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Apple iMac 27in

John H. Maw

Firewire 800 - What's it for?

You see. I did read the review first. I'll tell you what the firewire 800 port could be for. If you wanted a Drobo when they first came out but held off until there was a decent connection then the second generation Drobo was the one to get because it had Firewire 800. I did and I hope to get much more use from it, so the 800 port would be very welcome (if I wasn't already using a Mac Pro).

Don't always assume that everyone ditches all their gear every two months, just because you get yours provided free.

P.S. Shame there isn't a Firewire 400 port for my CF card reader.

Police slam internet justice - then use it themselves

John H. Maw

Police hypocrisy again

"ACPO guidelines clearly state that working with the media on operations can assist in the prevention and detection of crime."

The police will work with the media on their own terms, but are often hostile to news reporting and photographers in general, as so many recent cases show. Just another case of police hypocrisy.

Microsoft ends Office lovers' employee discount program

John H. Maw

Or alternatively

As a cheaper alternative (as in FREE), why not just get Open Office (or Neo Office) for Mac, Linux or Windows.

BBC grabs stock photo of own building

John H. Maw

The Reg has it wrong

In this case the Reg has got it all wrong. Even if the tea boy had gone out with a mobile phone and taken a snap the BBC should have paid for the photo as copyright would have been owned by the tea boy. How you think you know that the shot would have been better I don't know, but I suspect that it suits the rather lazy thinking nature of this piece to assume so. The Beeb bought an image legitimately and presumably one which was thought suitable for the context in which it would be used. They did the right thing in this case. Of course it would have been better if they had commissioned a photographer to take a shot specifically for the purpose, and even better if that photographer had been me, but what they did was entirely ethical.

Perhaps the Reg should stick to commenting on tech stuff and leave comments on photographic matters to people who know a bit more about it and comments on legitimate use of BBC funds to those who have thought it out a bit better.

Fanbois howl over 'hang a lot' Safari 5

John H. Maw

Safari OK for me

No problems with Safari so far. If I don't get to finish this message you know I spoke too soon. Just shows how tastes vary. I use Safari, Firefox, Opera and sometimes Camino, but much prefer Safari for most things. OK. That's the end of the messa.............................

Ten free apps to install on every new Mac

John H. Maw

Little Snitch

Little Snitch controls what information can be sent from your machine to the internet. All sorts of things try to phone home on your bandwidth. With Snitch, you get the say about which do and which don't. It should make it much harder for people to get into from your computer. Not free, but not costly either.

Google hails Pac-Man with retro gaming homepage

John H. Maw

Pac Mad

And damned irritating it is too for those who just want to find something on the net.

BT rolls out new, 'competitive' consumer deals

John H. Maw

About what you would expect from BT

Seems about normal for BT. I switched to an LLU supplier about 6 months ago and have had better speeds since and save money.

French top MOT failure league

John H. Maw


I just want to know if the pun in the last sentence was intended. Surely it must have been: "There is a breakdown of the most popular models here."


Honda develops motorised unicycle

John H. Maw

A one wheeled Segway?

Seems like a Honda version of the Segway with only one wheel an no bars to hold. Put me down for a couple when they start to sell.

Adobe pushes out Photoshop Elements 8

John H. Maw

Mac version out at almost the same time

Good to see Adobe release the Mac version at almost the same time (for a change).

Sweep Panorama coming to Sony's robotic photographer?

John H. Maw

I thought photography was supposed to be fun

I thought photography was supposed to be fun. So now Sony gives us a machine to have the fun for us, in case it is too much trouble.


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