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Data-mining technique outs authors of anonymous email

Daniel 20

in courts of law ... ?

and it gets it right 80% of the time ... ?

Sounds great!

M-Audio Pro Tools Recording Studio

Daniel 20


is a big issue on USB soundcards too.

There is a lot more two it than monitoring the direct input not the recorded signal from the PC, and the downside is a lot worse than not being able to have FX while laying tracks.

If you do any kind of overdubbing, you can monitor direct, but on playback you will wonder why your nice guitar riff seems to lack "punch". Timing is out, isn't it. If the delay is enough to make recording a track hard work, then for sure it is enough to change how the music sounds.

Female porn director turned pol grabs Kent by the ballots

Daniel 20

no change then ...

... she will spend all day looking at a bunch of c***s.

Castleford locals storm Tickle Cock bridge

Daniel 20

god bless 'em!

a pint for the castleforders.

WTF is this country called America?

Daniel 20

can I just ...

... have the last word here?

Lily Allen exits Twitter, bins BlackBerry

Daniel 20
Jobs Horns

thanks John Chadwick for explaining ...

" ... Twitter, Qetchup and other social networking sites to be a venue for huge amounts of noise that it's impossible to service."

Ah, so THAT'S what she was doing on there!

Court kicks YouTube rant missus into touch

Daniel 20


what an utter boiler she is. yuk - nasty piece of work.

How to host your very own Windows 7 launch party

Daniel 20

I wanna see the ...

... porno version.

In fact, I might just *make* it ... with windows movie maker on Windows 7, of course ...

Demon splurges details of 3,600 customers in billing email

Daniel 20

"there was no evidence that ...

... anyone had logged in with someone else's details"

And that evidence would look like what?

www.duhmon.co.uk ....


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