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2012: A generation-spanning year for gaming

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The target audience doesn't want innovation - they want something to wave their epeen around in.

And that's EA's/Activision's/Ubisoft's fault.

Voyager 1 arrives on ‘magnetic highway for charged particles’

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Curiosity has the potential to last a while....

... but I suspect it'll break down when it's warranty expires.

AMD finishes its 'Piledriver' Opteron server chip rollout

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I was thinking more like 'DDT', 'Tombstone' and perhaps 'Chokeslam'.


Boffins BREAK BREAD's genetic code: Miracle of the loaves

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I wonder how many points the genome is worth on a Scrabble® board...

And is it in the official Scrabble® dictionary?

EINSTEIN'S BRAIN had unusual lobes and cortex

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So Einstein had a large knob.

I feel seriously inferior. In both departments.

Google starts rolling out Android 4.2 to select devices

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Re: Walled Garden

And yet my 3g won't get past 4.2.1.

Coincidentally, no apps are available for that version of iOS from the app store.

Even though the hardware is perfectly capable, Twitter, for example.

Hell, I could install iDroid and run Twitter. Slowly, I grant you, but it's there.

iPhone senses you typing on table, bit of wood etc, turns vibes to text

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iPad app for Ninjas

At last, an app designed for those busy martial artists on the go - train your fingers to break through wood, stone and trees while typing!*

* note: may cause digit micro-fractures.

Apple iPad 4 Wi-Fi only tablet review

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Re: This clock that seems so important to Android users

Yes but, can you move that clock to another part of the screen AND have app shortcuts ON THE SAME SCREEN???

See, Android is OBVIOUSLY far superior.


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No, thats not true!

You can choose from a large, thin cuboid, or a smaller, thicker box.

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I can't quite believe I'm posting this, but...

You do realise that both Apple and Android devices are 'walled gardens' right? I mean, you still have to go through the same rigmarole to get the latest fart app included on the respective market.

And besides, anyone who actually gives a fuck about installing 'non-sanctioned' apps (ie, pirated stuff), can do so on either platform with ease.

So, to put it bluntly, the iPad 4 is pretty fast, has a rather nice screen, and has more apps than Google Play.

The Android devices tend to be cheaper, and you can have a clock and a picture of Aunt Mary in a little widget on the front screen.

Right, now I understand everything.

China fingered for Coca Cola hack - report

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More importantly..

... did they find Coke's secret ingredient 7X ??

Sony KD-84X9005 84in ultra-HD TV review

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It's not that good really, those screenshots are pretty much what I see on my Sky box.

Universal Credit dole 'liable to be paralysed by IT cockups'

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Re: "I still wish people on JSA were forced to do some kind of work to earn the JSA."

Spoken like a true Tory, always assuming that those on JSA are lazy.

Paintballs proposed as defense against ASTEROID ATTACK

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Best plan is to land a few powerful rockets on the surface, and if spinning, time a short pulse with each spin thus pushing the thing off course - preferably towards planet Alpha Centauri Bb (http://news.discovery.com/space/could-we-mount-an-interstellar-mission-to-alpha-centauri-bb-121018.html) - just in case they plan on invading.

Hey if we can land an SUV on Mars, a few rockets on a small rock isn't much of a challenge, right?

Microsoft Halo 4 launch countdown continues as game leaks online

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There won't be a PC version, because PC's are rife with piracy, and it just wouldn't do to eat into their profits.

Consoles simply don't suffer from piracy. This is why PC versions come out later, because they just can't risk a leak - or filthy pirates - from losing them sales. Oh, and they need extra time to incorporate highly effective DRM for 'profit preservation' because as we all know, each pirated copy = one lost sale.

Nope, the Xbox is the only viable platform to release games and steer clear from those smelly pirates.


Curiosity finds . . . wait for it . . . a ROCK on MARS!

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Re: alien artefact scam

I love this site... downvoted for what, exactly?

Or are you a politician?

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Re: alien artefact scam

I don't understand this post. Are you saying the enrichment of human knowledge is worth less than a politician screwing a country?

At least money is being spent on the most important aspect of human evolution. We are not perfect, nor should we stand still in perceived perfection as the world crumbles around us.

We need missions like this to evolve, to move away from the stagnant corporate swamp we currently live in, to discover and understand the next phase of our existence.

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I just can't help feeling slightly giddy when I see these crystal clear pics of stuff on another world.*

It truly is remarkable, and hopefully not an elaborate hoax like the moon landings.

* - this bit is serious, I'm astounded at the whole concept of literally seeing Mars in high detail.

Foxconn: Worker who lost half his brain in accident must leave hospital

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Re: Sounds like

You are David Cameron and I claim my DLA.

Inside the real-world Double-O section of Her Majesty's Secret Service

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Re: "a major espionage centre like Vienna"

You might need to explain the meaning of NO CARRIER to those here who never experienced the joy of dialup BBS's...

