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US boffins create darkest material ever


RE: Void

... you might get eaten by a grue.

A handy guide to growing your own spaceship


The Zerg already mastered this

We just need to construct a Psi Emitter as beacon, and when they subsequently invade just pwn their forces and steal their overlords. Free organic interstellar vehicles.


Astronauts chuck fridge off space station



Not sure of the maths here but a 1/5000 chance of it hitting *anyone* = a 1 in (5000 * 6.6 billion) chance of it hitting any particular person, right?

ie, a 1/33,000,000,000 chance of it hitting you?

NASA preps robots for future fake moon landings


When you are the moon

"When you are the moon, there is a person people say is the sun. I saw the sun once, and he came past me, really fast. And it was an, it was called, the, an eclipse. And he came fast! But as he came past, I, I licked his back."

[sticks out tongue]

"And he doesn't know I licked his back! All in his yellow suit!... I'm the moon. "

In other news, I have a shipment of humour here for Peter Howardson and Dave Barnhart. You may want to check out our other exciting products; satire, irony, parody and wit. ;-)

Crazed NZ fanboy mows down churchgoer


@ Ted Treen

I don't think Apple did anything to upset the reg - they're just enjoying winding up all the fanboys!

(And I'm enjoying watching it)

Planning a drunken stag night? Avoid Slovakia



From a Slovak friend:

"- somebody forgot to tell the journalist that poor stephen was naked and started to masturbate in the fountain... such a shame

- there was an article about it in SR newspapers and also Czech newspapers... pity for him

- plus some of his maybe friends maybe not... destroyed some monuments in the town

- some sculptures or somethin..."

BBC culls Jam staff



It's as if no-one was allowed to provide a free OS because Microsoft and Apple charge for theirs.

And also it's as if UK license payers had funded the development of said OS to the tune of £150 million.