, otherwise any sane British leader would tell the colonies to p**s off.

Wouldnt be surprised if McKinnon gets 'randomly shanked' in jail or something.

Credit crunch? It won't be over by Christmas

King John

cheap credit gone for good?

It will only be gone as long as privately run banks like the Federal Reserve and Bank of England keep the cash flow tight, as soon as the government is mortgaged up to the hilt for the next 100 years we will start to see the next bubble get created.

1929, 2007.... 2100?

Central banks have been the enemies of everyone since biblical times. There is even a bit of historical evidence to suggest that Julius Caesar's murder was not just over his tyranny but also because he took control of the roman currency.

Same thing in the colonies in the 1700s, they used colonial scrip to pay each other for the exchange of goods. Bank of England didnt like scrip and insisted on Gold, revolution. The founding fathers are well quoted on their hatred of central banks. (There were also other factors involved).

google for the video 'the money masters' its explained in detail how all this works using sound economics. Make sure you have time to watch it though, 2 hours long.

Ofcom talks to spook firm on filesharing snoop plan

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The only 'sharers' this shit will catch are the plebs who have no clue how 'the internet' works.

Considering the price for a year sub to a decent vpn provider, i dont think their DPI is going to have any impact at all, well maybe it will pick off the low hanging fruit.

Looking at the way things are going it think its time everyone started getting vpn tunnels out of the UK/US/AUS and fully encrypt their HDD and portable storage.

I hear tinfoil hats are getting popular too!

Macs not all that for reliability

King John

new stuff

Eeee by gum, they dont mek em' like they did in my day lad...

More delays for UK.gov's net snooping programme

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"Those who would sacrifice essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Think that quote is correct.

Naked Win 7 still vulnerable to most viruses

King John


Some AV firm says windows 7 needs AV..........

Thanks for that.

Wikileaks publishes BNP 'member list' (again)

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@AC 13.04 "go away you cretin"

if you bothered to read my comment you would see i said that their leadership need to go, reason for this is that they have done stupid and moronic things like deny the holocaust and incite racial hatred.

There are such people as 'normal' BNP supporters who just want British people (no matter what race/colour/religion etc) and British culture put first.

Read before you omgwtfBNPrant

you have the freedom to call them what you like*, they have the freedom to say what they like*

As long as its not racist/homophobic etc

King John

BNP members not so bad, leaders need to go.

A lot of the 'senior' BNP members and Mr Griffin need to leave the party if it is to have any chance of real political success. The bulk or the party's membership are actually your average Joe Brit who has a regular job, wife, 2 kids and a dog. probably attracted by a lot of the great points in the BNP manifesto.

Get rid of griffin and co and get new leaders.

also - new BNP public policy should be 'If your a British citizen regardless of race/colour/religion or sexual orientation you are welcome here.'

They'd certainly get my vote if they do the above.

Home sec puts McKinnon extradition on hold

King John

vote winner?

Not likely, still at least this home sec actually did something to help a British citizen.

Chinese media finger Swedish lesbian enclave

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I volunteer to see how good their woodworking skills are.

Attack of the Killer Tits

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"Great Tits" "peckish birds" "cream-snaffling" "Tits of old Blighty "

Secret teen hacker army ridiculed

King John


He sounds bitter that he was ignored, and more talented individuals were picked up.