Archaeologists resume Antikythera Mechanism hunt

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Re: There aren't any

...and thus Apple was born.

Guild Wars 2 game review

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There most definitely is trading - the Black Lion Trading Company is the Auction House of the game, click on the lion head on your topmost toolbar to sell anywhere in game, or at a Trading Post NPC to buy and sell. And you can mail people items and gold anywhere in the world.

It's a great game, apparently let down by its severe lack of endgame content - but I would imagine that will be addressed later on.

Better pay your taxes: The world's NOT going to end this year

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Re: First contact?

Stunning? I prefer hair personally, rather than tentacles...

Last remaining reason to order an iPhone 5 disappears

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Annoy Apple fans - Check

Mention a dead Jobs - Check

Comment on iOS6 maps - Check

Reference similarity to previous iPhone - Check

My prediction is the post count reaching over 100 in about 2 hours. Enjoy!

Mars rover Curiosity gets ready to blast its first rock

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Re: Careful, Flash...........

.. but what if that's just their chimney?

Apple iOS 6 review

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Re: Upgrade or wait?

Really? Downvotes?

Unless they're in answer to his question (in which case fair enough, kinda), then that is utterly pathetic fanboi crap. Seriously, iOS has bugs, like any other OS - yes including OSX.

Maybe I should make a post saying I prefer pears as they're generally jucier and taste better.

Voyager's 35th birthday gift: One-way INTERSTELLAR ticket

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Earth's greatest achievement

Building something that lasts, even against micrometeorites, still communicates and still senses.

I wonder if it'll encounter pure dark energy beyond the solar boundary and suddenly enter warp 9...

Sony pushes patent for interactive TV ads

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Re: one word

Oh how cool that would be :D

I used to load that up just to play it!

Maybe comps run by companies instead of a stupid advert?

Microsoft: It's not Metro, it's Windows 8

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They should just call it LCARS.

EA sues Zynga over ripping off Sims Social

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Not really, you couldn't buy extra mushrooms in those games...

EA might propose they're doing this for the good of those lesser developers who they've yet to buy out, this is all to do with missing out on ingame purchase profits.

Ban ingame money shite and the whole internet would probably improve. And world peace may even ensue.


Britain prepares for government by iPad

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I wonder if there are any tech-savvy MP's out there who would be tempted to jailbreak their device....

Oh, and I look forward to the free iPad I'll no doubt find on a park bench in Westminster or some dodgy Gentleman'ss club...

French perfume house bottles 'Eau de new MacBook'

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I love the smell of...

...overheating iPad's in the morning.

Google ups max Android app size to 4GB

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About time.

Now you can possibly try out those large games, and see if they really are crap - and still get a refund.

Now all Google need to do is remove that ridiculous 15min time limit for refunds, and things may be looking up.

Sony to ship passive 3D, OLED TVs in 2013

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Sort the picture out first :|

I've seen a few Sony 3D sets, and they all suffered from horrible cross-talk.

I know passive should have cross-talk, but the way they're going, Sony will have figured out a way to make it happen.

I miss the old days of Discman's and Walkman's. Sony made good kit back then :(

Try a 'shroom before ruling on chill pills, boffin tells gov

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I did actually chuckle to myself and nod at that!

And will the anonymous coward who actually downvoted my post please make their way to the nearest suicide booth. Thank you.

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I think we all know the real reasons behind the 'War on Drugs'

It's because the vast majority of 'illegal' drugs are, in fact, natural substances that only need to be refined to be used. The drugs you actually buy from your friendly neighborhood chemist, or prescribed by your happy-go-lucky GP are all manufactured using decades of safely tested chemical compounds, mixed in with some of those aforementioned plants.

Of course, those in the pharmaceutical industry know much more than we do about safe medicines and doses, and have all been vigorously tested and trialed for even longer to ensure yours and my safety.

Of course, all these wonderful drugs are checked and approved by those who know more about drugs than anyone else could possibly know - the FDA and other similar. They ensure that we all take only what they know is perfectly fine and will definitely help us - because they said so.

I'm sure the Shamans of the world, and witchdoctors of centuries past would have loved to have been under the happy blanket of Governments and FDA's, and they would have had no problem being told that the stuff they are using is actually dangerous and you will suffer. Even while the opiates and suchlike they are happily smoking is easing they headaches and other aches and pains. Smiling happily though a slight haze of joy after chewing a shroom, they are blissfully unaware of the dangers of using such substances, that have not been deemed fit-for-use by the powers that be.


It's because these banned substances are... well.. homegrown and therefore bypass the ability of governments and FDA's to make money from them because well, if you can just grow it in your back garden, why would you need well trained lab staff and FDA's in the first place?

It has, is, and forever will be, about money. The good of humankind is secondary.

A preview of SOPA: Web shut down before my eyes

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If you're gonna protest... do it right.

... and don't just add a crap script to the wikipedia header... Just use NoScript to bypass the Wiki blackout :|

Microsoft schedules Kinect for Windows launch

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I swear some people just don't read

As I stated earlier, the Windows Kinect is different to the XBOX one in that it has a far better focusing system, allowing the unit to see things as close as 55cm from it, meaning it is suitable for normal desktop use.
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Because Micro$oft have specified that this Kinect is specifically tailored to PC users, has the ability to focus on just 55cm's from the cameras, and WILL NOT WORK ON AN XBOX.

Presumably. the original Kinect will not be compatible with the PC SDK.

Profs call for harsh taxes on sweet carbonated beverages

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Eurpoeans too

We could do this - the usual tax breaks for the medically overweight, but hell yeah, 0.10% on every £1 (or €1) on every point over your BMI.

Obesity = Solved.

National Debt Crisis = Solved.

Busty Ohio mannequin survives assassination attempt

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Enhanced Breasts

... but not silicone. Those are so obviously PS'd - they're pretty much deformed.

why? Why do marketers feel the need to enhance stuff to the point of obviousness? Is it a case of the bigger the tits, the bigger the profit?!

OnLive Game System cloud gaming console

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Would you like a tinfoil hat with your paranoia sir?

God particle may be within our grasp

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Black Helicopters

Cue the Illuminati

....they'll be paying them a visit soon.

Women love phone cams, for snapping pics of cute babies

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I don't see the problem

Ok, apart from possibly the grouping of types of women perhaps.

This was a study, of women using mobile phones. Not men. Or dogs. Or even fluffy sheep. No, it clearly stated women as the subject of the study. So naturally, one assumes they will research and extrapolate the data found, and present this data is such a way that is is understandable my market researchers.

I daresay if the study titles 'Always On Men - a survey of how men are using technology today' would label men as either 'Nerdy types with no girlfriend' or ' Business Blackberry Picker'.

Honestly, just because something is to do with women doesn't make it an attack on your independence or equality - as we all know of course, women are at least as equal to men.

Get off your sexism high horse. People like you are responsible for the increase in PC shite that is infecting the western world.

UK broadband speeds crippled during 'rush hour'

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Oh God, don't give them ideas :|

And FFS WHY did 2 wonderful people downvote my post? Did the idea of sharing your bandwidth offend you in some way?!

Scott 2


I dunno, I kinda think that broadband is as much a utility service as gas/electricity these days.

Can you imagine if those providers 'throttled' your power?

'As per out Special Budget Tariff, you may only have a maximum of 500w on at any one time between the hours of 6pm-12am.'

I can understand the whole contention thing, but tbh, I don't think that's QUITE as much of a problem as it used to be, what with LLU and suchlike.

At the end of the day, there is something wrong if there HAS to be a slowdown in speeds across the UK every night. Cars are big metal things that exist in the real world. Data is just that - data. It isn't physical (well ok, I suppose the atoms that make up the data stream is real, but you know what I mean...), and as far as I can see, the only reason we HAVE slowdowns is mainly due to BTw charging a ridiculous amount per Tb.

I am simplifying it, of course. But I just wish we could somehow move this whole broadband thing up a gear. It's frustrating to think there is so much potential use of the internet that we in the UK simply cannot use because of a piss-poor implementation of the telephone network.

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition

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"but it still looks decidedly geriatric beside modern iOS titles, such as Infinity Blade and Dead Space"

Because games must now have superior textures, suuuper gfx and effects to be classed as 'good'?

I am so SICK of people who complain about things like this. I remember the original Prince of Persia - that was a superb game, the graphical style was wonderful for it's age, and even today it offers a great challenge.

Then you look at the 're-releases' with their 'updated gfx' and 'gameplay enhancements'...

3d and bloom does not maketh the game.

Attention metal thieves: Buy BT, get 75 MILLION miles of copper

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Dragon's Den

I shall immediately take this idea to the Den.

'I just need a small investment of a few billions... I'll let you have 20% share.'

Short pause.

'I'm in.'

'Me too!'

Yes please!'


BT bitchslapped for misleading 'Join now' Infinity ad

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I moved to Dumfries (Lockerbie) a few years ago.

I hate it - I mean, really.

<-- that way, Annan - Pilot scheme for upto 24mb.

--> that way, Dumfries, Sky LLU.

Me? 6.5Mb. *cry*

And with a dodgy DSL connection that cuts out whenever it feels like it - and no ISP ever have managed to fix it.

Why can't I just call Openreach personally?

Oh ffs, I'm whining again... :|

Gamer claims complete console collection

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Where do I start...

Old school stuff...


Firefox (that was DAMN cool!)

2 player Galaxians (you could actually control the bad guys. I lost mine the day I got it by leaving it under a hedge :( )

Any of the old school 3d glasses games